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18 Sep 14

Chemists modify antibiotic to vanquish resistant bacteria
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have devised a new antibiotic based on vancomycin that is powerfully effective against vancomycin-resistant strains of MRSA and other disease-causing bacteria. The new vancomycin analog appears to have not one but two distinct mechanisms of anti-microbial action, against which bacteria probably cannot evolve resistance quickly.  

Pope to head of WJC: You have suffered, now it's our turn
"You have suffered, now it's our turn," said Francis Pope to the President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Ronald Lauder, in a reference to the persecution of Christians in Iraq, Lauder told Italian press on Thursday.  

Scientist dismissed after soft tissue found on dinosaur fossil
The scientist, whose analysis of the Triceratops horn was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, is also an evangelical creationist, and claimed that the finding supports the view that Earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs roamed the planet around 4,000 years ago. While the university claims the scientist, Mark Armitage, was fired for allowing his religion to interfere with his work...  

Investors losing billions as head of Russia’s biggest holding put under house arrest
Russia’s largest publicly traded holding company AFK Sistema has lost about 37 percent of its value in Moscow by midday, after boss Vladimir Yevtushenkov was put under house arrest for alleged money laundering late Tuesday.  

Chinese hacked U.S. military contractors: Senate panel
Hackers associated with the Chinese government have repeatedly infiltrated the computer systems of U.S. airlines, technology companies and other contractors involved in the movement of U.S. troops and military equipment, a U.S. Senate panel has found.  

It’s Not Just The Police – The Feds Are Also Militarizing Public Schools With Grenade Launchers, M16s & Tanks
Events last month in Ferguson, Missouri (read my detailed thoughts here) forced Americans to confront the frightening reality that many of of the nation’s police departments have been quietly, but consistently, militarizing over the past couple of decades. It’s one thing to intellectually understand that this has happened, it’s quite another to see cops deploy tanks and point sniper rifles at peacefully protesting U.S. citizens.  

Red tide off northwest Florida could hit economy
It's like Florida's version of The Blob. Slow moving glops of toxic algae in the northeast Gulf of Mexico are killing sea turtles, sharks and fish, and threatening the waters and beaches that fuel the region's economy.  

U.S. officials in meltdown on Obama's Ebola mission
None of the government health witnesses testifying were able to answer basic questions, including how many physicians and nurses would be among the 3,000 troops allocated or what type of protective equipment and training would be employed to prevent infection. retired Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin has charged that sending American troops to combat Ebola in Liberia is “an absolute misuse of the U.S. military.”  

Sierra Leone readies for controversial Ebola lockdown
Sierra Leone prepared Thursday, September 18, for an unprecedented 3-day nationwide lockdown to contain the deadly spread of the Ebola virus in a controversial move which experts claimed could worsen the epidemic. The population of six million will be confined to their homes from midnight (0000 GMT) going into Friday as almost 30,000 volunteers go door-to-door uncovering patients and bodies hidden in people's homes.  

Ancient 'moon god' monument unearthed in Israel
A 5,000-year-old stone structure in the shape of the crescent moon in northern Israel has been identified to be an ancient monument, predating much of the construction of Stonehenge in England and Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The structure, known as Rujum en-Nabi Shua'ayb or Jethro Cairn, is located near the Sea of Galilee.  

Doctor: Gov’t ‘Tight-Lipped’ on Respiratory Virus, May be From Illegals
Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, reported that the government has been “real tight-lipped” about the mysterious respiratory illness that has struck children in the United States, expressed concern that the illegal immigrant minors from Central America could be the source, and argued that the government should devote more resources to border security to combat the spread of disease...  

Law enforcement bulletin warned of ISIS urging jihad attacks on US soil
A law enforcement bulletin...warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for "lone wolves" to attack U.S. soldiers in America...one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members' addresses online and then "show up and slaughter them." There will be “a continued call - by Western fighters in Syria and terrorist organizations - for lone offender attacks against U.S. military facilities and personnel,”...  

Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for police, even with search warrants
Apple said Wednesday night that it is making it impossible for the company to turn over data from most iPhones or iPads to police — even when they have a search warrant... Rather than comply with binding court orders, Apple has reworked its latest encryption in a way that prevents the company — or anyone but the device’s owner — from gaining access to the vast troves of user data typically stored on smartphones or tablet computers.  

China's Xi Jinping signs landmark deals on India visit
India and China have signed 12 agreements in Delhi, one of which will see China investing $20bn (£12.2bn) in India's infrastructure over five years. At a news conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping, India's PM Narendra Modi said "peace on the border" was important for progress. Talks came as India accused China of fresh territorial incursions in Ladakh.  

