This page was created to allow you folks an opportunity to read the same thought provoking information I receive everyday. Because whether or not an e-mail is from someone that agrees with me or disagrees, I will post their comments. The only e-mails I won't add to this web page are ones that use profanity or are way too long. 

Jan 4
Hello brother Todd,
I find your page long time ago and i come here for everything, news, strength, knowledge and a lot more. No matter what I always come to your page daily, I can spend hours a day reading. Thank you so much, you have such a great crew, a variety of Christian brothers and sisters that really love our Lord that contribute in RR. Many of them inspired by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you and your family.
I live in Maffra, Victoria, Australia. I have been reading RR on a weekly basis since 2005 and really enjoy this site. I just want to congratulate you on your recent article and state I too, am over the whole "candle vigils" lighting up the French flag on major buildings in almost every large city upon this earth. It makes me feel I'll!! I can tell you that in Melbourne tonight, they are holding a "candle vigil" in the city! People will no doubt be weeping and looking all so sincere for the cameras. I was talking with a mate of mine last night and we were both saying how ineffective and tasteless it is to hold these pompous ceremonies and people are just fools at best, and our Muslim enemies just keep laughing at us!

Whilst we both feel the sadness and total disgust of these bloody actions committed by these evil and vile Muslim criminals, when will people wake up and start confronting their respective Governments and demand the mass migration of these people stop immediately??? Our Governments need to be made accountable for allowing such thugs into our countries. These little ceremonies just don't cut it, and I'm sure ISIS are REALLY shivering in their boots with the response from the masses ( tongue in cheek) what with these "candle vigils" and French flag colours shown everywhere.

Anyhow, great article and God bless you mate!

...I wanted to thank you for the website "Rapture Ready". The amount of work and dedication that it must have taken is staggering to me. I have learned much from this site.

On Facebook, I was contacted by a friend who I haven't seen for over forty years. After 62 years of Roman Catholicism, she indicated her dissatisfaction with her denomination. I advised her to go to your website. A month later she informed me that she had become a Christian, was now saved (and finally felt secure), and that she had become "born again". She credits your site, and I say, "Praise God". Thought you'd want to know.

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for and the wonderful nearing midnight writings. Your site and writings are such a needed blessing to me and to others! Thank you so much for all you do and may Father Jehovah and Lord Yeshua keep you!
Dear Todd:
Your recent article called “Demonomics” is probably considered controversial by many — that fact indicates what kind of world we are living in today. I agree 100% with all of your points. It was a well written article that I will be sending (link) to all of my friends.
Thank you and God Bless.
I found your commentary on Joel Osteen rather interesting. I have for years wondered what hold this man has on people. I have a good friend that just loves him. For me, he creeps me out. I watch John Hagee most Sunday's and I am truly confounded as to why he choose to have Joel Osteen as a speaker at one of his big conferences. Thank you for speaking the truth.
Dear Esther
Thank you for your response. You have made me feel so much better. I should have mentioned that I am still married, my husband is very forgiving and he never even brings up the subject. Esther, I just don't know how I could have done that when I think back on what happened. I must have grieved the Holy Spirit so much, I can,t bear the thought of it sometimes. I thought that when you are truly born again that one would not commit such a grievous sin as i did. That is where I am confused and I feel so depressed sometimes. I thank you for your encouragement , you are so sweet and your response is such a blessing to me. I thank and praise God for you.
Re your commentary on Joel Osteen, I could NOT agree with you more, Brother, point for point exactly, everything you said. I can't stand to listen to him either. Sometimes I try, just to monitor what he's saying, but after about 30 seconds I have to click him off before I vomit on my shoes. If you put him on mute and just watch him, his moves are serpentine and hypnotic, snake-charmer-like. But that revolts me also and I can't watch it. My friend and I were just complaining to each other about him tonight, as we often do. And how he conveniently manages to put "you" in every book title hasn't been lost on us either.

I had a run-in with one of his lakewoodians awhile back and tried to reason with her from the scriptures, but in the end she walked off down the street yelling back at me "I LOVE JOEL AND I LOVE VICTORIA!!!"

I continually hear good preachers condemning him and in fact heard a pastor do so just tonight without mentioning Osteen's name. Some use his name, others just make obvious references to "the smiling preacher" saying thus and so on Oprah or the Larry King show - no doubt who it is. And even Daystar won't actually call him a preacher in their promos but they refer to him as America's most popular motivational speaker or most influential speaker or some generic thing like that.

One thing is certain - he is Bible prophecy fulfilled, and that means we're about to leave him and his carnal, lusting, laodicean, apostate adherents behind to face the consequences they've chosen for themselves.

Thank you!!! I needed your letter. You are obviously gifted with understanding and mercy. I am humbled for it is what my Savior needed me to hear. I am going to pray and follow your advise on family members but most importantly use a soft voice. May God continue to bless you.
Oh, Gift of Life,
How beautiful in purity
How lovely in Majesty
Eternal Wisdom radiant in the blazing eyes;
Yes, Savior, in power and greatest authority
In most tender, gentle goodness
Kindness in purest Spirit flow from Heaven's Throne
River of the water of life
Crystal clear waters flow down the great street of New Jerusalem.
Much like the branches from the royal Tree of Life
That spread far and wide
Bearing the richest fruit in abundance
Continually renewed month by month
Day by day without end.
How wonderful to reach out and touch this splendor
Water as liquid jewels pour forth through hands and fingers
And, the fruit that hands heavy,
The taste of exquisite delicacy
Beauty of all life, all Creation,
Eternal life freely given.
Because the nations had drunk their fill of evil
Emptying their cups of wickedness to the last drop
Choking it down greedily
Till their bellies burst,
Justice from the King of Glory followed in righteousness
And His Earth was swept clean
Every body of water purely filtered
The vast sea of all nations purified
All air around and above like the fragrance and aroma of Heaven;
Only the eternal beauty
Only the work of His hands
Truly forever remains.

