Ron Graham was a beloved contributor to Rapture Ready for many years. On March 14, 2013 he took his last breath and went to be with the Lord. He had written and left behind so many commentaries, that his wife, Nathele, has been able to carry on his legacy.

Ron Graham was born in 1951 at Camp Cook, California which is now Vandenberg AFB. He is married and the father of 3 – Rodrigo, Michelle, and Amanda.Before retiring he was Operations Manager and Director of Advertising for a national magazine based out of Oregon.

After accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior in 1995, his life was dramatically changed. Ron prayerfully studied his Bible and the Holy Spirit led him to study the works of many inspired men and  taught him discernment. It is amazing what the Lord can do when a man is willing to surrender to Him. We will always remember Ron for his unwavering dedication to the Lord and his family. We are blessed to have his wife, Nathele continues to faithfully submit articles to us.






Led Astray
Kicking Against the Norm
Metaphorically Speaking Path
Bible Prophecy
Atheist Claim, There is no God
The One True Church
Conformed to the World
Gods or God
Sufficiency of the Cross
The Narrow Path
A Famine in the Land
Denying Christ
Double Minded
God’s Curse
Moral Decay in America is in High Gear
Is Satan a Believer?
When Our Walk Fails
Born From Above
Stepping Out – In Faith
Behold the Christ Child
Something Evil This Way Comes – Again
Wise as Serpents
Standing against the King
Confronting Unbelief  
The Flourishing Laodicean Church  
From Generation to Generation
The Rapture vs. Witnessing
The Wrath of God
Get Out of the Boat
Rebels without a Cause  
Exclusivity of the Christian Faith 
Dead Faith  
Thy Will Be Done
Strongholds and Weak Folds
Health Hazards
Mustard Seeds and Mega-Churches
His Name, Our Hearts
Where’s Your Home, Christian?
Thief on the Cross
Speaking the Truth
Blessed are the Persecuted
False Teachers – Damnable Heresies – Apostasy
GOD CAME – Let’s Celebrate  
Homosexual Bishops
Is Obama a Muslim?
God Won’t Send Me to Hell!
And the Bible’s Attacked Again
Chicken Feathers
Does God Care?
Jesus Saves, for Life
Perplexity, Despair, and Hope
Complete Lack of Understanding  
Seed Scatterers  
For Every Man
A Prayer for Change 

Defeated Christians
Close Encounter or Just Shock
American Sharia
What About the Children
How Can They Be So Blind
The Days were Filled with Guns and Wars
Evil Days Ahead
Carnally Minded
“New Christianity”
Waxing Cold in the Last Days
Consequences to Bad Decisions
Giving Up
Saved, and I Know it
I Pledge Allegiance
Wells without Water
What Do We Say
Look Up
Second Chances
Space – The Final Frontier
Christian Hate
That’s Offensive
Doctrines of Demons
Good Luck
Demolishing Enemy Strong Holds
Wicked Ways – End Times
Has the Word of God Gone Missing?
Born Again Christians and Sin
Where’s the Church?
America’s Degeneracy is Flourishing
PC Runs Amuck – Among Christians
Denial of the Trinity – Same as Rebellion
Time Has Come – Let’s Pray
A Backup Plan  
Burning Books
Here We Go Again
Emulating Martyrdom
Women Pastors
On Broadway
Pulling the Wool over God’s Eyes
Giving God the Glory
Can It Be
Satanic Attack/Fallen World
Saved – by a Building?
Right – In Their Own Eyes
Wealthy Christian Leaders
Strange Flesh Punishment – God Style
Always, The Poor Will be With You

Thy Kingdom Come – Thy Will Be Done
“Children of the Light” – “Day of the Lord”
Preach the Gospel
The Father Draws
Stoning False Prophets
Of Beasts, Birds, and Fish
Fountain of Youth
Laodicea Revisited
Biblical Knowledge Going Extinct
Prince of Peace
Not Ashamed
“Lord, Lord”
Who Killed Jesus
Folly and Shame
Idol Worship
Different Soil – Same Seed

All Bad Church Doctrine is Intentional
Got Oil
Time – A Persistent Illusion
Christian Scoffers Abound
Patience and God’s Miracle’s
Two Distinct Events
Call No Man Your Father
Everything Falls Apart
Rewards – Blessings – and Salvation
Mōrologia – Foolish Talk
A Father and Son Reunion
Open Doors
Another Gospel
Suffering with Christ
Judgment – God’s Style
Deception at the End
All the Peoples of the Earth
Do You Know Him
Do You Trust Him
Plenty to Go Around

In His Hands
Two Thieves, a Jailer, and God
What Jesus Did For Me
Called By His Name
Embedded (Satanic) Words
Where Have all the Demons Gone
Well Kept Secret
Books, Books, and More Books

Because the Days are Evil
Times That Try Men’s Souls
It’s Personal not Corporate
Name above All Names
Paradise Lost
Kingdom of Darkness
Wise Men Still Seek Him
Return of the Nephilim
Seventy Weeks of Years
Who You Gonna Blame

America Celebrates 54 Million Abortions
Jude, Enoch, and the Hybrids
Satan’s Highly Successful Tool
Bombs over Persia
Faith Compromised

2012 – The Legacy of Quetzalcoatl
Fearless Christians

Interdimensional Travel
Alpha And Omega
Speaking the Truth in Love
The Rapture of the Ekklēsia
They Call Us Haters

Mean Spiritedness

No Middle Ground
The Imminence of the Harpazō
God Speed - Doctrines of Demons
A Peculiar People
Buffeted Yes, Never Defeated
One Verse Does not Establish Doctrine
Add Not – Nor Diminish Ought
The Salvation of Israel

