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Aug 27, 2012

Big Brother Stocks Up on Ammo

The recent purchase of ammunition by several federal agencies has triggered a stir in the blogosphere that monitors government activity. First, the Department of Homeland Security ordered 450 million rounds of ammunition, then the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) submitted an order for 46,000 rounds, and the Social Security Administration placed an order for 174,000 rounds.

The Department of Homeland Security has made other big purchases of ammo. According to Major General Jerry Curry, USA (Ret.), earlier this year, the DHS ordered 750 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition. It then turned around and ordered an additional 750 million rounds of miscellaneous bullets, including some that are capable of penetrating walls.

Hollow points are designed to expand as they strike human flesh, causing maximum damage. Since these types of bullets are banned by the Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, the only logical target they can be used against is the citizenry of the United States.

There doesn't seem to be any plausible reason for this huge order of ammunition. It can’t be just for training; there aren’t that many weapons in the U.S. to fire it. In the war in Iraq, our military forces used about 70 million rounds per year. Right now, the DHS has enough ammunition to empty five rounds into the body of every living American citizen.

I'm amazed that no one in Congress is asking why the weather people would need to be so well armed. I had no idea it was so dangerous at the Social Security Administration. Since the folks at the U.S. Post Office face the greater threat from barking dogs, I'm surprised they haven't asked for an allotment of tactical nuclear warheads.

What we have here is another example of our government being out of control. The Patriot Act, hastily passed forty-five days after 9/11 in the name of national security, has turned various departments of the government into cancers. Their only purpose in life is to grow in their ability to monitor and control the lives of every American.

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” That observation from Greek philosopher Plato is as profound today as it was when he first made it over 2,400 years ago.

Governments serve a vital purpose, but they need to be kept in check. The lessons from the rise of despotic governments are much like the plots of numerous science fiction movies in which computers take over the world: If you don't have a firm grasp of the government's "off" switch, the government will come looking for your "off" switch.

I'm constantly seeing in alternative news media examples of people who've had their civil rights trampled on by the government. One of the most wild reports is the plight of Brandon Raub, a 26-year-old former Marine, pro-liberty activist, and Virginia resident. He was seized by the FBI and Secret Service agents over posts privately made via a Facebook game Raub was playing with his siblings. The goon squad couldn't think of anything to charge Raub with, so they had him committed to a mental hospital. A few days later, a judge ordered him released after a public outcry. The treatment of Raub was a travesty of justice, but the true outrage was the revelation that Big Brother is monitoring everything we do. If you send a birthday wish to Grandma, you might was well CC the folks at Homeland Security.

The government seems to have totally lost sight of the original cause of the September 11 attacks. The trial for the five men charged in planning the murders of 2,976 people has been on hold for nearly a decade. Last week, the defense said it does not expect the "trial of the century" to start until 2016--fifteen years after the attacks. It will actually take less time to grow the trees used to print the legal documents in this trial.

A growing number of people realizes that America is turning into a Big Brother state. Lubbock County Judge Tom Head is warning that Mr. Obama winning a second term would lead to a revolt by the American people and possible invasion of United Nations troops. “He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the United Nations," the judge told a Fox News affiliate. “I’m thinking worst-case scenario,” Judge Head explained. “Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe…we’re not just talking a few riots or demonstrations.”

I doubt there are enough liberty-loving people in this country to stop a tyrannical grab for power. A huge factor in the lack of support is the number people who receive aid from Uncle Sam. Right now, there more than 110 million people in this nation are on some form of welfare. Most of these people don't care if chains are being placed on their hands and feet, just as long as their mouths can still reach the government teat.

The declining state of America reminds me of a recent journey I made to the JFK Airport after visiting New York City. After spending a few days on Manhattan Island, I left by taking the subway all the way to the airport. As I progressed towards JFK, the quality of the neighborhood steadily declined. At one point, there wasn't a building to be found that wasn't marred with graffiti. Even though my sense of danger was telling me I was headed in the wrong direct, my map told me I was headed in the right direction.

If America reaches a point where it is no longer the home of the free, we can rest assured that there is place where there is liberty. I will gladly take the kingdom of Heaven over the earthly kingdom we have now.

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away" (Revelation 21:4).


Mideast Roman Empire? America’s Future? Part 1

Two questions, among many, loom large among some within the ranks of those who believe we are at the very end of the Church Age (Age of Grace). I’m hearing about them every day by those who email, and in conversation.