Hello Todd,
I know as a believer in Christ, I shouldn’t set my mind on the earthly things or worry.. I just have to ask though, just why do I not hear anyone within the church ever mentioning the fact the our Government is literately spraying chemicals over all of our heads constantly? I live in Florida and have observed this daily across the entire state and also even worse in Georgia. While many news outlets focus on ISIS and the President and all the corruption we all need to also look up above our heads daily. Take a look at the sky and watch what they are doing above your own head…

We are totally living in the end days, this is a physical witness to me, that man is either playing God by trying to manipulate the entire global weather by literately spraying metals / chemicals over all major metropolitan areas.. and no one saying a word about it anywhere but online. It is a reality though, try looking up at the lines in the sky that are being sprayed in your own city, there are always white 747’s flying in a pack together, two to 5 go in the same direction at the same exact time, covering at specific area, the trails do not dissipate like a normal contrail does on a jet for example but these trails leave a deliberate trail line leaving chemical & metals within our atmosphere.. these are usually at or around 30 to 50 thousand feet (above our normal passenger flight paths) and above regular lower clouds creating very strange shaped clouds which are very artificial looking often glowing very bright pink during a sunrise or sunset. I write this to you so that maybe, maybe others would be informed because it is a very serious matter that I believe all families should be aware of..I know that we shouldn’t set our minds on earthly matters and simply trust is Christ and I do but also I just think it must be talked about by us Christians as well.. literately they are spraying over heads non-stop, my children play outside and I just cannot stand seeing it because I know it has to affect on our breathing etc eventually.. and if it doesn’t, it is a very obvious in your face reminder to me that today MAN thinks he knows better than GOD, to take things into his own hands and try and change the weather with spraying chemicals or metals..either way I look at it, it has got to be sin before GOD.. destroying Gods creation, this is a very strange time in history…

Honestly this amongst many other things we all are witnessing is a more concrete sign to me that we are definitely in the last days. This is a global effort right now, the entire world is being sprayed, they are doing this everywhere.. in the name of Global warming or who knows why else..? Just thinking, IF we are raptured to be with the Lord anytime soon, this spraying will catch up to those left behind.. this is not good at all..

very bizarre I know, but it is very aggravating because no one’s talking about it, I think it is sinful whatever the reason it is that is behind it.. Just thought I would send this to you to hopefully inform you of it that is if you hadn’t known of it already and also just in case you want to add this to your strange email section LOL

Oct 5
Rapture ready has made the difference and brought together all that the Lord has shown me over my 61 years. Now I have been born into his family. I am now working towards and praying for the rest of my family to have the same experience and relationship with Jesus. I thank the Lord for leading me to your website. I will encourage everyone who will listen, to visit your website. I hope to meet you in person in the future.
Dear Esther
Thank you for your response. You have made me feel so much better.

I should have mentioned that I am still married, my husband is very forgiving and he never even brings up the subject.

Esther, I just don't know how I could have done that when I think back on what happened.

I must have grieved the Holy Spirit so much, I can,t bear the thought of it sometimes.

I thought that when you are truly born again that one would not commit such a grievous sin as i did. That is where I am confused and I feel so depressed sometimes.

I thank you for your encouragement , you are so sweet and your response is such a blessing to me. I thank and praise God for you. Love, Maureen

Hi Todd. I received a New World Order type message from my cell phone company Sprint today. It said "World leaders unite to end poverty, inequality, & protect our planet. Be a global citizen #TellEveryone" I must say this is quite spooky. Looking forward to our Lords return. Keep up the good work. I love the site.
Esther thank you soooooo much from all my heart again for everything and for your help, may our Precious Lord Jesus Christ bless you so much and for you this verse says it all "God is fair, He will not forget the work you did and the love you showed for Him by helping His people. " Hebrews 6:10
I just wanted to touch base and say I just read on Rapture's website a chapter from Arthur Zepp, Progress After Entire Sanctification, Chapter 14, Adapting Holiness to Everyday Life:

Impassible men, lifted above the trials and weaknesses of their race, like placid angels and unpitying divinities, have no sentiments in common with a nature all bent and fractured and rotten. A man to make the woes and weaknesses of others his own, must be tempted and touched to the core of his being with corresponding emotions. He must literally weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn.
"Touched with a sympathy within
He knows our feeble frame;
He knows what sore temptations mean,
For He hath felt the same."
I was so moved and it made me think of you and how like Jesus you reach
people where they are because of your walk with Jesus in this life.
In His Love,

Your column is so edifying! I praise my Lord because of you. I look forward to meeting you one day.
Hello Dear Esther!
The article you wrote to Marlene about the changes in her church were like a cold drink of water taken from a deep well. I sighed with satisfaction and felt nourished and comforted by your Scripture-infused comments. I believe many will be especially blessed by this very sound article you wrote. Thank you for being faithful to our Lord’s Word and for refusing to dilute it. I just love this about your writing! It is a delight to see how Marlene discerned all is not well at her church. Yes, and thus, the Holy Spirit guides and protects us.
Dear Esther,
Just read your advice to the young man entering college in the May 18th column. I want to thank you for your advice to this young man. So wise and godly.

