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25 Jul, 2011

The Skunk at the Party

A few years back, I realized it’s important to have a basic understanding of people you regard as your foes. If you constantly rely on secondhand information, errors will seep into your commentary. Since we may write about an individual or a group several times over a period of time, I decided to make occasional trips to see these folks with my own eyes.

In 2010, I went to New York to get an understanding of how the liberal media works. I visited several news organizations. I had the chance to sit in the NBC news anchor's chair, and I watched a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

This year, I decided to do some research on atheists. The people who don't believe in God have become very organized. The James Randi Educational Foundation hosts what is called "The Amazing Meeting" (TAM). It is a gathering that promotes science, skepticism, and critical thinking about paranormal and supernatural claims. Since it has a broader agenda than a regular atheist conference, I thought it would be the perfect candidate.

On the opening day of the TAM conference, I could tell the membership was different from that at the dozens of prophecy conferences I've attended over the years. There was a huge number of people with oddly dyed hair--bright red, blue, and purple were the most popular colors. Another thing that caught my eye were several women with very manly features such as short hair, "butch" clothes, and tattoos.

There was some useful information in many of the lectures. Several speakers debunked products that promoted all types of medical cures and mystics who claimed to have supernatural powers--and they managed to lower my opinion of the liberal media by telling how nearly everything we see on TV is fabricated.

The negative side was clearly the attacks against God. It struck me as hypocritical that they would promote the idea of free thinking and then turn around and make atheism the only conclusion to every thought process. If they don’t believe in a “Guy up in the sky,” I don’t understand why they would make such a fuss over Him.

The most disturbing part of the conference was the members' dedication to the atheistic agenda. During the four-day event, members were given their marching orders to spread the TAM message far and wide. I sat in on one study group that taught members how to use the local media and the school board to advance Darwinism. Children were mentioned as prime targets because their fresh minds can be easily indoctrinated.

Sadly, I've never been to a Christian conference that offers such a detailed training program on evangelism. I would have to go back to the revival camp meetings of my early childhood to recall a time that equaled what I witnessed at the TAM gathering.

Atheists seem to be following the same game plan used by communism. During the Cold War, communists threatened to take over the world. Even though it was a hopelessly flawed system, it maintained itself by its hatred of capitalism. Atheists are unified in their opposition to religion. If the church were to suddenly disappear, the atheists would have no purpose. Of course, this scenario may soon happen.

Another huge problem is their failure to be consistent on prohibition of gods of any kind. Sure, they sneer at deities like Zeus, Apollo, and the God of the Bible, but they have no problem with gods in human flesh. Everywhere I looked, people were puffing themselves up as some type of secular savior.

I had conversations with several big names in science, and I found most of them extremely snobbish and only interested in making a name for themselves. There must have been around 30 speakers at the conference and very few of them were at their own book tables to answer questions from the members. They were all stars, and it was beneath them to serve tables.

These folks wouldn’t understand Jesus’ formula for greatness:

“But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted” (Matthew 23:11-12).

I was speaking with one member who admitted that atheism will never become a majority belief system unless it copies the methods used by Christians. I spoke with Richard Dawkins, the author of the book, The God Delusion. He was extremely optimistic about the recent upsurge in atheism, but I think his joy will be short lived. The next time we have another downturn in the global economy, I predicted the few people who have turned to his camp will come running back to theism looking for hope.

Bible prophecy forecasts very dark days for atheism. During the tribulation hour, the Antichrist will perform such spectacular miracles that there will be no room for skepticism. You will either be a dedicated follower of the Beast or a tribulation saint.

-- Todd

Sobering Scenario

As one who has at times dallied a bit in fiction writing from the biblically prophetic perspective–some accuse that everything I write with regard to Pre-Trib ponderings is fiction—my novelistic interest was piqued this past week. A self-designated regular RR visitor sent his speculations–but speculations that have the bite of prophetic truth.

The writer struck a chord. Redistribution of wealth is the thing that his sobering scenario conjured in my mind. Rarely, if ever, and certainly not in great depth, has thinking of the catastrophic ramifications the Rapture will entail with regard to redistribution of wealth been forthcoming. Redistribution of wealth, of course, is a major pillar that supports the framework the devilish brains of the liberal ilk have constructed in foisting on all of us their thus far very successfully destructive social/cultural model.

Those who demand the American taxpayer fund a leisurely lifestyle for those who are capable of working, but won’t, according to the scenario offered by our Rapture Ready friend, would, on the surface, seem to have the perfect answer to their long-pursued dream of taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots. –The Rapture!

Here’s what Matthew wrote.

“I have been following Rapture Ready for years and have read hundreds of articles, but I don’t think I have heard this theory yet:

Immediately after the Rapture, the world descends into a financial meltdown due to the current financial crisis coupled with the shock of the missing believers. A healthy portion of the missing people leave behind large sums of physical and liquid assets including bank accounts and property such as real estate, vehicles, weapons… you name it. With the Holy Spirit removed, neighbors will be pillaging neighbors to hoard as much property from the missing people as possible. After the easy stuff is gone, identity thieves go wild and begin attacking bank accounts and stocks via computer. Governments will do what they always do—eager to seize the assets of the missing people, they are faced with a problem… knowing whose assets are available to seize. It won’t be as easy as searching the church directory, because many so-called Christians and church members will be left behind. Additionally many will be killed in the chaos, and others will use the Rapture as a smoke screen to flee from their financial and legal obligations.

In order to stop the losses brought about by identity thieves, the world will need to conduct a modern census of sorts. First, all electronic commerce will be frozen, then everyone is required to 'register' in order to buy and sell once again. During the registry process, some type of biometric or RFID device is applied to each person. Only those who register will be able to participate in commerce once again. After a reasonable period of registration, Governments worldwide will immediately seize the assets of all those who failed to register.

The pretext of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ being the need to stop the theft and looting. Only a ‘criminal’ would refuse to register. In actuality, the government achieves the vehicle for a single currency and becomes the biggest looter of all.”

Such a scenario isn’t beyond the pale. At the very least, immediately following that great, imminent event, there will be confusion and fear that will cause the thin veneer of civility, law, and order to quickly shred.

Considering the rioting and other acts of ugly displays of discontent among the masses in current times, such a maddening thing as millions suddenly disappearing will be catalyst for creating mob rule of almost inconceivable proportion. The aftermath will make Hurricane Katrina’s effects on New Orleans’ ne’er-do-well looters seem tame by comparison.

The Holy Spirit’s influence as restrainer will be missing, according to 2 Thessalonians 2. The truly beastly nature of lost mankind will emerge when the consciences of people left behind are no longer governed by the Creator of all things. Especially because of the material wealth left behind in this nation, America will be set up for incendiary ignition in much the way decades of decaying underbrush in a great forest acts as kindling for a great forest fire.

We have for some time written that we believe the Rapture will be the event that will pop the surreal bubble of economic insanity that we have watched grow for months. It is a bubble that has been built, in large part, by the very liberal social engineers mentioned earlier.

It is more than ironic that those same destructive would-be builders of a humanist Utopia might finally have their crisis that is too good to waste. They will even be able to continue to build their political base by redistributing the wealth left behind. At least, that’s the quite plausible conclusion implied by Matthew’s post-Rapture scenario.

But the real result of such a scenario would be the new-world-order builders achieving the power, the control after which they have always lusted. And, the masses, frightened out of their wits, will, when such a scenario eventuates, willingly give that power and authority to any regime, to any dictator, who offers hope.

There is only one True Hope –the Blessed Hope of Titus 2: 13. His Name is Jesus. If you haven’t yet done so, receive Him now as your Savior. Don’t be left behind.