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Apr 16, 2012

Beyond Global Warming

March 2012 will go down as the warmest March for the United States since modern record-keeping began in 1895. All forty-eight of the contiguous U.S. states saw at least one record warm temperature in March, with over 15,000 high-temperature records broken. The previous warmest March was in 1910.

What was is the most noteworthy about last month's record warmth is how much we departed from the norm. The average temperature from March was 51.1 degrees Fahrenheit, which was 8.6 degrees above the average for March.

The first three months of 2012 have been so balmy that this year is being called the year without a winter. January to March broke high-temperature records for the contiguous United States, with an average temperature of 42.0 F, which was 6 degrees above the long-term average. Just to prove it can't be warm everywhere at the same time, Alaska has had a very cold and snowy winter.

Headlines regarding record heat have become all too common during the past decade. Stu Ostro, a senior Weather Channel meteorologist, said last week, "It's not only what happened in March in North America, it's the context: the extremity of this extraordinary early-season heat in the U.S. and southern Canada, plus Norway and Scotland breaking their March high-temperature records; Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 having their hottest summer on record, even hotter than during the Dust Bowl; the off-the-charts 2010 Russia heat wave along with approximately 20 countries setting high temperature records that summer; and Canada having its warmest winter and year on record in 2010."

The entire issue of global warming has become highly politicized, thanks largely to the efforts of globalists like Al Gore. After the release of his 2006 documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, our former vice president went around saying everyone needs to cut their carbon footprint or we will all be doomed. Never mind the fact that Gore traveled the global in a private jet that spewed hundred of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Interest in Gore's message cooled when 2008 and 2009 turned out to be rather chilly years. Terry and I had many laughs when at least three global warming conferences were canceled because of blizzard conditions. To avoid any future embarrassment, liberals now use the term "climate change."

The overreach and misinformation by globalists has triggered a backlash against the idea that our globe may be warming because of man's intervention. Just last week, forty-nine former NASA scientists and astronauts made news by saying that NASA is playing fast and loose with climate-change science.

I see the whole debate as a complete waste of time. Even if we determine that man is the root cause of rising global temperatures, there is little we can do alter the process. Every month, China fires up two new coal-burning power plants. The rain forests in South America, Africa, and Asia are steadily being cut down and converted into charcoal for fuel in cooking--the number-one source of greenhouse gas.

The whole concept of global warming doesn't fit recent events. The climate models call for a rise of 2.5 degrees over 100 years. Since we just had a month with a temperature that was 8.6 degrees above normal, the climate-change advocates need to retool their theory. Unless the mild weather from last month was a fluke, all the doomsday predictions about our bread basket turning into a desert and Florida being claimed by rising sea levels would quickly come to pass.

We are already experiencing negative consequences from March's record temps. The lack of snow cover has left large areas of the nation unprotected from wildfires. It is only April, and we are having one of the most active fire seasons on record. The dry soil has raised the risk of drought and poor crop yields.

I spoke with a friend up in Iowa who said the wild weather has severely damaged the trees in his state. Having been fooled into putting on their leaves early, several varieties of trees have been damaged by a frost that occurred last week. My friend said that all the leaves on the oak trees have turned yellow and the elm trees are losing their leaves altogether. That same frost has largely wiped out the apple crop in Minnesota and other northern states.

I think Bible prophecy is the only way to account for the oddities of Mother Nature. Last week, we had a whole slew of major earthquakes around the world, and they certainly had nothing to do with global warming. Everything fits perfectly with the birth-pang scenario that Jesus described in the Gospels. Since birth pangs occur at an exponential rate, we can only expect stranger weather in the coming months.

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth" (Luke 21:25-26).


Waging Race War

America is at the forefront of a significant end-times prophetic signal while the 2012 presidential battle enters the stage of all-out fury. It is not only warfare of a political race we are witnessing, but also what just might be something that will grow to be all-out racial warfare.

Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, might be the spark that ignites the U.S. theater of the racial war that has for decades been raging around the world, spawning genocide and dictatorships of every description. It is–in my observation--beyond any doubt—warfare strategically planned by the father of all hatred, the old serpent.

Mainstream media and leftist ideologues--again, in my view—are at the heart of stirring the cauldron of racial strife. These consistently incite, and constantly hold up before the American public the inciters’own bigotry–that of bias against white citizenry. They incessantly imply and outright declare that the present generation of the Caucasian community of this nation is responsible for the slavery that stained America’s early history.

