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Dec 3, 2012

Heaven’s Media, and You

Please read and respond to the need to “blow the trumpet” in these troubling, though exciting, days! We have just entered, I am convinced, a time long ago prophesied. We are about to witness an unstoppable, super-accelerated movement into the beginning of the darkest era of human history. Every signal points to America and the world gushing toward the establishment of the regime of the most despotic dictator who will ever rule on earth.

Adolf Hitler, during his rise to power, had his media, the most effective propaganda machine that had existed to that time. There has developed a similar although much more powerful media machine–worldwide—that has for months and years been preparing the way for the lawless one–the first beast of Revelation chapter 13.

Lies have been laid down as truth for so long and in such profusion that they are now accepted as fact by massive numbers of people. Billions throughout the world are increasingly eager to embrace any government–any leader--offering things that will take care of their needs with little to no effort on their own parts.

In the United States, the end-times media conglomerate has been profoundly successful in deluding the American populace. The tipping point has been reached, and sufficient numbers of such like mindset can now vote themselves largess from the public treasury–as Alexis de Tocqueville forewarned in 1835.

Although alternative media now disseminates news alongside deluding, mainstream media, the alternative news journalism is demonstrably inadequate to serve as antidote to the poison polluting the thought processes of the masses. And the alternative media are woefully inadequate to counteract the distortions and lies, because they, too, are steeped in thinking from the mind of the great deceiver–the father of lies.

Judgment is coming. Bible prophecy clearly lays out the fact that this rebellious world must and will be judged for its blasphemous, anti-God, Antichrist-spirit-filled rage. I believe that judgment is slated for sooner rather than later, according to the swift movement forward of global world order as mentioned above.

The Lord of Heaven never proceeds with His judgment and wrath before first issuing forewarning of His actions to come. The mainstream and alternative media of this nation and world report signs of the times, but not from God’s omniscient perspective. As mentioned, their perspectives are skewed by the fallen minds that are influenced heavily by the father of lies.

God will always forewarn of impending judgment. That’s why Rapture Ready is in business–the Lord’s business--of getting prophetic truth out in these closing hours of the Church Age. You are interested in learning truth about things to come, or else you wouldn’t be coming to this website on a regular basis. You see the power grab by the world’s elitists that is leading to America’s demise and the forming of a globalist order that is destined to be ultimately ruled by Antichrist.

That’s where you come into the picture in these absolutely crucial days just ahead. You are a fellow watchman on the wall. You believe and want to obey Jesus Christ, who said as recorded in Mark 13: 37: “What I say to one, I say unto all. Watch.”

We at Rapture Ready are thankful to have such brothers and sisters in Christ to help in serving as God’s heavenly media. The Lord has chosen this and other prophetic forums to be His "forewarning news service" in this, what must certainly be the very last days of this Age of Grace.

We have an awesome responsibility as we watch the satanic forces of this planet attempt to quench freedom’s light and enslave peoples everywhere. The Creator of all things views our mission in this regard as an eternally important matter. Ezekiel the prophet stated the gravity with which the Lord considers our duty in these troubling although exciting days: “But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand” (Ezekiel 33:6).

So, how do we “blow the trumpet”? By doing exactly what we are doing. We sound the warning of judgment and wrath to come, something the world’s media will never recognize, much less about which they will “blow the trumpet” of forewarning.

We are doing our quarterly donation drive a month early because we'll be at Future Congress in Dallas in early January. Those meetings will be crucial to understanding the days and months just ahead, from the perspective of Bible prophecy. Todd and I encourage you to participate by joining us there, if at all possible. Here is a link: FutureCongress.com

This year is already our busiest year ever from the standpoint of traffic coming to RR. This is quite an accomplishment in beating last year, which had over half a million people visiting in May. Our traffic in November of 2011 was 245,000. This year it was 100,000 higher.

This year we've added more articles than in any other year. We've expanded our editing staff, which has allowed us to update several date-sensitive sections of the site.

Our budget (our outreach efforts, thus our needs) has expanded by a third in 2012. The results have been excellent, thankfully, to the glory of our Lord.