I wrote to you a few years ago fall of 2013 (Marcie) about my salvation at age 51, while my husband wanted no part of it.

You're advice was right on target (Holy Spirit filled) and my husband did say the Lord's prayer in Jan 2014.

I continue to pray for him, and he is much more agreeable when I leave to knock on doors, or visit the elderly. Not seeing a lot of fruit yet, but I will never give up.

I have actually handed out the email I wrote to you with your response to me to another lady who is going through the same thing.

Please know, that every word you write to others, I can agree with, and appreciate so much that you are there for others, especially the young people.

They will need the Lord (and need strength and faith) and I pray that you will continue in your ministry for as long as the Lord allows.

I also pray for the Rapture, but if Hal Lindsey was right back in the 80s, I would have gone to hell.

Thank you again for your faithfulness to all the brethren and especially the Lord.

You have no business judging pastor Murray. The only thing you know for sure on your site is your silly answers! You have the nerve to put people down and I don't know anyone that would send you money. You're in the same league as Mike Murdoch. Have a good trip to hell. All your answers to questions is like your grasping for straws. Have a good trip on your rapture to hell!!! Yea I said it twice
Dear Esther
I felt that I needed to write you concerning many matters, until I read many of your emails from others, and your replys. The Holy Spirit is surely working in you. I am thankful for this website.

I am living a life of severe Christian persicution right now. My whole family has shunned me, including two of my children, I had to deactivate my Facebook account, me and my daughter were kicked out of our residence, for it has become impossible to dwell anywhere the Truth of God isnt a reality.

Please pray for me and my youngest daughter Whitney. Everyday we waite on the Lord to supply our every need. Its a true blessing to watch God provide, but our faith is being severely tested. We have moved so many times, rejected and judged.

My name has been drug through the mud, I'm being told I'm mentally ill and I'm not living in reality.

God spared me from being homeless, A family in a near by town took us in. I'm very thankful, but with it came a new task. Very good people who are also perishing.

Please pray for my financial needs. I'm closer to becoming self sufficient. I became nothing at one point in my life by giving my everything to a lost man. I tried to hard to hold on.

I'm also concerned about sending my daughter back to the public school. She has one more year.

Can't wait for the Lords return. Very trying times we live in.

Its nice to have fellow believers united with me in prayer.

Dear Esther,
I won't write you again ;) but I must tell you; thank you for your service to the Lord in your wise words and may God continue to work through you to help those such as Heather. I am amazed for I didn't think there were blessings like you left in this world. I am so encouraged with your help to me but truly am awed by your loving but scriptural advice to Heather. Thank you

Jul 6
I just wanted to thank you fore a very well put together site that is very refreshing to read and very, very biblical. I appreciate the work and the research that it must have taken, and frankly, I cannot find a single item of dispute with what I have found in my 40+ years of being a Christian.
I am grateful that the Lord has allowed and provided for me to support you and I can't thank you enough for your ministry. I do believe that it will be greatly used during the tribulation.
I THINK YOU CAN IMPROVE RAPTURE READY BY TURN IT OFF. You're endangering people with theoretical traditions that go against the whole message of Christianity. Why would Jesus RAPTURE everyone away and leave all the unbelievers behind?
Dear brother,

I never thought I would see this day.the U.S,supreme court upholds homosexual marriage.Jesus said as it was in the days of Lot,so shall it be at his coming.The homosexual agenda held sway then. America has put itself in the crosshairs of GOD. I do not look forward to the future of this nation. We have floods ,tornados,eartquakes,droughts,crime waves,heat wavesetc.We aint seen nothing yet.Come quickly LORD JESUS. Even the hard core sinners of my generation did not ridicule GOD.

Dear Terry James & Todd Staberg,

I saw your article of REPUBLICANS ARE ALSO AT THEIR WORST. Unfortunately even though the American people voted Republicans into to power in overwhelming numbers with the intention of undoing the damage done by Obama and the Democrats, the PARTY LEADERS are not really conservative.

The GOP needs to change it name to the LUKEWARM LAODICEA PARTY. If the LIBERTARIAN PARTY COULD REALLY WIN ELECTIONS, I would have voted for their candiates, because they at least have a COVENANT that they bind their candidates to stick to the Constitution. If they were strong enough to win, the LAODICEA PARTY would have gone out of existence long ago. The only reason why Evangelical Christians voted for Republicans is because the DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER BY THE SOCIALISTS OR COMMUNISTS. Some Evangelical leaders have warned the Republican Leaders, that IT WAS THE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS THAT GAVE THEM THE VICTORY, AND THAT THE PARTY LEADERS BETTER NOT ABANDON THE CHRSITANS, BECAUSE OF THEY DO, THAT THEY WOULD NOT WIN ANY MORE ELECTIONS, AND WOULD SIFFER THE SAME FATE AS THE WHIGS. Here is what I would say to the LAODICEAN PARTY LEADERS, "IF YOU TURN YOUR BACKS ON US, WE ARE GOING TO LEAVE (AT RAPTURE) YOU, AND YOU WILL NOT FIND US ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND, BECAUSE WE WILL NO LONGER BE HERE! And without us, your party will die, for lack of support, as as your base leaves the earth". But the LUKEWARM LAODICEA does nothing to stop Obama. Here is what Jesus would say to the LAODICEAN PARTY "BECAUSE YOU ARE LUKEWARM, I WILL SPUE YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH!" When the Republican Party won the election, that was their last chance. there were articles in Rapture Ready back in November warning the REPUBLICANS TO TO ABANDON THE CHRISTIANS. I am not sure who wrote the aritcle. I think it was written by Donna Wasson or Gerri Ungurean. The REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NOTHING BUT A PROSTITUTE.

