Grant Phillips was saved at the young age of seven. Even then, the Bible was always dear to him, but as so many others, he rode the roller coaster of life far too many years before really getting serious about following Christ with a whole heart. Having gone through a few hard knocks himself, some by his own making, he now writes to help others grow in Christ, and not waste so much precious time.

Grant has pastored six churches, has been a Bible teacher for Christ during his life and has recently been called to minister by music to those in local retirement centers and nursing facilities.

Grant no longer pastors or teaches Bible classes, but has always wanted to write, but never did until September of 2010. He had finally had enough of what he was witnessing in the downfall of our churches and wrote an article called ‚€œWhat Has Happened To The Church?‚€ He submitted the article to ‚€œRapture Ready,‚€ and they were gracious enough to post it. Since that time, he has been called to continue to write on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Grant lives in southeastern Kentucky with his wife, Debbie, and hosts a blog site called ‚€œPre-Rapture Commentary‚€



Pre-Rapture Commentary:




Grant Phillips


It's The Little Things
But For The Grace Of God
A Little Discomfort My Foot!  
The Encourager
Can I Or May I  
Rapture On Sunday  
I Come Quickly  
The Love of God  
Are We In The Last Days?

In The Name Of Love  
Christianity Or Religion?  
Is It Too Late For Revival?  
Faith Based  
Where Are They Now?  
Does God Really Hear Us?  
The Downturn of America  
Take Up Thy Cross  

Called To The Ministry  
How Should I Respond?
The Stage Is Nearly Set  
Can I Take A Mulligan?  
Are You Wise, Or A Fool?
Is The Rapture Still Imminent?  
Baa Baa  
Understanding The Bible  
Study The Bible  
Teach Your Children  
Two Masters  
Fear Not
How Good Is Your Word?  
Herd Bound Or Maverick?  
Hat's Off  
Laodicea USA  
Honey, Where Are My Pants?  
If Christians Would Unite  
Secure In The Arms Of God
Multitudes Missing
A Peculiar People
Monkey On My Back
Fear God
Come Out From Among Them
Itching Ears
Does God Answer Prayer?
Lighten Up
Merry Christmas!
The Rapture
The Me Generation
The Bible
What Is Going On?
What Is A True Christian?
Could God Really Love Me?
What Has Happened To The Church?

A Day Almost Forgotten  
The Olivet Discourse  
A Stone‚€™s Throw  
Our Trojan Horse  
It‚€™s The Little Things  
But For The Grace Of God  
Why The Family Is Important  
The Big Bad Wolf
The Greatest Gift  
Thy Word Is Truth  
Tickle My Fancy  
The Eight Woes  
Do You Choke On The Word Lord?  
I Am The Resurrection And The Life  
God‚€™s Word Ruffles Feathers  
Jesus Ain't No Sissy  
Too Little Too Late  
Can God Use Me?  
Is Ignorance Really Bliss?  
When The Sun Comes Up  
Wings Like Eagles  
Your Place or Mine?  
The Foolishness of Preaching  
Knowledge and Wisdom  
Peacocks and Banty Roosters
To Our Shame