Their “reporting” and “declaration,” however, are disingenuous. The “journalist” race-baiters–and that’s what they are—do their inciting in order to make exciting news, not simply report it. The ideologues do their race-baiting for political gain. Their thinly veiled purpose is to, in effect; hold their voters on the politico-economic plantation. They promise to redistribute wealth and make the haves forfeit their wealth to the have-nots.

The truth is that both factions within the race-baiting industry mentioned here do so to accumulate to themselves the filthy lucre–the money—to be made by keeping the racial strife on the front burners of culture and society. They want power that such wealth buys them. They thus embrace the very love of mammon they claim to so disdain. Mainstream media has to go through all sorts of verbal gymnastics to make their point. But, they will work as hard as necessary to accomplish their destructive mission.

The prime example I offer is, again, found in the case of Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of George Zimmerman. Mainstream news organizations such as Reuters displayed a photograph of a young, preteen boy, and describe Trayvon Martin as a black teenager who was carrying only some candy and other nonthreatening articles with him when he was found. George Zimmerman was described by the same news sources as a “white” Hispanic who was a self-appointed security cop vigilante, and who followed the seventeen-year-old and shot him, despite having been told by a 911 operator to stop following Martin. The reporting of the event was in both cases, if not totally inaccurate, certainly incomplete.

There were no awaiting details of police investigative reports. No waiting for eyewitness accounts to be gathered and told. The template was set. That template mandated that the story unfold as a hate crime, perpetrated against an innocent black child by a white person. And, that’s the way it was presented–and is still presented, with the obvious intent to generate a national, political mood that will ultimately benefit a political party that is the choice preferred by the elite media and the liberal left.

The Florida state prosecutor appointed to look into the shooting seems to have, for several weeks after the case finally reached headline status, not found enough evidence to pursue an arrest in the case. And, remember, the case was a month old before the recent publicity brought it to the forefront of national news. Then tremendous pressure revved up by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, fanned by media propaganda designed to whip up social and cultural unrest, apparently helped her decide to formulate charges against Zimmerman.

The president of the United States could have–like presidents have done before in powder-keg situations—calmed the building racial firestorm. Instead, he threw fuel on the fire by stating from his high office that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. His Department of Justice has weighed in. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sent several from the Justice Department to meet with the family of Trayvon Martin. The attorney general has given his verbal approval in a speaking forum to Al Sharpton for Sharpton’s leading rallies that stirred up residents in the black community to which Trayvon Martin belonged, as well as elsewhere in Florida.

Holder called those doing the revving up, as well as his Department of Justice representatives, “peacemakers”--despite the fact that Sharpton’s call was for justice against George Zimmerman and was invective against the state attorney general before any of the evidence was presented. It was community activist pressure, pure and simple, and something to which the obviously prejudiced U.S. attorney general should never have lent his national public office.

Holder didn’t reach out to the “white” Hispanic Zimmerman family in order to “make peace.” Neither did he come down against the New Black Panther Party, which has put a large bounty on Mr. Zimmerman–a thing illegal in every sense in both Florida and the United States of America. Am I saying that I think Trayvon Martin should have been killed? Of course not. It is a tragedy in every sense. Any racial bigotry–and it remains to be seen if bigotry was at the heart of this tragedy--is absolutely against God’s love for all humanity, and He will deal with it in great judgment.

What I am saying is that racial strife is being stirred by the mainstream media and by some elements within the U.S. government. Regardless of the degree of Mr. Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt, the bigotry–the race-baiting—is being contrived and carried out by our nation’s government, which is supposed to be there to promote the general welfare and ensure domestic tranquility.

The true “Peacemaker,” the Lord Jesus Christ, prophesied that there would be ever-increasing racial strife at the time His Second Coming nears. We are seeing that prophecy in the process of fulfillment in these final hours of the Church Age. Jesus foretold the following: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places” (Matthew 24:7).

We have written before in these commentaries that the word “nation” is ethnos in the Greek language. We get the English word “ethnic” from this term. “Nation will rise against nation,” then, means that Jesus was saying that there will be great “ethnic” upheaval. The definition of “ethnic” is “racial” or "race.” Jesus prophesied tremendous racial strife in the days immediately leading up to His next catastrophic intervention into human history.

We are talking here about one more signal that forewarns that we will soon hear the shout from Heaven –“Come up here!” (Revelation 4:1).