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19 Jan 17

CNN Devotes Entire Segment To Trump Assassination Fantasy
Hey, look, CNN isn’t saying they want Trump to be assassinated. They’ve just been doing a lot of thinking about what would happen if he was.  

Austria to Tighten Anti-Migrant Border Controls
Austria aims to tighten border controls, in particular on its frontier with Slovakia following a rise in migrants trying to enter the country, the defence minister was quoted as saying Wednesday.  

Populist Marine Le Pen Takes Lead in Polls as French Elections Approach
Thursday’s poll, conducted by CEVIPOF (Centre de Recherche de Sciences Po) in partnership with the French daily Le Monde, shows Le Pen of the populist National Front (FN) with between 25 and 26 percent of the vote, while the Socialist Party’s Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg (PS) received only 7% of voting intentions.  

Mattis Approved by Senate Armed Services Committee to Be SecDef
Mattis sailed through the committee, which voted 26-1 for him to lead the Pentagon. Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) was the only member of the Senate panel to vote against the retired four-star general, who enjoys bipartisan support to head the Defense Department under President-elect Trump.  

Britons overwhelmingly back May’s Brexit plan - and even Scots and Londoners want it
Earlier this week, Mrs May set out her 12-point strategy for cutting the UK’s ties with the EU, including an end to Britain’s membership of the bloc’s Single Market, new controls on EU immigration and negotiating a free trade deal with the remaining 27 member states.  

Black leaders rip John Lewis over Trump feud
“Lewis is not a hero, and he’s not an icon,” Peterson told WND. “He participated in the civil rights movement 50 years ago; since that time, he has not done anything good for the country, and especially for black Americans.  

Ma'ale Adumim annexation bill to advance after Trump inauguration
Legislation proposing to apply Israeli sovereignty on the settlement expected to go up to a vote at the ministerial committee for legislation as an opening shot of campaign to annex all Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  

Obama commutes sentence of unrepentant convicted terrorist
Obama has commuted the sentence of FALN terror leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, convicted of sedition and murder of 5 people.  

Liberals are turning against the Jewish state
The inauguration of US President- elect Donald Trump will mark the first time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ever had a Republican to work with in the White House. Dismissing recent moves by Obama and the French as the “final palpitations of yesterday’s world,” Netanyahu told reporters, “Tomorrow will look a lot different, and tomorrow is very close.”  

Trump To Immediately Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders
President-elect Donald Trump will sign as many as 200 executive orders targeting a wide range of Obama administration policies, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.  

Web of investigations entangles Israel's 'King Bibi'
Benjamin Netanyahu has spent 30 years in public office, including 11 years as Israel's prime minister, but this year his political future is being called into question as seldom before. Police say they have questioned Netanyahu twice since Jan. 2 at his official residence in Jerusalem in two separate criminal cases involving allegations of abuse of office.  

Israel deploys 'Star Wars' missile killer system
Israel's upgraded ballistic missile shield became operational on Wednesday, in a "Star Wars"-like extension of its capabilities to outer space where incoming missiles can be safely destroyed. The Defence Ministry said the U.S.-funded Arrow 3 system, jointly developed by state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries and U.S. firm Boeing Co., was handed over the Israeli Air Force.  

Alaska volcano erupts again, sends ash cloud to 31,000 feet
An Alaska volcano active since mid-December has erupted again. Bogoslof Volcano in the Aleutian lslands erupted at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday and sent up an ash cloud estimated at 31,000 feet. The Alaska Volcano Observatory raised the aviation threat code to red, the highest level. Ash clouds higher than 20,000 feet are a threat to intercontinental jet aircraft...  

Vaccines for three deadly viruses fast-tracked
Scientists have named three relatively little-known diseases they think could cause the next global health emergency. A coalition of governments and charities has committed $460m to speed up vaccine development for Mers, Lassa fever and Nipah virus. They are asking funders at the World Economic Forum Davos for another $500m.  

Syria conflict: Russia and Turkey 'in first joint air strikes on IS'
Russian and Turkish jets have carried out their first joint strikes on so-called Islamic State (IS) inside Syria, the Russian defence ministry says. IS was targeted in the suburbs of the town of al-Bab, Aleppo province, where Turkey suffered heavy casualties last month battling the group on the ground.  