Australia raids over 'Islamic State plot to behead'
Police have carried out anti-terror raids in Sydney sparked by intelligence reports that Islamic extremists were planning random killings in Australia. PM Tony Abbott said a senior Australian Islamic State militant had called for "demonstration killings", reportedly including a public beheading. The raids, with at least 800 heavily-armed officers, led to 15 arrests.  

Ukraine crisis: President Poroshenko in key US visit
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is to begin a key visit to the US to seek further support to tackle what he describes as Russian aggression. Mr Poroshenko will hold talks with US President Barack Obama before addressing a joint session of Congress. Mr Poroshenko is flying to the US from Canada, where he told MPs Ukraine had bid "the last farewell" to the USSR after signing an EU association deal.  

Islamic State crisis: US House approves Obama Syria plan
The US House of Representatives has approved President Barack Obama's plan to train and arm the moderate Syrian opposition taking on Islamic State. The vote passed by a large majority in the Republican-controlled House and is expected to be adopted in the Senate. The endorsement came after President Obama repeated that he would not be committing American combat troops to ground operations in Iraq.  

Voting starts in Scottish independence referendum
Over 4 million people are set to cast their vote in the Scottish independence referendum on Thursday (18 September), with a record turnout expected as 97 percent of eligible voters have registered for the poll. Polling stations open at 7am local time and close at 10pm. Exit polls are expected immediately afterwards, while the final result should be known early Friday morning.  

17 Sep 14

Enterovirus 68 confirmed in Minnesota
Minnesota is the latest state to detect a case of a respiratory illness caused by the virus known as enterovirus 68. State health officials announced Wednesday that a case had been confirmed in a child who was hospitalized with acute symptoms. The child has since been released and is recovering at home, the agency said.  

4.0 earthquake felt across Western Washington Wednesday
People throughout the Puget Sound region received an early morning wakeup call Wednesday after a magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit about 17 miles west of Bremerton. The shaking started just after 3 a.m.  

Multiple Earthquakes Shake Oklahoma Wednesday Morning
Multiple earthquakes shook some Oklahoma residents awake Wednesday morning.  

Trust in Mass Media Returns to All-Time Low
After registering slightly higher trust last year, Americans' confidence in the media's ability to report "the news fully, accurately, and fairly" has returned to its previous all-time low of 40%. Americans' trust in mass media has generally been edging downward from higher levels in the late 1990s and the early 2000s.  

Why much of what our media say is a lie
Whenever a minority masquerades as a majority, the real majority is made to feel like a minority. Too many of us today have been made to feel awkward and defensive about our lifestyles, values and morality.  

Convention Unanimously Votes to Boot Congregation for Supporting Homosexuality
The California Southern Baptist Convention Executive Board has unanimously voted to withdraw fellowship from a local Southern Baptist congregation after its minister affirmed his support for homosexuality.  

Satanists handing out religious literature at schools
The Satanic Temple of New York City has been granted permission to pass out its literature to students in public schools in the Orlando, Florida, area after district officials declined to prohibit distribution of religious materials.  

Islamic State campaign tests Obama's commitment to Mideast allies
Several important tests loom for the U.S. administration's nascent coalition to “degrade and defeat” the ultra-hardline Islamic State whose militants have seized a third of both Iraq and Syria, declared war on the West and beheaded two American journalists and one British aid worker.  

‘It’s Already Erupting, But Not Explosive’: Lava Flows From Philippine Volcano; Thousands Flee
“It’s already erupting, but not explosive,” said Renato Solidum, who heads the government’s volcano monitoring agency. “Currently, the activity is just lava coming down. If there is an explosion, all sides of the volcano are threatened.”  

Experimental Ebola Drug Showing Promise
An American infectious diseases expert announced that an experiment run by the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company, involving an Ebola vaccine, has not shown any unusual side effects thus far.  

Israeli Christians' New Nationality: Aramaean, not Arab
130,000 of Israel's 160,000 Christians, hitherto registered as Arabs, are expected to re-register as Aramaeans; their leaders are ecstatic. The decision “corrects a historic injustice that wrongly defined Israel's citizens of eastern-Christian descent as 'Christian Arabs,' although other than their spoken language, they have absolutely no connection to the Arab nationality,” he wrote.  

A slow-moving CME propelled toward Earth by an erupting magnetic filament on the sun is expected to arrive today, Sept. 17th.  

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