In the second part of the article, you talked about GEORGE ORWELL'S PROPHECIES on doublespeak. Dud you know that George Orwell's prophecy "A BOOT (of death (on foot of GREAT RED DRAGON in Rev 12)) SHALL STAMP ON A HUMAN FACE FOREVER" ties right into Daniel 7:23 "Thus he said, 'the FORTH BEAST shall be the FORTH KINGDOM upon the earth, which shall be diverse form all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall TREAD (HERE IS GEORGE ORWELL'S BOOT OF DEATH RIGHT ON FOOT OF THIS BEAST) IT DOWN, and BREAK IT TO PIECES." Here is part of Daniel 7:25 "and shall WEAR OUT (could this be George Orwell's BOOT OF DEATH STAMPING ON A HUMAN FACE (through torture, causing Tribulation Saints (who do not have the benefit of the indwelling Holy Spirit to lose salvation though torture?) FOREVER") THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH."

While George Orwell was probably unaware that his BOOT OF DEATH prophecy ties right into DANIEL CHAPTER 7, God gave it to him and knew exactly that it ties into Daniel Chapter 7. It is because of the BOOT OF DEATH IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION that Jesus warned people to flee to the mountains, to keep them from being TORTURED INTO GIVING UP THEIR SALVATION. Better to die in a battle than to COME UNDER THE BOOT OF DEATH. This BOOT is on the FOOT OF THE GREAT RED DRAGON.

Part of Verse 8 "it devoured and brake in pieces, and STAMPED (under George Orwell's BOOT (OF DEATH) THAT STAMPS ON A HUMAN FACE FOREVER) THE RESIDUE UNDER THE (BOOTED) FEET OF IT:" Goerge Orwell prophecy ties right into this!

In verse 11 is the destruction of the 4th beast. This might indicate that the REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE might be Babylon or Reveation 18. "I beheld even till the bast was slain, and HIS BODY (is this Babylon of Revelation 18?) and HIS BODY DESTROYED , AND GIVEN TO THE BURNING FLAME" Because of this verse, I think the EUROPEAN UNION is the end time Babylon of Revelation 18, since it will be destroyed by fire.


Dear sir,
Thank you for “Timelines”...It’s a much needed reminder of how far we as a nation have fallen. Keep up the good work!
Is it not possible as Walid Shoebat thinks, that the final Roman Empire will actually be similar to the Ottoman Turkish empire, via Islam. It's very interesting to me that this is forming with a vengeance and the Euro, with its " union is collapsing as we speak--think Greece for example.

It's also interesting that our current government is seemingly assisting that process of Islamic growth. Given our highest official( a Pharaoh-like figure) seems to be In some way an organizer of this possibility and Islam seems to be the very religion of the Anti-Christ in its construct of end time eschatology, considering its various characters such as the Mahdi (our Biblical Anti Christ ?) I can't help to wonder.

Intriguing book by the way by Britt "Signs of the second coming"

Hi, I was just watching Tom Horn and LA Marzulli discussing Nephilim and getting it totally wrong but then I thought this might be the reason for the giant Nephilim men and Nephilim Dinosaurs: The reason why the pre- and post-Flood Nephilim varies so greatly in size - pre were up to 300cubits - 450feet and working with the giant stones of Baalbeck would be no greater than a modern man working the stones typically used today - post were the 12/15/15 feet mentioned in post-Flood accounts - obviously at The Flood God bound all the fallen angels so they could not father any more giants - but their DNA was present in the blood of one of the wives of Noah's sons - but the Flood removed the protective canopy which had previously allowed gigantism in all things - 100ft dinosaurs, 300ft ferns etc and ensured that all the gigantism came to an end and toay we only see average sizes with the occasiaonal 'small' giant! The UFO cattle mutilations human abductions may definitely be the work of spirits of Satan getting tissue for hybridisation experiments.
Apr 20
Todd, I greatly appreciate your website and all of the Truth of God's Word within it. I am sure that Jesus is pleased with your work for Him. I am making a collection of articles in your site for the left behind. I sense that the rapture is very close, and each day I pray for His rescue from the terrors to come. It seems that very few believe the Truth these days. God bless you and your work for Him.
Hi Todd, I just finished reading and bookmarking your defense of the Pretrib rapture because I am always looking for more to add to my "arsenal" in trying to help my husband see it in the scripture. Unfortunately his father who was a Baptist preacher had convinced him that it is a false teaching and that he needs to get me to stop believing it, so we are at odds if we even talk about it. I am a student of bible prophecy for 12 years now and it is so clear to me but he has just recently started studying (which I thank God for) but this influence by his dad has completely blinded him to anything I try to show him and He doesn't trust that maybe I might be right... anyway so i am bookmarking as many sites like yours as possible in the hope that if he ever stumbles upon my notes these might help him see that it isn't just me, and the John Darby theory His dad believes is just not true!

However this is not why I am contacting you but rather I just wanted to add an idea of mine for your consideration concerning the Restrainer mentioned by Paul and referred to as a "he", I totally believe this is the church but could it be that the reason he is called he, it because the Church is called the "Body of Christ" as often as it is "the Bride" and that would explain why it is called a he in this instance? I have never seen anyone else mention this... I agree that it is also a double reference to Holy Spirit indwelling the believers, but I have always thought that this could help us defend the point more solidly. Just a thought.

