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28 Jul 14

Maliciousness. Not Incompetence.
For the longest time I have chosen to chalk our President’s stumbles, bumbles, and disasters up to incompetence. He is in over his head. He is inexperienced. He is out of his league. It is hard to accept otherwise. But it is clearer and clearer that is not true. It is clear that President Obama’s disastrous policies are premised not in incompetence, but in maliciousness.  

Small Earthquake Rumbles In Payne County
A small earthquake rumbled near the town of Yale, Okla., Sunday evening. The 3.2 magnitude quake struck around 5:20 p.m. The epicenter of the earthquake was located seven miles west, northwest of Yale, or about 59 miles northeast of the Oklahoma City metro, at a depth of less than two miles.  

Fighting intensifies near MH17 disaster site while police cancel visit over security concerns
Ukrainian armed forces mounted a major onslaught against pro-Russian separatist fighters Sunday in an attempt to gain control over the area where a Malaysia Airlines plane was downed earlier this month.  

Jewish students shown ‘photos of ovens and told to get in’ by classmates in Chicago
A school principal has been reassigned after a series of shocking bullying incidents that targeted Jewish students. ...Ogden International School of Chicago principal Joshua VanderJagt asked to be reassigned because “challenges” arose after two students – one 14 years old and one 8 years old – suffered repeated threats by classmates.  

'Freedom Flotilla II' set to sail for Gaza from Turkey
Amid Israel’s Operation Protective Edge to stop Hamas attacks from Gaza, a “Freedom Flotilla” is being organized in Turkey... The flotilla, called “Freedom Flotilla II,” is being organized by the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), the same organization that was behind the Mavi Marmara flotilla that sought to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip in May 2010.  

Iran General: We Will Hunt Down Israelis House To House
The deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards...“You [people of Israel] are trees without any roots which were planted in the Islamic lands by the British,” Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said at...Friday prayer sermon in Tehran ...“We will chase you house to house and will take revenge for every drop of blood of our martyrs in Palestine,” Salami said, “and this is the beginning point of Islamic nations awakening for your defeat.”  

Two California wildfires destroy 10 homes
Two fast-moving wildfires in California have destroyed 10 homes and have forced the evacuation of hundreds more, US officials say. In the Sacramento region, a fire has spread to cover an area of about 4,000 acres, while another blaze threatens homes around Yosemite National Park. The Sacramento fire is around 35% contained, officials told local media.  

Ebola outbreak: Liberia shuts most border points
Most border crossings in Liberia have been closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to try to halt the spread of the virus. Screening centres are also being set up at the few major entry points that will remain open, such as the main airport. Meanwhile, Nigeria largest's airline, Arik Air, has suspended all flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone after a man with Ebola flew to Nigeria last week.  

In phone call with Netanyahu, Obama stresses need for 'immediate' Gaza cease-fire
An immediate and unconditional ceasefire ending Israel's assault on Hamas is a "clear strategic imperative" ...Barack Obama told Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in a phone call ...Obama told Netanyahu he wants a ceasefire "that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority," the White House said...  

Hamas spokesman: Israel has reached only a fraction of our tunnels
Israel has reached "only a fraction" of Hamas's tunnels, Mushir al-Masri , a spokesman for the organization stated in an interview translated by MEMRI and made public on Monday. Masri was referring to the network of tunnels which Hamas has dug under the Gaza-Israel border in order to infiltrate Jewish communities and perpetuate terrorist attacks.  

Has Last Christian Left Iraqi City of Mosul After 2,000 Years?
Samer Kamil Yacub was alone when four Islamist militants carrying AK-47s arrived at his front door and ordered him to leave the city.  

Qatar's Purchase Of Billions Of US Weaponry — And Support For Hamas — Shows How Awkward Foreign Policy Can Be
Qatar recently cemented an enormous weapons deal with the United States. But this week, the tiny, resource-rich Gulf kingdom with outsized geopolitical ambitions — and a seemingly bottomless pocketbook — might be setting itself up for more problematic relations with the U.S.  

U.S. releases images showing Russia firing into Ukraine
The United States released a series of satellite images Sunday that appear to support its claims that Russian forces have fired across the border into Ukraine to support rebels there, suggesting a new level of direct Russian involvement in the conflict.  