We earnestly solicit your ideas for new content that we can add to the site, so God’s heavenly media outreach can continue to expand as is in His holy will.

How do you, a member of our Rapture Ready family, fit in to heaven’s media forewarning system? Many of you are already “sounding the trumpet” with your prayers and by contributing articles to raptureready.com. These are vital and so very much appreciated.

However, the RR website is at this particular time in need of financial assistance as never before. To be effective in getting out the forewarning and to lift Christ as the only hope for mankind, we must have the financial help of you who believe that we are part of Heaven’s media for these days immediately leading to Christ’s return. You are a vital part of God’s clarion call to this judgment-bound world. You must be part of this prophetic broadcast to all people through the Internet, if the message is to reach the lost and dying world.

There are three ways you can contribute to Rapture Ready: You can send a financial gift via our P.O. box address, you can make a one-time donation, or there is a frequency option that allows you to make monthly donations. If you're interested in signing up, find the input links on the Donation Depot page. Donations can be sent to our P.O. box at:

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The Rapture Index Grinds Higher

If you thought we might be a seeing a sharp rise in end-time activity, you would be correct. The upsurge has caused the Rapture Index to set a series of all-time highs. The index hit a new high a couple of weeks ago, and this week it has returned to that level.

In case you're not familiar with how the RI works, it is a type of "Dow Jones Industrial Average" for measuring prophetic activity. Since Jesus said we will not know the day of the Rapture, I figured the best way to know where we on God’s prophetic clock is to track the events predicted to occur at the time of our Lord’s return. There are 45 categories in the index that are rated from 1 to 5. The categories are upgraded or downgraded based on how active they are in the news.

There is a weighted value added to most categories based on their history of importance. For example, because major volcanic eruptions are less frequent than earthquakes, their impact on the index lasts longer. The financial categories can change on a monthly basis based the ups and downs of the markets.

The press has always had a special fondness for the Rapture Index. Its mathematical simplicity seems to draw them like moths to a fire. Every time it hits a new high, I'm contacted by some news outlet. This past week, BBC radio asked me to record a segment that should air sometime near the end of this month.

One of the most popular emails I get from readers is a request for me to create a graph for the Rapture Index. I've always been against this suggestion because I thought a 20-point spread over a 25-year period would look like a straight line. Recently, I decided to try a shorter period of time. By averaging the annual high and low over just the past 10 years, you can clearly see an upward trend:

The data I find the most impressive is a direct comparison of the 1993 low with what we see today. During the end of 1993, the RI reached its record low of 58 points. It was a magic year when most categories were pushed lower by positive news. Because the RI is designed to have a continuous inflow of negative news, the brief sunny outcome caused it to nose drive. Here are some of the key factors of that year:

  • The Middle East was stable in the wind-down from the Persian Gulf War I.
  • Interest rates were at a 25-year low.
  • Oil was around $20 per barrel.
  • Corn traded between $2-$3 per bushel.
  • The stock market was in the middle of its greatest run ever.
  • Pablo Escobar, leader of the Medallin drug cartel, was killed.
  • There was only one major volcanic eruption that year.
  • Prime Minister Rabin signed a peace accord with PLO head Arafat.
  • The last parts of the Soviet empire collapsed with a failed coup in Russia.

Since the 1993 bottom, it has been up, up, and away. The Index has now gone 19 years without edging below the 100-point level. I think the reason there hasn't been an off year is that we are simply getting too close to the Tribulation hour to allow for one. If you look at the timelines for various disasters, you would see that it was once common to go more than a decade without a significant earthquake, flood, or hurricane. Today, we're lucky to see a single year pass without one of these calamities striking the earth.

It does no good to just stand still as destruction heads our way. The birth pangs should cause the unsaved person to reexamine his life and the believer to assess his priorities. The Rapture doesn't just mean a free escape from a condemned world. In order to find our place in the kingdom of God, we have to first give an account of our lives here on earth. Now is the time to get ready.

“For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body” (2 Corinthians 5:10, NLT).

--- Todd