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23 Apr 14

Jerusalem is not up for grabs
US Secretary of State John Kerry has blamed the sudden deadlock in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Israel’s plans to build additional apartments in Gilo, a southern Jerusalem neighborhood beyond the Green Line. This indicates America’s profound misunderstanding of the situation. With over 40,000 residents, Gilo is to be part of Israel under any agreement. More importantly, the peace negotiations have little chance of succeeding as long as the Palestinians demand the partition of Jerusalem.  

Reformation Or Revolution? A Review Of God And The Gay Christian
Imagine a book with a thesis that calls into question 2,000 years of established Christian theology and biblical exegesis. It recasts basic principles of biblical anthropology and human embodiment. It also puts two millennia of faithful obedience to divine revelation on the side of injustice and ignorance. Now, Christians are accustomed to either non-Christians or liberal Christians making claims of this nature, but not from individuals supposedly nestled confidently within the evangelical camp.  

‘Editing DNA’ to eliminate genetic conditions now a reality
Scientists have employed a revolutionary genome-editing computer technique that accurately identifies one faulty genetic “letter” among billions and effortlessly repairs a genetic condition in animals, paving way for human trials. The success, by MIT in Boston, is the latest achievement in the field of genome editing that has been catapulted into the spotlight through a technology that can pinpoint genetic faults in chromosomes and literally fix them by changing tiny segments.  

Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA 'Superbug' Spreading Into US Homes
An anti-biotic resistant “superbug” that has long affected hospitals and other health care locations around the world has now found a new “reservoir” location: inside U.S. homes.  

Obama: U.S. will defend Japan if China seizes Senkaku Islands
Obama—for the first time as an incumbent U.S. president—clearly stated the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture are subject to Article 5 of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, in a written reply to questions submitted by The Yomiuri Shimbun. “The policy of the United States is clear—the Senkaku Islands are administered by Japan and therefore fall within the scope of Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security.  

When government looks more like foe than friend
Feds who send arms against ranch families betray American values.  

Massive Volcanic Eruptions Wreaking Havoc On The World
As the world seems to hurdle from one crisis to another, today a 43-year market veteran warned King World News that massive volcanic eruptions are now wreaking havoc on the world. Jeffrey Saut, Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James, also warned this trend is going to continue for many years, even though no one in the mainstream media is talking about this.  

'Obama eligibility source' could 'embarrass' U.S., U.K.
Self-proclaimed international intelligence expert Michael Shrimpton plans to launch a vigorous defense on charges of making false claims to British government officials that a terrorist nuclear attack was under way during the 2012 Olympics in London, raising the possibility documents and testimony he plans to subpoena will embarrass the U.K., German and U.S. governments.  

Israeli army to start calling up Christians
Israel is to start sending call-up papers to all Christian Arabs of military service age, the army said on Tuesday, angering Arab MPs who accused the government of seeking to divide Christians from Muslims. Military service will remain voluntary for Israel's 130,000 Christian Arabs as it is for its more than 1.3 million Muslim Arabs but only Christians will receive the call-up papers, an army spokesman said.  

Saudi opposition reports King Abdullah has terminal lung cancer
The Washington-based Institute for Gulf Affairs, quoting sources in Saudi Arabia and the United States, said Abdullah was told he could be dead by the end of 2014. “The king has been told by his medical team he may have as little as six months left to live,” the institute said.  

U.S., Yemen attacks kill 55 'leading and dangerous elements' of Al Qaida
Yemen and the United States have launched intense air strikes on Al Qaida. Officials said up to 55 Al Qaida fighters were killed in U.S. and Yemeni air strikes on insurgency camps in the Arab state.  

'Abbas Can Have Peace with Israel or Hamas - Not Both'
Binyamin Netanyahu addressed flailing attempts to rekindle peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA) Wednesday, during a meeting with Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. "You're coming at an important time," he told Kurz. "We're trying to re-launch the negotiations with the Palestinians."  

Steyn: Hitler, Stalin and Mao Are in Hell Laughing at 'Big Government' Global Warming Efforts
conservative commentator Mark Steyn criticized the global warming movement, including the hypocrisy of its leaders and the idea of a so-called bovine flatulence tax. “Barbra Streisand she took her Gulfstream to fly into Washington to chew over climate change with the president. And that's fine if Barbra Streisand and Al Gore does it,” Steyn said. “But the rest of us -- we are supposed to be beating our clothes with the native women down by the river  

Terror wing reactivated as peace talks collapse
The Palestinian Authority is engaged in a multi-pronged effort to press the U.S. to continue talks to create a Palestinian state beyond Secretary of State John Kerry’s deadline for momentum at the end of this month. According to informed Middle Eastern security officials, the PA pressure tactics include re-establishing its terrorist group, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.  