Egypt army destroys 13 more Gaza tunnels
Egypt's army said Sunday it has destroyed 13 more tunnels connecting the Sinai Peninsula to the Gaza Strip, taking to 1,639 the overall number it has laid waste to.  

Libya clashes kill 38 in Benghazi
At least 38 people have been killed in clashes between troops loyal to the Libyan government and Islamist fighters in the city of Benghazi, officials say. The militants attacked troops in the centre of the city, in eastern Libya. A week of fighting in the capital Tripoli, near the airport, has left 97 people dead and 404 injured.  

Ebola kills Liberian doctor, 2 Americans infected
One of Liberia's most high-profile doctors has died of Ebola, officials said Sunday, and an American physician was being treated for the deadly virus, highlighting the risks facing health workers trying to combat an outbreak that has killed more than 670 people in West Africa — the largest ever recorded.  

27 Jul 14

Ohio university quiz implies atheists are naturally smarter than Christians
A psychology class at Ohio State University implied in an online survey that atheists are just naturally more intelligent than Christians — and at least one student said it’s an outrage.  

Mexico Earthquake Today 2014: Terremoto Strikes Off the Coast
USGS indicates to news that a 4.7 magnitude Mexico earthquake today 2014 began just after 8:29 am PST. The quake was shallow. Reps tell news that the Mexico earthquake started twenty-two miles below sea level. As a result the quake could be felt across the vicinity.  

Official: Ebola kills senior doctor in Liberia
One of Liberia's most high-profile doctors has died of Ebola, a government official said Sunday, highlighting the risks facing health workers trying to combat the deadly disease. The WHO says the outbreak, the largest ever recorded, has also killed 319 people in Guinea and 224 in Sierra Leone. There is no known cure for Ebola.  

Pentagon warns more dangerous elements could replace Hamas
A top Pentagon intelligence official warned on Saturday that the destruction of Hamas would only lead to something more dangerous taking its place... The remarks by Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the outgoing head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, came as Israeli ministers signaled that a comprehensive deal to end the 20-day-old conflict in the Gaza Strip appeared remote.  

Let gun owners carry weapons in public, says US judge
A judge has ordered officials in Washington DC to allow citizens to carry handguns in public... “There is no longer any basis on which this court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny,” said Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr of the District of Columbia District Court.  

Anti-Semitism on the march: Europe braces for violence
European cities are braced for violent clashes this weekend as people take to the streets to protest against Israeli military operations in Gaza. Thousands of police are being deployed in cities across Europe with Berlin alone deploying 1,500 police officers in a response and authorities in Paris have sought to ban outright marches planned for this weekend.  

Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal
Hamas militants are attempting to negotiate a new arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel... Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based...Beirut.  

South Sudan's food crisis 'worst in the world' - UN
South Sudan's food crisis is the worst in the world, the UN Security Council has warned, calling for urgent action. It said there was a "catastrophic food insecurity" in the country, urging donor nations who pledged $618m (£364m) in aid to make good on their promise. The UN children's fund, Unicef, said some four million - a third of the population - could be affected.  

Hamas asks for new 24-hour truce in Gaza after breaking previous cease-fire
Hamas asked for a 24-hour humanitarian truce in its conflict with Israel in the Gaza Strip , to begin within the hour, the group's spokesman said on Sunday. ...There was no immediate word from Israel, which called off its own 24-hour truce earlier in the day after Hamas fired a volley of rockets into southern and central Israel.  

Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals
MS-13 members are infiltrating a federal facility for Central American youths illegally entering the United States -- trying to cross the border with criminal pasts and recruiting others to join the notoriously violent, California-based gang, sources tell Fox News.  

Northern California wildfire forces evacuation of hundreds of homes
Fire officials in northern California said late Saturday that a rapidly spreading blaze has torched over 3,000 acres and forced the evacuation of over 500 homes. Evacuation orders were expanded to include approximately 265 homes in Amador County. Previous orders had covered about 250 homes about 40 miles east of Sacramento.  

House Republicans: Libya mess reflects failed U.S. policy
House Republicans blamed the rushed evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Libya on poor leadership by the Obama administration and said Saturday's withdrawal will complicate any plans to restore order there.  

North Korea defies UN censure to fire missile into sea
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un guided the military's latest rocket-firing drill, state media said Sunday, confirming the missile launch which was conducted in defiance of UN censure.  

Hamas And North Korea Are Working On A Secret Arms Deal
Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based in east Beirut.  

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