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"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."

(1 John 3:18)

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"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity."

- Albert Einstein

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"P.S. If you do not receive this, of course it must have been miscarried; therefore I beg you to write and let me know."

- Sir Boyle Roche

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The Newest Articles

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The Alarming Absence of an Awareness Alert Lawley
Planned Parenthood Matt Ward
Preaching to the Choir Jim Torres “Towers”

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A Time of Great Deception Alice Childs
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2015 - A September to Remember? Green
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Why Prayers for Healing Fail 2  Kelley
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Jews Want to Pray on the Temple Mount! Bill Perkins
Submission to the Now and Future King Andy Coticchio
Do Not Fellowship with Darkness John Lanagan
The Fall of 2015 Randy Nettles

Jesus Is Coming Soon, Are You Saved? Green
Something You Really Need to Know! Twobears
The Time of Supernatural Unleashing Southerland
The Mystical New Age Roots Of Jesus Calling Ungurean
The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease Revisited Phillips
Fascinating Perspective Daymond Duck
How Soon We Forget Graham

Why Prayers for Healing Fail 1  Kelley
Why Is Bible Prophecy Important?  David Reagan
Allah is Not Jehovah God  Chambers

Pope Francis: An Apocalyptic Figure? Jan Markell
Chasing the Wind Grant Phillips
The Story of Jesus Gary Mehlert
Matthew 24:34 and “This Generation” McTernan

Are You Out Standing in the Field? Andy Coticchio
Seek Ye the Grandeur of God! Southerland
The Coming Rapture Bill Perkins
Spiritual Hygiene Rauf

46 Million Americans Go to Food Banks Snyder
Hope Is the Prayer on Everyone’s Lips! Twobears
Demon on the Empire State Building Ungurean
The End Times Jim Torres “Towers”
Is Your Hope in the U.S. or the I AM? Howard Green
The Impossibility of the Bible... Part I Wilfred Hahn
Greeced European Spiral & Prophecy? Wilfred Hahn
It Is About Control Daymond Duck

Looking Toward Home Graham
What Does the Bible Say About Healing?  Kelley
God’s Word Lights Up Our Lives Lawley

Abortion: Blood Sacrifice to “Gods”...  Chambers
Just Beggin’ for It! Donna Wasson
Jesus’ Five Wounds Bill Perkins
Warning! Danger Ahead Jean-Louis Mondon
Satanic Personality Disorder Dan Payne

The Weight of Your Heart Andy Coticchio
An Unpredictable Life...Conclusion Twobears
A Bullet with Your Name on It Southerland
World of Economic Wars Wilfred Hahn
Do You Have Your Left Behind Letter Ready?Ungurean
End of the American Dream Snyder
The Samson Option Matt Ward

September 2015 Daymond Duck
Is it the Rapture or the Second Coming? Graham
Responding to Grace  Kelley

Maintenance Needed Grant Phillips
Thou Art the Man Ruth Anne Bare
Home of the Brave? Bill Perkins

Jerusalem, God’s Anvil John McTernan
Pandora’s Box Jean-Louis Mondon
Apostasy and Church Belief Statements Southerland
An Unpredictable Life 2 Twobears
A Reason for Being Jim Torres “Towers”

Justice Sandra Lloyd
End of the American Dream Snyder
Silent No More Geri Ungurean
Whose Law? Don McGee

Loving the Mockers Andy Coticchio
True Worship? Dave Carr
Evil Things Daymond Duck
Attacking God’s Word Grant Phillips
The Day of Battle  Ron and Nathele Graham
Five Things...How God Sees You  Kelley
A Wall of Separation Dan Payne

Our Proximity to the Tribulation Matt Ward
Ten Signs Something Big Is About to Happen Lawley

An Unpredictable Life 1 Twobears
Apology Jim Torres “Towers”

Time is Running Out and the Devil Knows It! Rauf
Crisis in the Nations Andy Coticchio
Peddling Jesus Howard Green
Narcissistic Personality Disorder & Obama Ungurean
The Lord God’s Harvest Field Southerland

Closer Than Many Think Daymond Duck
The Heathens Rage  Ron and Nathele Graham
A House Divided Dan Payne

Uncompromising Andy Coticchio
Checkmate Matt Ward

God’s Magnificent Throne John McTernan
Living Under Judgment Patrick Wyett
Things to Be Remembered Lawley
When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade Phillips

Determine Your Eternal Destiny Twobears
Watchers Through a Glass, Darkly Southerland
Making an Evangelical Movie Jim Torres

Pope Francis - The False Prophet Ungurean
Caught With Her Pants Down Donna Wasson
The Kurds Are Rising Daymond Duck
Islamic Terror Attack on U.S. Soil Snyder
The Times of the Gentiles Britt Gillette

The Bottom Line Grant Phillips
A Call to Humility Dan Payne
Looking for the Blessed Hope John McTernan
Earth, Just Before the Rapture Bill Perkins
Jesus Sighed Andy Coticchio
A Serious Plea to Study Your Bible Rauf
Why a Financial Collapse Is a Certainty Matt Ward
My Servant Israel Land of the Jews Peter John
America - The Not so Beautiful Ungurean
Will You Continue in the Faith? Jim Torres

Slumbering Preachers--Sleeping Saints Jan Markell
Prophecy and the End of Technology Hahn
Seven Is God’s Numerical Perfection Chambers

A Confused Book About Revelation  David Reagan

The Pretribulation Rapture

The Pretribulation Rapture What is the rapture
Defending The Pre-Trib Rapture Replies to the attacks