Okay that is all and I want to thank you for the website and the apologetics! God Bless!

Todd, My spellcheck auto corrects and capitalizes the word Koran but it does not capitalize the word bible..... If you want to use the word" kor an" without auto check interference you have to leave a space in the word. Because I have no respect for the "kor an" I do not capitalize it but the powers that be have forced me to use an alternate method to show no respect. I wonder who I should complain to about the Bible not being auto corrected?? I just found this interesting and thought I would share it with you and Terry..
Thank you so much for words of comfort and understanding. I love the scripture that says, The lines have fallen to me in good places and I have a godly inheritance! Psalm 16:6. I do appreciate and respect your time and your reply really lifted my spirit. Thank you for encouraging the brethren! :) God is a good God. Jesus is our soon and coming King. Hallelujah
I pray that Jesus does not tarry and comes for his church really really soon. Christians are dying, suffering, intimidated and threatened for their faith worldwide. I pray also for those left behind who refuse the mark and turn to Christ. They will forfeit their lives for their heroic action of faith.
Warn your readers suicide is a one way ticket to hell and that includes Born Again Christians. Suicide nullifies their salvation. No suicides are permitted in heaven. Remind your readers salvation is a gift from God and is so easy. Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. It's that simple and you will have life eternal with Jesus Christ. Also God warned me the end of days will soon start. The Rapture is that close. Jesus Christ is God and Jesus save
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the advise I read on "Dear Esther!" You are truly a godly, and gifted person! I don't need to write to you about my problems, because someone else already wrote about it. I enjoy reading your column every week and I learn something every time!
Brother Todd,

THANK YOU for the Rapture Ready site! I just discovered it after googling "Revelation 7 second chance" during my Bible reading. This question of a "2nd chance" is something I have wrestled with for a few years now. I told a fellow pastor that if I am understanding this correctly, then we as pastors should be preaching this regularly from our pulpits. He disagreed and stated reasons why he thought there would be no 2nd chances.

But I think I agree with you. As a new associate pastor of a little country church body, I am feeling like I MUST warn and prepare the people in the pews! A plea to "be ready" when Jesus returns by getting saved NOW, not later. But then to give words of instruction to those who may find themselves left behind: "Lose your head."

I believe this is serious. I will pray about this this and ask the Lord to give me His urgency and His enabling to preach. And that pastors across the land would, as Ravenhill would say, "get unction!"

May the Lord bless you as you serve Him in this vital role.

Jan 19
Todd - Such a thoughtful and timely article of France's strong overtures of anti-semiticism last week.

May the Lord continue to anoint your Spirit and your ministry

Hey Todd

Every Monday the 1st website I go to is Rapture Ready so I can read "Nearing Midnight". Very insightful article today. As so many events continue to pile up I am amazed that so many pastors continue to preach as though we have thousands of years remaining before Christ's return.

Your article today discusses finances. Tonight I am attending our monthly meeting of the local SBC Association. It is literally dying. The largest church in our Association left the SBC last year. Despite dying, they have a bank account of over $150,000.00 that they refuse to spend on anything. $100,000.00 of the fund is designated for evangelism, and has been for over 15 years (we refer to it as the after the rapture fund because at the rate they refuse to spend it the rapture will occur first). They refuse to use it because the interest from it is "un-designated" and can therefore be used for other things. I know of at least 3 other churches in my town alone who have bank accounts flush with cash for building funds of over $100,000.00 each.

None of these churches do any evangelism or evangelism training. Advancing the Kingdom seems less important than building "their" church(s).

I am not a pastor. I have been a street evangelist for nearly 20 years. I am a certified EE trainer and also teach Way of the Master.

Despite this I no longer attend any local church. None of the pastors want to do active evangelism where we pray, go out, and actually seek the lost. Worse, is that when I was more active the people I brought to the church(s) were not loved nor taught. In the front door and then out the back. Frustrating.

If the rapture comes, I'll be a monkeys uncle! Don't want to go to heaven anytime soon! Can't have sex in heaven.

Greetings in the name of Jesus our Savior and Redeemer.

Something came to mind while watching all of these marches in Europe against terrorism. Martyrs. The adversary is using the same tactics as he used in Germany. The Nazi movement needed a group to hate and a Martyr. Horst Wessel was the Martyr for the Nazi cause and the Communists and the Jews were the groups that were placed front and center as the groups deserving the hatred of Germans and Europeans in general.

So this time it is the Muslims turn to be hated possibly, and these "editors" of a satirical irreverent yellow journalistic publication are now the much needed Martyrs, and interestingly enough, the Jews come out looking very good in the eyes of the world. And the President of Egypt is calling loudly for the reform of Islam and getting rid of its barbarous "extremists" parts. Can we see the way being prepared for a "Peace treaty"?

I see two things trying to be accomplished by the adversary here..... First is the very quick preparation of the world to accept global one world religion (all in the name of tolerance of course). The second is still hidden, but is still there.....the silencing of the Christians. If world pressure can change a violent hateful religion such as Islam, surely the same tactic will be used on true Christian beliefs (and indeed already is in the Evangelical circles with this idea of World dominion theology). Also the satanic teaching that Jesus and Allah are the same God, just different names. THAT ONE REALLY pushes my buttons.

Also, I find it interesting that these "freedom of the press" jackass journalists that so greatly mourn the killings of their "colleges" and are so outrage that THEIR freedom of speech is being trampled on, are also the same jackasses that boo'd a pastor in Florida when he wanted to exercise his freedom of speech and burn a Koran. Obviously I was not aware that this right only applies to the left wing news media, and not to individual citizens, Also, why don't they march in the streets for the right to keep and bear arms?

