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04 Aug 15

Obama detains 27 Christian asylum seekers
More than two dozen Iraqi Chaldean Christians forced from their homes by ISIS have been detained at an ICE detention center in California for six months after crossing the border from Mexico.  

Misery deepens for those in Puerto Rico who can't leave
Most tables are empty at Walter Martin's coffee shop in San Juan's colonial district. His brow is furrowed with concern and glistens with sweat in the sweltering Caribbean morning.  

Super Typhoon slams into Saipan causing widespread damage
Super Typhoon Soudelor with sustained winds around 160 kph and gusts up to 190 kph has slammed into Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands in the northwest Pacific, causing widespread damage.  

Democrats Block Vote On Planned Parenthood Defunding
Senate Democrats blocked a vote on a bill Monday that would have stripped federal funds from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest family planning provider.  

Iran: U.S. Banned from Knowing Details of Iran Nuclear Inspection Agreement
Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the nuclear inspection organization is barred from revealing to the United States any details of deals it has inked with Tehran to inspect its contested nuclear program going forward, according to regional reports.  

Report cites 'Latinization of U.S.,' warns of 'backlash' against whites
A study of the growing Hispanic immigrant population declares that the country is on the verge of the "Latinization of the United States," a "browning of America" that by 2050 will be 29 percent Latino — and politically influential.  

Kim Jong Un Will Receive A Peace Prize Once Awarded To Gandhi
A peace and humanitarian prize that was previously awarded to Mahatma Gandhi and Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi will soon be given to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  

03 Aug 15

This is Your Nuremberg, Planned Parenthood
Nazi monster Dr. Josef Mengele is known to have ordered the murder of over 400,000 Jews at Auschwitz from 1943 to 1945. Thousands more he kept alive and mercilessly tortured to death during experiments intended to create an Aryan super-race. Much of Mengele’s “medical research” was conducted on children and newborns –especially twins. One witness described what happened after Mengele once delivered a Jewish “fetus”: “But when he saw that there was only one baby and not twins, he tore the baby right out of the mother’s uterus, threw it into an oven and walked away,” she said. “We saw this.”  

Containment of raging California wildfire jumps
The fire — the largest in California — grew extensively over the weekend and measured 93 square miles by early Monday. Camp said additional fire crews were going to be brought in to fight the blaze.  

Five Consequences of America's Moral Collapse
Americans have become so “non-judgmental” that many people can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. We congratulate ourselves for being “nicer,” more sensitive and less prejudiced than past generations of Americans, but we don’t stop to consider how much more there is to morality than that.  

Jewish Group Demands Obama Stop Demonizing Jews
Many Jews who listened on the call were taken aback by what they heard as coded anti-Semitic language being used by the President to attack those who are critical of the deal. On Friday, the Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement demanding that Obama stop demonizing the critics of the Iran deal with code words for Jews.  

Apocalpytic Iran Heat Wave Nearly Breaks World Record
Iranians experiencing some of the hottest temperatures 'ever endured by humankind,' as heat index hits 164 degrees (73 C). On the same weekend in which it threatened to "annihilate" Israel following the nuclear deal it struck with global powers, Iran experienced a mind-boggling 164 degrees (73 Celsius) heat index reading last Friday, in what some might see as a warning by the Almighty Himself that all options are on the table.  

Heat Wave Causes Millions in Damage to Israeli Crops
Israel has not escaped the heat wave scorching the Middle East in recent days, which has caused massive damage to the Israeli agricultural industry to the tune of millions of shekels.  

Roskam Confident He'll Get Veto-Proof Majority against Iran Deal
A new Congressional resolution calling to end the Iran nuclear deal has already received the support of at least 218 Republican lawmakers within just two weeks, and is well on its way to obtaining a two-thirds majority that US President Barack Obama will be unable to veto, according to its sponsor.  

Greek stocks tumble
Greece's stock market suffered heavy losses on Monday, plunging nearly 23 percent at the open before recovering slightly, after a five-week shutdown brought on by fears the country was about to be dumped from the euro zone.  

For the 4th day in a row, a stream of high-speed solar wind is blowing around Earth. The stream's steady pressure, however, is doing little to upset the stability of our planet's magnetic field.  

