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May 31, 2010

Donation Drive: June to August

Once again, it's time to reflect on accomplishments we’ve achieved over the last quarter and ponder our plans for the near future. We are only about halfway into the year, and it already looks like 2010 will be a great year for productivity.

There has been an amazing amount of traffic on the site. We have set records for each of the past three months for bandwidth. The RR News has seen the most growth. In February, the news page had four hundred thousand hits. As May comes to an end, that same page has had more than seven hundred thousand hits. A 60-percent growth rate is very rare for a site that has been around for twenty-three years. I am very proud of the Rapture Ready news team.

A couple of weeks ago, I met with the manager of another major prophecy ministry, and we compared traffic data to get a feel for each other's operations in various areas. That ministry has about half the unique traffic of RR. Our site has long been ranked at the top of the heap.

I had no idea there was such a huge difference in the number of visits. We have eight times as many page hits as the other ministry. The key reason for the imbalance is the huge amount of content we have on the site. While most domains feature the work of a single person, RR posts the labor of hundreds of writers-- and it's all free.

People are drawn to our site because so much is going on in the world. In the past few weeks, we have seen incredible signs that the Tribulation hour is rapidly headed our way. We have had one disaster after another, and a number of economic catalysts are driving prophecy forward. As the world grows darker, Christians should be more focused on the kingdom.

Bible prophecy has reached such a high level of activity that I truly believe our best strategy going forward is to focus on how our site will appeal to the poor folks who find themselves left behind after the Rapture. So many dark clouds are on the horizon that I don't see how the Tribulation hour can hold off very much longer.

I recently listened to an audio sermon by Jon Courson. In his message on the book of Luke, he gave a perfect illustration of why we need to have a sense of urgency about the about we live on.

A guy in the 1800s was on a ship headed for China. The ship encountered a huge storm that blew it onto a coral reef. The vessel broke up, and this man was the only one to survive the wreck. After he made it to shore, he was taken by natives who were so amazed to see a white man that they treated him royally and made him the king of their tribe. Whatever he wanted, he got. The natives did everything he implied or asked for through sign language.

After about eight months, the man learned to understand the basics of the native language, and was able to communicate with the tribe members. He discovered at that time that the natives had a custom of allowing their kings to rule for one year. When the time was up, they would sacrifice him to their god and then select another king.

He thought for a while about his predicament, then finally came up with an idea. For his remaining four months, he told the natives to work on a boat. He had them supply the boat with enough goods for a long journey. Right before his twelve months was up, the man secretly hopped on the boat and sailed back to civilization.

We are facing a countdown right now. We don't exactly know how short our time is on earth, but we can tell the end is very near. Because I was fortunate enough to discover the need for an end-time lifeboat twenty-three years ago, we now have a resource that can lead an untold number of people to the truth. In order to keep the boat-building process going, Rapture Ready needs your financial support.

A convenient way to contribute to Rapture Ready is through a regular donation. PayPal subscribers and people who have their banks send funds to our P.O. box are a vital part of our ministry. If you're interested in signing up, you can find the link on the Donation Depot page. Donations can also be sent to our P.O. box at:

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-- Todd

U.S. Paving Way for Final Führer

Try as I might to get away from thinking on the stupefying swiftness with which the world's monetary crises are reshaping our existence, I cannot. I consider only the so-called peace process being foisted upon Israel by the American administration and other members of the Quartet--the United Nations, European Union, and Russia--to be of slightly more profound prophetic importance than the current economic chaos. So, please indulge me yet another commentary-swipe at the matters involved.

Most who have the ability to receive news reports are aware that the Western world in particular is in unprecedented economic turmoil. While the Great Depression of the 1930s was terrible in its ramifications for the planet's inhabitants, the crisis was relatively simple in its cause-and-effect dynamics. Relatively simple, that is, compared to the complexities that the decades have wrought with the evolution of interlinkage between banking institutions and governments.

Computers, satellites, and a myriad of other technological wonders have intertwined the fiscal health of continents in a way that was impossible to imagine before the advent of such technology. Actions taken in London, Berlin, Paris, New York, or other such disparate financial centers can instantaneously cause reverberations globally. This intimate linkage can and has included mechanisms to use in averting--perhaps better put, in postponing--disastrous monetary crises. Manipulation by the wizards of finance have worked to this point. But now it seems their magic has fueled a gathering economic storm that is about to break upon a world ill-prepared to cope with what is coming.

Now for the conspiracy-theoritician within your essayist. The question that leaps to the forefront is how much of the economic storm that is ready to break upon the world was fueled by the stumbling, bumbling machinations of those at the monetary controls, and how much was deliberately and masterfully contrived.

What follows provides a glimpse into the eye of that cyclonic economic turbulence:

BRUSSELS - European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has said he is looking to establish a clearer "hierarchy" among the EU institutions and member states to make it easier to deal with any future crises in the eurozone...

"We are working in order to have some crisis cabinet because we are a lot of players in the field--certainly when you are in crisis--and there is not much hierarchy or organic links between the main players and the main institutions...Really, this is a problem," he told a gathering organised by European Movement International on Tuesday [May 25]...

The tentative proposal comes after the EU's often torturous approach to the Greek debt crisis--a protracted response that widened the problem to the eurozone and almost made it a global crisis.

As market-induced panic looked set to gain a foothold, and following the intervention of US President Barack Obama, the sixteen-member eurozone agreed on a €750 million EU/IMF package earlier this month.

But it is widely agreed that this is only a stop-gap measure and that the EU's budget discipline rules need to be tightened. ("Van Rompuy Wants Clearer 'Hierarchy' to Deal with Future Crises," EUobserver,5/26/10)

Bible prophecy again asserts its truth into our daily headlines regarding breaking developments. Like the peace efforts that pressure Israel to give the international community and the Jewish state's enemies their way dominating news headlines, powerful global economic rearrangements involving the reviving Roman Empire at the heart of the process now also command top headlines above the front-page folds of the world's newspapers.

Reuniting Europe, and its first president demanding greatly increased powers to act in the present European and global financial meltdown, hammers home the point. This generation almost certainly is witnessing the groundwork being laid that will assure Antichrist's eventual elevation to supreme authority prophesied in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation. The pace with which things are shaping makes one wonder whether that man of sin might step onto the stage of history quite soon.

As has been said before, one of the most-often asked questions we get at prophecy conferences is: Is America in Bible prophecy?" We most always answer in one form or another, "No, it is not mentioned by name." Then, I, at least, must add that this, certainly the most materially blessed nation and one of the most spiritually blessed countries to exist on earth, is in Bible prophecy by implication. Our current president is at the very heart of influencing the two most critical news headlines of these troubled days, both of which are at the top of the list as being Bible prophecy indicators for comprising world conditions at the very end of the age. The U.S. thus seems to be in the lead in helping pave the way for the world's final führer.