Dear Rapture Ready,

I have kept up with your website for many years, & I just wanted to say that I draw a tremendous amount of hope and inspiration from your daily updates. Times are tough, & my struggle with the Enemy has been a rough one. My life-long fight with depression has been intense, & lately it has been worse than usual due to several issues. I'm not particularly close with anyone in my family (except maybe my mother). My friends are so busy with families of their own. ]

I also recently lost a work-related friendship that I deeply cherished, & although I have sincerely prayed for love to conquer all, at this point it seems like it cannot be fixed. As tragic as it is, it is a blatant reminder that Christ is the only one in our lives who is stable & consistent; his love is unconditional & surpasses all human understanding. Although I try to tell myself that I am property of the King and that I have worth, the truth is I feel utterly alone and valuable to no one. Except for God, everything else in my life seems so empty & meaningless.

I should feel more excited for my future; I just started my last semester in college & landed a great internship opportunity that the Lord has blessed me with. I am praying that I can graduate college & leave my current job in retail for something decent that will at the very least place me in the middle-income tax bracket; however, all it takes is turning on the news to cast doubt on anyone's future. Yesterday, before preparing for the first day of classes, I visited your website and read your "Man it sure looks stormy!" update by Tim Cameron. I absolutely love watching things come together in terms of bible prophecy; & while I do look forward to earthly possibilities, nothing provides me with as much excitement and joy as the idea of Jesus returning for his Bride. It certainly does seem like there is a global storm of prophetic significance that is indeed brewing, and the article by Tim Cameron lingered in my mind. While I was driving to class that same day, I prayed for America, Israel, and the unsaved. I also prayed for myself, since I am feeling weary & uncertain these days. It was a long prayer and though it was a little nontraditional & informal due to trying to pay attention to the road, Jesus must have been listening.

When I arrived to school, I went upstairs to a computer lab to print out my class syllabus. Interestingly enough, at the computer I was assigned to, someone left a bible verse on a piece of paper. It was Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Do you want to know what the person wrote underneath the bible verse? They wrote, "Trust God through life's storms." I find it more than a coincidence that this verse and the encouraging words beneath it just happened to be sitting at the computer I was assigned to. I really think Jesus heard my prayer, & was trying to reassure me. Could he be trying to say anything more? Could it be a sign that Tim Cameron is correct...are the dark clouds really going to be rolling in shortly? I honestly don't know; but this experience brought me a joy that I wanted to share with you. Thank you so much for your website, which has provided me with a sense of purpose and encouragement in some low points in my life. May God bless you and those that assist you in warning others to watch and prepare!

Dear Father thank you for this ministry. Please bless Todd and his staff give them your wisdom protect them from the evil one. Bring those that need to hear you love them and will be there for them to this site. Guard this site from those who would do evil. Amen
Hi Todd...

Just wanted to say, great article on the rising hatred and anti-Semitism in France. It's an eye opener for sure. Thanks for sharing and God Bless

Oct 27
In late August, Google made a direct link to one of our articles on Mormonism. We recieved a flood of emails from members of this cult. Here is a sampling of the notes sent our way:

I recently read your article on "What is Mormonism". I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and your article has deeply saddened me and many of my faith around the world. You may know that your article is currently being used on Google as the first thing that comes up when you type in "What is Mormonism?" with my church's website being second. Some of the doctrines you have claimed we practice are wrong, and so any who is discovering our church would be very confused. I understand that you are trying to spread your beliefs as well, but if they were shown in a negative way, would you be pleased? I think not. I would ask that you please remove your writings about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, for in fact we aren't "Mormons" but members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Christians, just like yourself. We all just want to be represented fairly, by those who truly know our beliefs and standards.

However, if you would like to publish an article on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I invite you to put aside all your judgements about us, all the things you think you may know, and read The Book of Mormon with an open heart.