Right Wing MK: Jerusalem Pride Parade Is an Abomination'
“So here I say it again fearlessly: I object vehemently to violence, and promise to object no less vehemently to the recognition of same-sex couples in the Jewish State,” Betzalel Smotrich wrote Sunday in a Facebook post. “I promise to fight violence, and no less than that, I will fight any attempt to besmirch traditional Jewish family values.”  

U.S. to defend Syrian rebels with airpower, including from Assad
The United States has decided to allow airstrikes to defend Syrian rebels trained by the U.S. military from any attackers, even if the enemies hail from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad... The decision by President Barack Obama, which could deepen the U.S. role in Syria's conflict, aims to shield a still-fledging group of Syrian fighters armed and trained by the United States to battle Islamic State militants...  

Scientists sound alarm over supercharged GM organisms which could spread in the wild and cause environmental disasters
A powerful new technique for generating “supercharged” genetically modified organisms that can spread rapidly in the wild has caused alarm among scientists ...Researchers have likened gene-drive technology to a nuclear chain reaction because it allows GM genes to be amplified within a breeding population of insects or other animals without any further intervention once the trait has been initially introduced.  

USA to Issue More Green Cards Than Populations of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina Combined
The overwhelming majority of immigration to the United States is the result of our visa policies. ...The most significant of all immigration documents issued by the U.S. is, by far, the “green card.” ...Under current federal policy, the U.S. issues green cards to approximately 1 million new Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) every single year.  

California wildfire doubles in size on fifth day
A wildfire raging through northern California more than doubled in size on its fifth day on Sunday, expanding to 84 square miles (220 sq km). The blaze, in Lake County north of San Francisco, has destroyed 24 homes and displaced about 12,000 residents. It is just one of 21 fires across the drought-ridden state being battled by about 9,000 firefighters.  

Syrian government warplane crashes in Idlib province
A Syrian government warplane has crashed in a marketplace in the north-western town of Ariha, killing 12 people, activists say. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) activist group said the crash occurred amid bombing raids. Ariha was one of the last government strongholds in Idlib when it was captured by Islamist rebels in May.  

Ashdod Port workers evacuated due to container emanating high levels of radiation
Emergency services teams identified radioactive material emanating from a shipping container at the Ashdod Port on Monday. As a precaution, port workers were evacuated, so that the Fire and Rescue Services and hazardous materials teams could perform checks on the material, a statement from Fire and Rescue Service's southern district said. The container arrived to the port from a Chinese ship, Channel 2 reported.  

Activists: Syria warplane crashes, killing and wounding many
Activists say air raids and the subsequent crash of a Syrian warplane in a residential area in the northwestern town of Ariha has killed and wounded dozens of people. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees had no immediate specific death toll for the violence Monday.  

Greece: Stock market reopens with 22 percent loss
Shares on the Athens Stock Exchange are suffering huge losses of over 22 percent after the market reopened for the first time in more than a month. The main index plunged early Monday after the country's Capital Market Commission formally approved the reopening of the exchange.  

Gov't reaction criticized in case of Mexico slain journalist
Mexico City officials said Sunday they are pursuing all lines of investigation into the killing of a photojournalist whose body was found along with four slain women in the capital, where he had fled because of harassment in the state he covered.  

Obama to mandate steeper emissions cuts from US power plants
President Barack Obama will impose even steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants than previously expected, senior administration officials said Sunday, in what the president called the most significant step the U.S. has ever taken to fight global warming.  

Bratton: We can't repeat the 1970s again
As he prepares for a major police conference, Commissioner Bratton told it like it is about the rise in shootings in the city and he's warning that this disturbing trend must be put in check before it’s too late.  

02 Aug 15

Recent Dead Sea Earthquake Ushering In End of Days Prophecy
While Thursday’s earthquake caused no damage in Israel, the geological occurrence has served as a wakeup call for many. Dr. Shmuel Marco, who has spent many years studying the timeline of earthquakes in the region, told the Jerusalem Post that geological experts should take a hint from the Bible when predicting the next “big one.”  

Myanmar floods: UN says death toll 'to rise'
The death toll from floods in Myanmar is expected to rise over the coming days, the United Nations has warned. Four western regions have been declared disaster zones after heavy floods, caused by monsoon rains, left at least 27 people dead.  

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