The first matter involves the question of whether, based upon developments in the Middle East and the expansion of Islam into Europe and other places, those who hold to the Islamist Antichrist belief could be correct. Could those who hold to the Western leg of the Roman Empire being the geographical base from which the beast will come, after all of this time spent adhering to that view, be mistaken–having read the prophecy of Daniel 9: 26-27 erroneously?

Certainly, for the Islamist or eastern leg Antichrist view to be brought up by those who are doing so is not heresy, as some dogmatists might have it. While I, personally, maintain that Daniel was given a definite heads-up that the “prince that shall come” will be from the people who comprised the heart of the Roman Empire (western Europe), I can understand reasons for thinking –especially with developments taking place all around us— that a case might be made that Islam is the prophesied beast system, and that Antichrist will be from the people who made up the eastern leg of the Roman Empire.

There is great quaking within the European Union at present, as there is in America, and we will examine some of these things, in view of the relatively new proclamations that the Antichrist will be a Muslim.

The Bible calls that future and last tyrant of the dispensation of earth’s history before the Second Advent of Christ "the Assyrian." There’s no question that the man, himself, will be of Middle Eastern extraction. Additionally, all geopolitical movement--both in biblically prophetic terms and in terms of what is happening today--is shifting back to the geographical lands surrounding God’s touchstone city, Jerusalem. All attention is on that region, primarily because of its potential for producing nuclear conflict, which would engulf the whole world. An only slightly less powerful exigency that affects the entire world –particularly the Western world—is the influence petroleum exerts on geopolitics.

With the present presidential administration refusing to tap into Canada’s vast quantities of oil, and with its determination to fight the development of America’s own great reserves, the oil-rich Middle East is rapidly becoming even a more volatile point of potential conflict. It is, in my view, almost certainly the “spoil” which Ezekiel was told to prophesy will bring Gog and his Magog forces into the land of the Bible.

By the time of that attack, something catastrophic, apparently, will have happened to the United States. It is almost a guarantee that the economic powers that be–and they are who controls all the world so far as geopolitical power is concerned—would never sit by idly and watch the great petroleum interests that fire the engines of their wealth-empire be taken over by a Russian leader and a swarm of Islamist Jew-haters. But, according to the Ezekiel prophecy, the Western powers apparently send merely a note of diplomatic protest. Very strange…

It is as if the Western leadership knows that the forces of Gog-Magog will be unsuccessful. Of course, they will be more than merely unsuccessful. They will be utterly decimated, with all but one-sixth of them totally destroyed, God’s Word tells us. Satan, of course, controls/influences all sides in humanism’s war against God. He knows Bible prophecy. He believes all of it, I think, except the part that says he loses in the end. His man, Antichrist, will understand that if he just reserves his strength, he will have it for the really big take-over, after God, Himself, obliterates his Middle Eastern opposition. He will still have to contend with the forces from far-distant Asia, but in his arrogance, he will have confidence he can handle that problem when it must be faced.

All of that is just a scenario, as I’m convinced God’s Word teaches it, with my postulations thrown in for good measure. So, it does nothing to prove that Antichrist will be either from the Western leg or from the Eastern leg. We will, of course, have to learn the truth about that after the fact–from the portals of Heaven, for all who are born again into the family of God.

But, when looking at what Daniel the prophet was given to tell us about the “prince that shall come,” we must consider who the people who destroyed the city and the sanctuary were. That is, who destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple atop Mount Moriah?

The argument by the latecomer, band-wagon jumping, Eastern-leg proponents includes the claim that the forces that destroyed the city and sanctuary were comprised of people indigenous to the region, who made up the Roman legions assigned to control the area. While those of the Middle East did mingle with the Roman soldiers, they were under the very imposing thumb of Romans who dictated from the city of Rome.

General Titus, the son of Emperor Vespasian, was in charge. He and his father gave and saw to it that the put down of the Jewish insurrection was accomplished. Both were Romans in the Western-leg sense. They were head of the people of Rome–the Western leg--who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in A.D. 70.

We must remember that the Eastern leg of the empire wasn’t established for another three centuries, when Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) became the Roman Empire’s Eastern capital in AD 330. Daniel’s prophecy – later reflected upon by Jesus Christ, who gave it to the prophet in the first place—told of the Romans' destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple when there was no Eastern leg. Further, there was no Islam until more than six centuries later than the prophesied destruction. Thus, I conclude that any validity to the claim that Daniel –and Jesus—were referring to a “people” from the Middle East, Muslim world, who would produce “the prince that shall come” as untenable.

There are other reasons why the eastern or Muslim Antichrist doesn’t fit the prophecy, but I must move on. Next week, Lord willing, we will look at the second question I’m getting regularly that is involved in the quaking in Europe and America.