In second wave of bomb threats at least 30 US Jewish institutions targeted
Some 30 Jewish institutions in at least 17 states have received bomb threats, Jewish security officials said, in the second wave of such mass disruption in two weeks. Paul Goldenberg, the director of Secure Community Networks — an affiliate of the Jewish federations of North America, which advises Jewish groups and institutions on security — said 30 threats were called in Wednesday to Jewish community centers.  

Trump UN envoy pick slams settlements resolution as 'the ultimate low'
President- elect Donald Trump’s choice for ambassador to the UN vowed Wednesday a sharp pivot in US policy at the international body, questioning its bias against Israel... At her Senate confirmation hearing, Nikki Haley...slammed the Obama administration for allowing “mistreatment” of Israel in the halls of an organization with a long record of disproportionately targeting the Jewish state.  

Analysis: Fear of a Beduin intifada in the Negev
Everyone who is well-versed in the goings-on in the Beduin community of the Negev over the years should not be surprised by the magnitude of the events that occurred during the demolition of homes in the village of Umm al-Hiran on Wednesday. ...The Islamic Movement has succeeded in penetrating deep into the population, mainly taking advantage of deep frustrations...  

Undocumented worker sues San Francisco for violating sanctuary law
An undocumented immigrant from El Salvador is suing San Francisco alleging police violated the city's sanctuary city policy by turning him over to U.S. immigration authorities after he reported his car stolen.  

North Korea may test-launch ICBM soon: South Korean media
North Korea may be preparing to test-launch a new, upgraded prototype of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), South Korean media reported on Thursday, citing military sources.  

Trump hasn't been sworn in yet, but Mexico is already reeling
Even before his swearing-in, Trump has already hurt the country's economy by pressuring automakers to shift factories out of Mexico, threatening its most important manufacturing sector and status as a rising star in auto production. Amid an uncertain economic outlook, the peso has plunged to all-time lows against the U.S. dollar.  

China says it's ready to hit back if Trump starts a trade war
China is preparing to retaliate if US president-elect Donald Trump launches a trade war, a key US business lobby group warned on Wednesday.  

CIA unveils new rules for collecting information on Americans
The Central Intelligence Agency on Wednesday unveiled revised rules for collecting, analyzing and storing information on American citizens, updating the rules for the information age and publishing them in full for the first time.  

Virginia man convicted of 2006 slaying of family is executed
A man convicted of killing a family of four, slashing their throats and setting their home ablaze after they left their front door open while preparing for a New Year's Day party in 2006, was executed Wednesday.  

Trump to Take Oath on Lincoln Bible
“In his first inaugural address, President Lincoln appealed to the ‘better angels of our nature,’” said Presidential Inauguration Committee Chairman Tom Barrack. “As he takes the same oath of office 156 years later, President-elect Trump is humbled to place his hand on Bibles that hold special meaning both to his family and to our country.”  

18 Jan 17

Mike Pence Will Take the Oath With His Hand on 2 Chronicles in Reagan's Bible
Vice President-elect Mike Pence intends to send a message when he takes the oath of office on Friday afternoon, there can be no doubt about that. When he is sworn in, his hand will be on a Bible that hasn't been used in 32 years—the Reagan family Bible. Administering the oath of office will be U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas,...  

CNN Contributor: African-American Celebs Meeting With Trump Are 'Mediocre Negroes'
Because these celebrities and athletes met with Trump, they are “mediocre negroes,” according to CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill. “Yeah, it’s a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitive campaign against black people,” Hill said on CNN....  

First baby born using 3-parent technique to treat infertility
This is the first baby to be born using a particular “3-parent-baby” technique to treat infertility. The girl was born on 5 January in a fertility clinic in Kiev, Ukraine. “With the help of this method, a 34-year-old woman who had suffered from infertility for more than 15 years....  

Bikers For Trump vs. Anarchists - Stage Is Set For Confrontation At Inauguration
The stage is set for a potentially very ugly confrontation between radical leftist protesters on one side and law enforcement authorities and Trump supporters on the other side.  

Palestinian Official: Two-State Solution Just Pretext for Taking Over Israel
Azzam Al-Ahmad, a Fatah Central Committee member, told an interviewer on official Palestinian Authority (PA) state TV that a Palestinian state would simply be a stepping stone to a Vietnam-style conquest in which “Palestine” would swallow up the entire country of Israel.  

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