America in Prophecy
The Coming Storm
Justification, Sanctification, Glorification
Them that Defile Themselves
“Tweaking the Scriptures”
Judgment not Warning

Spiritual Discernment
Wake up America – He’s Not Christian
Going Secular – Abandoning Christ
What Are You Looking For

I Never Knew You
Melding Epochs
Free Indeed
Evil Cloaked

Ultimate Monarchy
Celebrate – Emmanuel
Let’s Get Together
Hell Bound
Shame on Me
The Falling Away


When Will We Ever Learn
Collecting...for the Saints
Where Have the Righteous Gone  
Distractions, Diversions, and Deceptions
Boredom in Heaven

Gun Control
Scoffers to the End
Encroaching Times
Deception in the Pews

The Delusional Among Us

In Memoriam: Ron Graham, 1951-2013
Power to Tread on – Serpents?

Fellowshipping with Belial
God Hates Sin – So Should We
Does God Answer Prayers?
Occupy Till I Come
They Persecuted Me
Where’s the Unity?
The Foolishness of Idol Worship
Fallen Angels, Hybrids, and Pure Evil
Be Not Deceived
Legalistic and Rigid
Iniquity Shall Abound
Wisdom of Solomon?
Needed─Godly Men Standing for Jesus
No Sin Stronger than His Love

Crown of Rejoicing
Neglecting Salvation
What Do You Mean, Repent?
Programmed to Receive
Believing Is Seeing

Fear Factor

Sin Nature
Tares among the Wheat
David's Example
Come Out of the Pigpen
Sinners in Hell

So, What Do We Talk About?
Not Just Lip Service
Peace On Earth
Share the Good News
From the Foundation of the World
Planting Seeds for God
Believe It, Jesus Is God
I Am the Door
Christian Soldiers
Growing in Grace and Knowledge

We Have Work to Do
Walking and Talking
Psalm 1 and Christians
The Way
Who Do You Blame?

Noah, Lot and Us
Let God Deal with the Wicked
The Walking Dead
Fear the Lord
Living among the Wolves

Teach Your Children
Happy and Content

Seeking Jesus
The Cross of Jesus

What Is Passover?
I Confess, How About You?

When Satan Attacks
Heartlessness and the End Times
Feed My Sheep

Abiding in the Light
My Father’s Son
Be Sober, Be Vigilant
Words vs. Action

Don’t Design a God
Train Up a Child in the Way....

The Faith of Job
Praise Ye the Lord
Does Prophecy Matter?

Use Prophecy to Witness
Don’t Compromise God’s Word 
Battle Against Sin
Someone Has to Tell Them
It’s Time to Grow
Unbelievers Around Us
Treasure in Heaven
Christianity & Cults: No Common Ground
Hear His Voice and Obey
No Other Gods
The Valley of the Shadow of Death  

Don't Compromise God's Word  
Things of the Spirit and Things of the Flesh

Foolishness of Man

Almost Is Not Enough  
God Forgives 

God’s World Shall Not Pass Away 
Thank God  

Avoiding the Lake of Fire  
Resolve to Follow Him  
What Child Is This?  

Apostasy in These Final Days 
Drugs, Yoga and Demons  

How Do We Judge?  
When Should We Worship?  

Things Done in Secret 
Examine Yourself 
Is He Your Master and Lord? 

Crunch Time 
Know Scripture and the Power of God 
Jesus Paid Our Sin Debt  

The Cross: Foolishness & Stumbling Block 
Pray in Obedience to God’s Will
Death Where Is Thy Sting? 

The Reluctant Witness 
Know the Enemy and Fight Accordingly 
Born of Water and Spirit  
Death, Burial and Resurrection  
God Will Judge 
Separated Not Isolated 
Trust Comes from Faith 
A More Sure Word of Prophecy  
Stabilize Your Walk with Jesus  
Overcome Fear in Jesus’ Name 
Dead or Alive  
Isn’t That Cute?  
How to Recognize a Man of God  
Christ Brings Division, Not Peace
 Looking Toward Home

The Day of Battle  
The Heathens Rage  
Is it the Rapture or the Second Coming?
Bow Before Him
Honor God with Your Life
Where Do You Draw the Line?
How Soon We Forget
Whom Say Ye That I Am?
Take Time to Be Holy
Ban Satan, Not Guns
Beware of Demons
Live for Jesus
Salvation Revealed by the Roman Road
Still a Sinner but Forgiven by Christ
Witchcraft and Pharmakeia
Scripture Is Our Guide
Give Thanks to God and Sing His Praises
 Wise Men, Kings and Prophecy

The Word Was Made Flesh
I Will
Looking Forward, Looking Back

Get Right with God
Following Jesus
The Songs We Teach Our Children
Cultivate Spiritual Fruit
 Salvation Isn’t Complicated

Ambassadors for Christ
Jesus, God Incarnate
Get Right with God
Making Right Decisions

Are You Ashamed of Jesus?  
Our Passover Lamb  
Confusion Doesn’t Come from God  
Feeding the Lambs and the Sheep
Dabbling in the Demonic
Gold, Silver and Precious Stones...
A Time to Be Born...A Time to Die
Hosanna! Crucify Him!  
A Way of Life  
The Unseen Battle Around Us  
Should We Take Prophecy Seriously?  
Who Is Being Persecuted?  
A Joyful Noise  
Moses, an Example of Faith 
Preparing to Sow Seeds 
When Will He Let Go?  
Don’t Lose Fellowship 
Knowledge of Him 
Final Days Are Filled with Wickedness 
Winning a Stephanos  
Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
Righteousness Exalteth a Nation