Hello, I strongly disagree with the argument you made. You are using a straw man logical fallacy by misrepresenting the vews of the LDS faith to make it easier to attack our stance, moreover; you said in your summary "...many of their doctrines as outlined above do not agree with Orthodox Christian teachings." Is orthadox always right, is what the majority of people agree with right? No, the views of the world are not always moral or correct, for instance slavery was veiwed as acceptable and even encouraged. But was it wrong? Yes, normal is not always right. If you want to know what the church really believes talk to the missionaries and don't make your argument unfounded and biased for the sake of arguing or drawing people away from their faith! Try reading the book of Mormon with an open mind. Try! Ask god with pure intent, faith, an open mind and he will answer. I know these thing to be true and that the spirit is real and is willing and waiting for you to welcome its help, if you find god and light you will find happiness. Don't attack other views to lead them away we believe what we know is true! We will stand for what we know to be true!
Your information on Mormonism is HIGHLY inaccurate. Mormons are followers of Jesus Christ, hence the name the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. This is just one of many examples. This article is so wrong about it's information that it needs a desperate overhaul. I would be more than willing to help you correct these falsehoods if you wish.
Your article is rife with exaggerations, misstatements, and untruths. There are some truths, however. The overall impression you leave is not an accurate description of what Mormons believe and teach. I'm really not sure of your motivation here. It sounds like you are sincere and merely mistaken. You might check your sources. (it must be embarrassing to you to be passing off misstatements and misrepresentations as the truth.)
We are all spiritual children of a loving Heavenly Father who sent us to this earth to learn and grow in a mortal state. As Mormons, we are followers of Jesus Christ. We live our lives to serve Him and teach of His eternal plan for each of us.
What you say about mormonism and mormon doctrine is extremely wrong. I sure hope you are oblivious to how deceptively you wrote that page. I have a feeling that you know perfectly well what you are doing. If that is the case, shame on you. You know that you are intentionally decieving people. Even if those quotes are for real, you took them out of context ON PURPOSE so that people won't believe. Why? What are you afraid of? If the mormon church isn't true than prove it with TRUTH with no guile. If you want people to come unto Christ and be saved, stop worrying about proving other religions wrong and saying what is not true, and preach the TRUTH. You know it is the truth when you feel the Holy Ghost. If you are afraid of people joining a church that is not true, deception is not a righteous way of preventing that.
Your purported definition of LDS beliefs about Jesus Christ are incorrect. Anyone who has either spoken to a member, or even read the Book of Mormon knows that Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, is central to their beliefs. He is the author of salvation and beside Him there is no other to save us from our sins. He is acknowledged as such in our prayers, writings, preaching and through the living of our lives. Please re-state your definition with correct information, not a slanted opinion.
Your idea of What The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints is completely wrong. If you'd like to learn about what we really believe, please go to {site}
I would like to inform you of a major lie you are spreading on your site. Your definition of Mormonism is extremely inaccurate and needs to be revised. You should fix this error for more than one reason. A) The millions of Christians in the world know it is false. B) It is the opposite of who we are and what we believe. C) It is simply misleading. Maybe you are concerned about the droves joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it would be in your best interest to have an honest, truthful website. I wish you all the best. God Bless.
I am sorry. You are mistaken on so many levels about my church and what we believe. Who made you the spokesperson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Jesus Christ is the Son if God, 2nd member of the Godhead. We believe and teach the King James Bible, along with latter day scripture from true prophets. We have a true prophet now, Thomas S. Monson. Please take your awful information down which misrepresents me and my church.
I'm concerned that your website is giving out wrong information about the definition of Mormonism. More specifically your first paragraph. We believe that Jesus is the Christ and is a member of the Godhead along with Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. I'm writing to ask you to please take a few minutes to find the correct information from the official church websites below and use it to correct the definition you're using on your oppening paragraph of what mormonism is.
I find it really sad that in trying to educate your readers, you've totally missed the mark when trying to define the lds church. I am a member and convert to the lds church. I happened upon your article, and I must say that it is perpetuating long held misconceptions about Mormons and the lds church. It sounds like the two supposed church members that you interviewed for the piece were disgruntled church members who wanted to cause trouble. You really have it wrong. I respectfully suggest you have a conversation with other Mormons to learn the truth. Or better yet, read the Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants.
Your site's definition of Mormonism is wrong, wrong, wrong. The real name of the Mormon Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. It is right in our name. You need to correct your information.
Aug 18
While I don’t think there will be a pre trib rapture I sure hope you are right. The devil is having a field day. We should love each other and prayerfully await an answer to all these questions. We don’t need to divide over them. I could build a good case for a number of positions so I have come to the conclusion that we need to be ready because probation could close any minute by our death. I don’t find the fact that we don’t agree all that surprising or annoying – what is annoying we mistreat each other over these things. Hang in there and try not to let it get you down.
Hi Todd. I was just reading one of your articles and you mentioned the "Flat Earth Society". I thought you were joking. And then I Yahoo'ed them. They really do exist! I busted out laughing, and they think Christians are crazy?? Keep up the good work!
Dear Todd,
I would like to reveal myself to you, it may well be that l am the true Christ ,l know there are many who claim to be as it is in our nature ,as we are all made of the same stuff ,the three infinitudes which are the body of the almighty ,each of us has own portion ,but any portion of infinity also has the same properties as the whole . Please do not hate me... I belive my role is the judgment of this era on this earth ,as l reveal myself to you if you are unable to accept me as being true the world will be judged . As Lott was asked to bring forth from Sodom those of faith .It is not I who wishes any form of harm but as it is the angles who receive my bliss my rapture as my blessing on them and they see all the so called faithful ignoring me rejecting me abusing me ,I said do not hate me for what I am ,as I have no hate for you only good instructions so that you may enjoy the rapture ,and beyond all ,even time and space ,
Mr Strandberg, For several years RR has been on my daily menu to read and study. I just read your latest articles under the Nearing Midnight column andI thought both were particularly well written and informative. The first, about the Hollywood and moral depravity were so very true. It is why I so very seldom go to movies any more. They seem to appeal to the lowest rather than the highest in our hearts. I was particularly interested in the one about the anti-christ. I know that lately it has been popular to believe that he will be muslim. I have read quite a few articles, columns and editorials about it but your article was the first to clearly, and I believe accurately, outline how that is not possible. Appealing to the prophecies of his coming in Daniel 7 makes it quite clear. Thank you for your site and your ongoing contributions. Not that I always agree with you but you clearly think things through.
Dear Todd, I want to thank you for the RR website. It has been such a beacon to me. I did not grow up Christian and had very little teaching of the truth. I went to a Bible study years ago, not to long before I got saved, and the subject was the rapture. I had never heard of it and did not know if it was true. After I got saved I never heard much about it in the church that I went to. Somehow I found your site and what a blessing it has been to me.

The writers are so precious and give so much of themselves to write the articles and do the research. I wish it was possible to write to everyone of them and tell what they have meant to me. I read every article that gets posted.

I am now joyously preparing for the soon return of our Lord and Savior.

Your crown and mansion must be magnificient in heaven.