NASA's new mission: Warbots?
While the federal government’s increased use and advocacy of drones over U.S. skies is widely known, its promotion of another technological advancement has received less attention: the accelerated deployment of “humanoid robots” into American society.  

China Challenges Obama’s Asia Pivot With Rapid Military Buildup
President Barack Obama’s trip to Asia this week will be dominated by a country he’s not even visiting: China. Each of the four nations on the president’s itinerary is involved in territorial disputes with an increasingly assertive China...years of military spending gains have boosted the capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army faster than many defense analysts expected...  

EU elections may strengthen Putin in Europe
Far-right parties are set to do well in next month’s elections to the European Parliament, a fact that has thrown a spotlight on their links with the Kremlin. A recent study by the Budapest-based Political Capital Institute documents the support that far-right parties in the EU have given to Russian President Vladimir Putin, particularly throughout the Ukraine crisis.  

Abbas sets conditions for extending talks with Israel
...Speaking to a group of Israeli journalists in Ramallah, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas laid out his three conditions for continuing talks with Israel: that Israel release the fourth batch of Palestinian security prisoners, including Israeli-Arabs, and that none of them be deported; that Israel freeze all settlement construction; and that the first three months of the extended talks deal with the borders of a future Palestinian state.  

Israel's Air Force Chief Warns of 'Sudden' War
Israel could be in for a surprise war, Israel's air force chief Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel warned. Eshel's comments come as tensions are increasing along the Israeli-Syrian border. Eshel says the threat of a sudden war erupting on multiple fronts is much more relevant today.  

Missouri executes inmate convicted of killing farming couple in 1993
Missouri has executed an inmate convicted of murder in the 1993 deaths of a farming couple. Missouri Department of Corrections spokesman Mike O'Connell says William Rousan was declared dead at 12:10 a.m. Wednesday. He was put to death by lethal injection at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Bonne Terre.  

South Korea: North Korea could launch nuclear missile tests 'at any moment'
North Korea could be preparing for its fourth nuclear test in seven years, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Defence. A spokesman from South Korea’s Ministry of Defence said that the country’s intelligence agencies have detected a lot of activity in the Punggye-ri area of the country, the place where North Korea’s nuclear test site is situated.  

Yemen identifying 'militants' killed in air strikes
Yemeni officials are working to identify some of the dozens of suspected militants killed in a series of air strikes in recent days. DNA tests are being carried out to establish whether two senior figures in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - its leader Nasser al-Wuhayshi and bombmaker Ibrahim al-Asiri - are among them.  

Russia risks further US sanctions over Ukraine, says Kerry
The US Secretary of State has warned of further sanctions on Russia if it does not de-escalate tensions in Ukraine. In a phone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, John Kerry expressed "deep concern over the lack of positive Russian steps". Russia blames Kiev's leaders for the collapse of last week's Geneva accord.  

'Piles and piles' of bodies in S. Sudan slaughter
The U.N. says hundreds of civilians were killed in the massacre last week in Bentiu, the capital of South Sudan's oil-producing Unity state, a tragic reflection of longstanding ethnic hostilities in the world's newest country.  

22 Apr 14

Calls to Fire Internal Security Minister Over Temple Mount Riots
In a letter to the Prime Minister, Feiglin branded the string of riots over the Pesach (Passover) holiday as a "Hamas takeover on the Temple Mount." He described how "Hamas flags were flown on the Mount", as Islamists succeeded repeatedly in blocking Jews and tourist groups from visiting the holy site, and said the "sheer helplessness of the Israeli Police" marked a security failure so severe that it was impossible to overlook.  

Islamists Threaten to Assassinate French President
An Al Qaeda linked group has called to assassinate French president Francois Hollande, according to terrorism monitoring group SITE, as revenge for France's interventions in Africa.  

Did 8.2 Chile quake create big global temblors? .
Some of the best minds in earthquake science have been counting quakes and analyzing seismic waves to see if the largest in a string of recent quakes — the magnitude-8.2 tremor in Chile on April 1 — might have triggered others far, far away.  

Why Chris Christie Will Never Be President of the United States
Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor since 2010, has qualities and achievements that appeal to mainstream conservatives, from his direct style to his impressive budget cutting. As a result, he has won support to run as a Republican candidate for president of the United States.  

IRS revokes conservative group’s tax-exempt status over anti-Clinton statements
The Internal Revenue Service has revoked the tax-exempt status of a conservative charity for making statements critical of Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Kerry, according to a USA Today report.  

Parents Thought They Were Meeting With the School Principal to Complain About State Testing — Instead, They Were Greeted by a Cop
Two Georgia parents who are refusing to allow their children to participate in the state’s standardized tests were confronted by a police officer and told they were trespassing on school grounds when they attempted to meet with administrators and express their opposition to the exams last week.  

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