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May 21, 2012

Israel in Lock-Down Mode

There is a strong sense in Jerusalem that Israel is in the final stage of preparation for an attack on Iran's nuclear program. This standoff has been building for at least seven years. In recent days, a series of developments seem to point to the nearness of a military operation.

The most striking shift has been the lack of public pronouncements by Israel's top officials. After years of hawkish warnings about a possible strike, their language of late has been more guarded and clues to their intentions more difficult to discern. The whole Israeli government has just suddenly gone into lock-down mode.

Western reporters have noticed that Israeli leaders have become tight-lipped about the subject. Reporters who ask about Israel's intentions are simply given the standard answer that diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions should be allowed time to work.

The reason for an attack is to stop Iran's ability to produce enough enriched uranium to make a bomb. Once Iran has a nuclear device, it's too late. There two key factors that will likely trigger a strike:

1. Israel needs to stop Iran before it raises the enrichment level above 70 percent. Once it reaches that level, a bombing campaign will only have a limited impact on Iran's ability to reprocess the uranium to the 90-percent level needed to build a bomb.

2. Most of Iran's nuclear program will be buried deep underground within a few months, thereby making a strike even riskier and more difficult than it already is. Also, once the program goes underground, monitoring its progress will become all the more difficult.

Changes in the political environment have cleared the way for a strike. Last week, Benjamin Netanyahu pulled off a spectacular political surprise, creating a coalition of national unity and delaying elections that everyone believed were expected to occur in September. The maneuver could be the result of a pending strike. If Netanyahu told his opposition leaders that an attack is days away, it's easy to see why they would suddenly be so willing to join a new coalition government.

The winds of political change may also have made President Obama more friendly to an attack. When Obama last met with Netanyahu in Washington, he was very much opposed to a strike right before an election in which he was in the lead. Now that Obama has become our first "gay president," he is suddenly 6 to 10 points behind Biden, making him more open to a military campaign that could shake up the polls.

The U.S. is ready to support Israel. The U.S. ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, said at a closed conference in Tel Aviv that America has completed its planning for a military strike on Iran. Our new F-22 fighters have been quietly moved to Al Dafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. These jets would be our most likely choice in avoiding Iranian missile batteries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a rather strange confidence in Israel's ability to handle a nuclear program. He reportedly told the former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, “We can sell them anything, because in the end, Israel will take care of it.” I hope Putin has the same carefree attitude when several of his nuclear scientists turn up dead from an attack.

Israel may have already attacked Iran if it wasn't for the fear of retaliation from its proxy militias - Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Lebanon and the Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip. Israel can deal with Hamas, but Hezbollah has a vast horde of rockets that can reach all the way to Tel Aviv.

Hezbollah's deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem told Reuters in February that an Israeli attack on Iran would set the whole Middle East ablaze "with no limit to the fires.... Gone are the days when Israel decides to strike, and the people are silent."

Another possible reason for the long delay is what Israel may need to use to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities. Israel may have to use low-yield atomic bombs to put Iran's nuclear program out of action. The use of such weapons would generate huge outrage from liberals.

If an attack should happen, the whole prophetic landscape will instantly change. In the future, when we look back at how end-time events played out, we may see this air strike as the point where prophetic events kicked into high gear.


Welfare World Order

Watchmen on the wall should be alert as never before. It is becoming clearer by the day. The self-appointed governing elitists of planet earth are using the slothful inclination of fallen mankind as fuel for the engine of their drive toward a new world order.

We witness time after time the bringing down by angry voters European leaders who aren’t totally sold out to the socialistic promises of something for nothing–or at least many handouts for very little work in return by the citizenry of the nations they serve. We thereby begin to understand the means by which the Antichrist regime will eventuate. Chaos in the streets translates to first untenable, unsustainable promises by elected politicians to quell the unrest. Then, eventually, an absolute iron fist of control as forecast in Revelation 13:16-18 will be used to bludgeon resisters into submission to the beast-state.

One blog pundit recently interviewed an insider to the world economic elite. I’m not certain about the multibillionaire interviewee’s position within the global economic order of things, but his commentary in answering seems to indicate he sees great danger in the machinations of his peers who are part of the new tower of Babel builders.

Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told the blogger news service interviewer that the globalists elite plan to control the world. Now, that’s not a surprise to biblical prophecy watchmen. We here at Rapture Ready have written countless times about this plan. We have done so, resisting the conspiracy-theorist mentality that tends to set dates and name names as if we were Old Testament prophets. The observations from a globalist insider, on the other hand, present possibilities too fascinating to resist reporting. Salinas told his interviewer that the globalists’ plan to completely rebuild the world order into a new one is a disturbing fact as time moves forward. He said:

The problems we are seeing in the West are not going to be resolved in any positive way. What we have had in the West, in recent decades, has been the welfare state. The welfare state is, in my view, what I would call, "socialism light." We’ve had "socialism light" and now we’re going to transition to full-blown socialism… [It is these] elite, who do not want to give up their control. The furtherance of their control lies in socialism.

I think this comes from a central idea that has possessed the imagination of the world. It’s the idea that authority comes from below. In other words, that authority comes from the people. This idea of authority from the will of the people is a myth of our civilization…

I’m just saying that those who control the world know they have to curry the favor of the people. To do this they went the way of the welfare state, and democracy to give people the fiction they (the people) are in control. Well, they are not and never have been. (Eric King, Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price - Elites Plan to Control the World, KingWorldNews.com)

To watchmen on the wall, it is increasingly clear that what Mr. Salinas reports is based in truth. And it is easy to observe that America is in the cross hairs of those who are targeting the United States for the new world order methodologies with regard to bringing about the ever-increasing welfare state. This nation is on the fast track to becoming the completely changed nation Barack Obama promised during the last presidential campaign.

 ***Grant Jeffrey in Memoriam***

One such unexcelled watchman was Grant Jeffrey, who went to be with His Lord Friday, May 11, at 11:09 pm EDT. Grant and I knew each other well, but were able to meet only on occasions of prophecy conferences or at bookseller conventions. We talked by phone, but not often.

He generously wrote a chapter for one of my books of collaboration. Grant was one of the sharpest minds in eschatology, and was often accused of having a photographic memory, which I suspect was probably true, based upon his amazing recall of facts and figures on the occasions of his speaking presentations. Always, he was fascinating to hear and to talk with personally.

He was prolific in every sense, from research to writing books and other materials–from broadcasts in TV and radio to lectures on stage at the hundreds of prophecy forums at which he spoke. He was a powerful force for the Pre-Trib view of Bible prophecy and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere he went.

When I heard Grant had passed into the presence of our Lord, my thoughts went instantly to the moments my own heart stopped beating Good Friday (April, 22) 2011. I wondered if he was even then standing before that throng of young, beautiful heavenly beings that met me. If so, I know he was exactly where he wanted to be, and wouldn’t change places with anyone on the earth at that moment.

But, Grant stayed, and I didn’t. That wasn’t by my choice–nor was his choice his own.

To be absent from the body–the apostle Paul tells us—is to be present with the Lord. I have a strong sense that Grant Jeffrey was instantaneously face to face with Christ at that indescribable moment.

His wife, Kaye, is one of the sweetest, kindest, and nicest people I’ve ever met, and she has passed along the message that she and the family experienced an absolute peace in the room where they were gathered when Grant took Jesus’ hand and left this troubled sphere. The following is the obituary that appeared on Grant Jeffrey’s website, as I understand. JEFFREY, Dr. Grant Reid (Ph.D.) -

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Grant on Friday, May 11, 2012 in Mississauga after a brief illness at the age of 63.

Grant is predeceased by his brother Bruce and his father Lyle. He will be sadly missed by his wife Kaye, his mother Florence, brothers Dr. David (Katherine), Glenn (Linda), Dale (Trish), sister Jill and extended family. Dr. Jeffrey was an internationally respected author and biblical teacher of prophecy/ eschatology as well as biblical archeology. He will be deeply missed by his family, many friends and colleagues.

A Celebration Service was held at Queensway Cathedral, 1536 The Queensway, Toronto this past Friday. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Christians United for Israel at www.cufi.ca. TorontoObituaries.com