Hi Todd -- Read your piece on evolution-NOT and loved it. Just a thought:

One -- On speaking to a youth group at our church about evolution-NOT I received this question “You don’t mean we should stop believing evolution and start believing that creation was all there is—we grew up getting evolution fixed in our mind that that’s the way God did things. How else could of He have done it”?

Two -- A pastor at another church told the third service that he had been confronted with the need to interleave evolution with creation and then said, “We weren’t there so perhaps God has use something like evolution to accomplish His purpose”. The next evening I was in a Bible study with one of the men from that congregation who came in all happy that his pastor had ‘solved’ the problem by ‘allowing’ the integration evolution and God. It turns out that his wife was the headmaster at a Christian academy and now she had an answer for all the kids who asked about evolution.

Three – I was cured about my own misgivings once and for all in college when there were a series of lectures on the human cell. It turns out those cells are not just hanging around in a simple ‘bag’ but are totally nursed by a very complex double layer cell membrane. Nothing goes in that is not carefully introduced to the cell by an elaborate mechanism—it is so easy to think that things just go in and out. Nothing goes out that isn’t planned to go out and aided by specialized proteins permanently placed throughout the cell wall. The end of the lecture pointed out that all cells, even the amoeba, MUST have a cell membrane of equal complexity. It may not have quite as many complex protein systems at work because they may not need the same array of nutrients as we do—but the single cell that started life (that is postulated by evolutionary theory) had to be fully developed in complexity in order to support the life processes going on in the cell—from the very beginning. No rudimentary cell membrane will do—no half-baked, somewhat operational membrane is up to the job. Full formed from the beginning. Period.

Thanks to you guys there at RR – it is so encouraging day after day to be reminded of God’s perfect grace and His plan to catch us away—and not too many days from now.

Dear Todd,
I have followed your rapture ready website since sometime in 2007. I had a rapture dream one night. When I awoke, I went to the computer to search for rapture related websites or stories. The homepage of my internet explorer is set to msn. When I clicked on the explorer icon, instead of the homepage opening to msn, it opened to rapture ready. I had never heard of your site prior to this. I took this as divine intervention and have followed it ever since.

I have noticed a disturbing trend in the tone and content of the site's articles lately. I find a lot of name-calling, finger-pointing, and many statements that I consider hate speech. Some writers flourish in the time honored art of bashing our politicians and our church leaders. Some writers have ventured way off-topic, talking about aliens, ufo's, and the return of the nephilim. To the unsaved soul, someone seeking answers, or the curious, we would not look like Christians. Our thoughts would not read like someone whose main focus is on God, love, hope, faith, and good. No, it would look no different than the world, them pointing their finger at us and we pointing back at them. A conflict where both sides lose. Our mission should be to show a way of life that is radically different than any other philosophy or lifestyle out there. One that flies in the face of all that is sane, logical, socially acceptable, or politically correct, yet succeeds and flourishes. Also, looking like far left/right field conspiracy theorists does nothing but turn people away.

Some of the newer articles depart from the basic priciples of the Bible and the life that Jesus lived - a life that we should all strive to live. His love and mercy should shine thru in everything that we do. We need to be transparent in word and deed and truth. If we see any wrong in a brother/sister, church leader, or branch of faith and write about it negatively, all we accomplish is to hurt people - Christians and sinners alike. A few of the articles I read recently have ridiculed and mocked the reader for being "lost" or "left behind." We push away the very people that we attempt to attract and help. If God gave you the spirit of discernment to see the wrong, don't write about it - pray about it. That is the only way to really make a change for the better. Give it to God. I know some things need to be written about, but could we please stay on topic and distance ourselves from the names? The Bible teaches that we are to pray for our leaders, not bash them, ridicule them, or call them names. Pray and vote are the only 2 weapons that a Christian has in the realm of politics. Are we get so righteous, high-minded, and elitist that we can pronounce judgement on anyone that disagrees with our way of thinking? The article "A Special Place in Hell" - who are we to judge? There is so much name dropping and accusation in the Israel Watch that I cannot bear to read it anymore. I'm not all gloom and doom. I appreciate humor as much as the next person, but some of the article titles are offensive if you are a sinner just looking at the site for the first time. Some are elitist, that if you are not in the "In-Crowd," you will not get the "In-Joke" or the "In-Statement." A wise person once told me, "The truth, plainly spoken, is not easily misunderstood." Getting saved and following Christ is one of the easiest things to begin, yet we are the ones who make it so complicated that most people are put-off by it.

Who am I to judge? I'm no one. I've never written an email to you before, nor submitted an article. I have read every article on this site. I have noticed a subtle, but now glaring change in the content of the site. It's your site. I'm not judging, just offering my viewpoint and sharing my thoughts and feelings. Please look at the site with new eyes, as a sinner would their first time here. Please ask the writers to review their articles and edit, re-write, or delete offensive or not Biblically sound articles.

The truth is that the internet will eventually go under UN control. This site will become restricted or deleted because the world sees Christianity as offensive and counter-productive to world peace/unity. The internet may not even work after the rapture due to the loss of infrastructure and natural disasters. So that limits our time to act as NOW! I always thought the aim of this site was to educate people what the rapture is, the signs to look for, and how NOT to be left behind. Remember, the only thing that we CAN take to heaven is other people - our family, friends, and maybe a stranger that we don't even know. We can't do this by and within ourselves. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to me." All we have to do is lift Him up in word and deed and He'll do the rest. He said so. I'm sorry for such a long email. I appreciate you reading this. I hope that I've helped and not hurt, for that was never my intention. Peace and Blessings in the name of our Lord.