My Fascination With The Pre-Trib Rapture Stay focused
The Dates Setters Diary Failed end-time predictions
Imminency The heart of the pretribulation rapture
What Secret Rapture? Will the unbelievers take notice?
Margaret MacDonald Who? Pre-trib rapture originator?
Preterism! I Can't Believe It Refuting the 70 AD claims
In Case Of Rapture The post-rapture propagation of RR
The Think-Not Generation Apathy: a sign of the rapture

Sucker's Bet Why it's foolish to bet against the rapture
The Rapture: Answering the Critics Our full-time job
The Worn-Out Warning Apathy as a perfect timing
A Thief In The Night Is it really a secret?
Prelude to the Rapture Tim Cameron's short story series

The Tribulation Hour

The Master Plan for Rapture Ready The blueprint
End of Days Scenarios Things to come
America in Bible Prophecy What is Uncle Sam's role?
Iraq in Prophecy Why Iraq is a key end time player
The Campaign Of Armageddon A study of this event
Tribulation Saint Wannabes Sober words to think about
The End of the World? The future of our planet
End-Time Timeline Future prophetic end-time events
Second Coming Ready At the end of the tribulation
Surviving Hard Economic Times Financial Tribulation

Information For Those Left Behind

The Left Behind Letters Letters to the tribulation saints
Oops, I Guess I Wasn't Ready! If you missed the rapture
The Post Rapture Survival Guide Plan for the left behind
Second Chance for Salvation There is still hope

Future Employees of Rapture Ready The Lord's work
Memorandum A note from those who were raptured

Featured End Time Writers

Jack Kelley Well-loved featured writer for Rapture Ready
Ron Graham A gifted writer from the 'show me' state
Wilfred Hahn Specializes in the end-time role of money
Grant Phillips A Bible teacher and minister by music

Jan Markell Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
Daymond Duck Selected sermons by Pastor Duck
Randall Price An expert on Israel and Bible archaeology
David Reagan Plainspoken prophetic commentary
Joseph Chambers The classical Pentecostal preacher
Thomas Ice Mr. Rapture: The pre-trib heavy artillery
Britt Gillette He's on the razor's edge of biblical study
Terry James Various rapture related studies
Don Twobears
The Papa Bear Of prophecy
Gene Lawley
Retired CPA with a deep interest in prophecy

Understanding Bible Based Truth

What Should Christians Be Doing? Sound advice
Lazy People The sin of doing nothing
A Crisis Of Faith How to overcoming Doubt
Your Final Final Final Warning This time we're serious
Understanding Truth How to go about finding truth
More Bad News For Our Critics The truth hurts
Seven Major Approaches to Prophecy Key views
God's Billionaires Where do you store your treasure?
Supercalifragilisticexpialidociousism Just keep it simple
Instantaneous Nullification The rapture = install relief
Scary Scary Stuff There's a good reason to be scared
Money: The Heart of the Matter A search for true wealth
Don't Drink The Kool-Aid Strange brews and doctrines
The Bird Cage The need for moral canaries
God's Yes Men Faith is not about patronization
Fate, Luck and the Will of God Finding our destiny
Nations in Prophecy Countries with end-time roles
Forgiveness A Christian guide on how to forgive

Do All Religions Pray to the Same God? Not really
Eternal Rewards What heaven has in store for you
Down the Toilet How standards have changed
A Special Place In Hell Why hell exists
Sin and My '86 Sunbird How sin progresses
Satan's Doom The devil's fate
God's Lottery What determines fate
Playing Chess With The Devil An uneven match
The End Time Gospel & the Internet Age Modern tools

Salvation Issues

Are You Rapture Ready? The most important decision
Walking On Water Difficulties and obstacles to overcome
The Mysterious Jesus How people can find Him
Downward Spiral Dealing with addiction
Testimonies How some folks came to know Jesus

The Foundation of My Faith Why I have faith in God

Apologetics - Contending For Truth

Apologetics Defending the Faith
666: The Number Of The Beast The meaning of 666
The Antichrist; Have You Seen This Man? The names
Heresy Hunters Be Gone Someday we will be gone
Satan's Little Helpers The Media: who else could it be
The Teachings of Islam Quotes from Islamic writings
Myths and Facts about Israel Sorting truth from fiction
The Most Evil Man You've Never Heard Of Mr. Ewing
Bible Prophecy and Environmentalism The conflict
The Bible: Can We Trust It? Defending the Bible

Hey, Where's My Flying Car Technology has failed us
Magical Thinking A study of self-delusion
The Infidels A label not just for Christians
The Amazing Complexity of Life Life by design
Atheism─The Cult of Death A key flaw of the godless
Israel: “Hated of All Nations”

Other Languages

Spanish - Espanol Key Rapture Ready articles in Spanish
French - Français Key Rapture Ready articles in French
German - Deutsch Key Rapture Ready articles in German
Japanese Articles Key Rapture Ready articles in Japanese

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Old Articles Page Our overflow page
The Best Of The Christian Classics Leaders from all ages
The King James Bible The king of Bible translations
Who's Who Of Prophecy Noteworthy people in prophecy
Rapture Ready History Visual record from 1987-2014
ABC's Of Prophecy Key end-time terms defined
Would Jesus Vote Republican? Politics and moral issues
Drug Remedies For Spiritual Problems Wishful cures
End Time Ailments And Conditions Prophetic Illnesses
The Greatest Scientific Question
Why Are We Here?
End-Time Economy Forecast of Last-Days Indicators
Humor Break Life is not all gloom and doom
Who Is This Joker? A little bit about RR's founder
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