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03 Jul 15

North Korean farmers face dry fields, drought
North Korean farmers work to pump underground water into parched fields. Instead of rice seedlings standing in flooded paddies, the baked earth is cracked. A big lake that used to supply surrounding farmland with water is almost completely dry. ...While the situation in this area visited by the AP looks grim, it is unclear how severe the drought is in the rest of the country.  

Schools Implant IUDs in Girls as Young as 6th Grade Without Their Parents Knowing
Earlier this month, LifeNews.com reported on a high school in Seattle, Washington that is now implanting intrauterine devices (IUD), as well as other forms of birth control...without parental knowledge or permission. ...So, a young teen in Seattle can’t get a coke at her high school, but she can have a device implanted into her uterus, which can unknowingly kill her unborn child immediately after conception.  

CDC Official Calls Obama Worst President, Amateur, Marxist After Influx of Illegal Alien Minors
Following the influx of illegal immigrant minors from Central America, an official at the federal agency charged with protecting public health describes Barack Obama as “the worst pres we have ever had,” an “amateur” and “Marxist,”... Tens of thousands of Central Americans came into the United States...and contagious diseases—many considered to be eradicated in the U.S.—became a tremendous concern.  

MOD to release UK's top secret UFO 'X-Files' that 'could prove aliens exist'
...UFO researchers, backed by House of Lords peer, have been fighting for the release of 18 top secret Ministry of Defence (MoD) files about UFO sightings from more than 30 years ago. ...Lord Black of Brentwood, who asked the Government for an update through a Parliamentary question, was assured yesterday - the day before World UFO day - the files would be released by the MoD to the National Archives by March next year.  

CO2 emissions threaten ocean crisis
Scientists have warned that marine life will be irreversibly changed unless CO2 emissions are drastically cut. Writing in Science, experts say the oceans are heating, losing oxygen and becoming more acidic because of CO2. They warn that the 2C maximum temperature rise for climate change agreed by governments will not prevent dramatic impacts on ocean systems.  

Israel to temporarily close southern Highway 12 amid Sinai tensions
During a security assessment Thursday night, Israel's defense establishment decided to temporarily close Highway 12 in the South...amid tensions in the nearby Sinai Peninsula. The IDF has increased vigilance in light of fighters linked to Islamic State having taken control of an Egyptian military armored vehicle and tank, creating concern that the Islamists in the volatile region might attempt to break into Israeli territory.  

Police boost security in Old City and at checkpoints
Against a backdrop of lonewolf terrorist attacks...police said extra units will be on hand for Friday prayers in the capital. Prayers will proceed as planned as thousands of Palestinians are expected to convene at al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount for the third week of Ramadan, though with a greater police presence,” Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said on Thursday.  

Nathan Collier: Montana man inspired by same-sex marriage ruling requests right to wed two wives
Nathan Collier said he was inspired by the recent Supreme Court decision that made marriage equal. He said he was particularly struck by the words of dissenting Chief Justice John Roberts who claimed giving gay couples the right to marry, might inspire polygamy.  

China’s stocks hit critical low despite government lifelines
A series of lifelines from Beijing failed to stop the slide in the mainland's stock market on Thursday, with the key Shanghai Composite Index closing below the critical 4,000 mark for the first time in almost three months. Analysts warned that the nation's leadership would pay dearly if it failed to stabilise the market and prevent millions of small investors from losing their life savings.  

Syria conflict: 'Massive rebel assault' to take Aleppo
Syrian rebels led by Islamist groups have begun a massive assault that aims to take full control of the northern city of Aleppo, monitors report. Rebels fired hundreds of rockets and missiles into government-held areas in a multi-district attack, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.  

No breakthrough at Iran nuclear talks, ministers push for deal soon
Tehran and world powers were still shy of a breakthrough at nuclear talks on Thursday as foreign ministers flew in to help push for a swift deal and resolve disputes over how sanctions could be lifted and how Iran's compliance would be monitored.  

Greece 'No' voters in lead ahead of bailout referendum
Almost half of Greeks intend to vote 'No' in a weekend referendum on the terms of its bailout, but capital controls are boosting the 'Yes' camp, a poll showed Wednesday.  

Cash-strapped UN food agency reduces help to Syrian refugees
The United Nations' food agency is cutting back on assistance to thousands of Syrian refugees after an appeal for a ceasefire to enable Syrians feed themselves went unheeded, World Food Program Executive Director Ertharin Cousin said on Friday.  

Boko Haram guns down 97 people praying in mosques in Nigeria
Boko Haram extremists gunned down nearly 100 Muslims praying in mosques in a northeast Nigerian town during the holy month of Ramadan, a government official and a self-defense fighter said Thursday.  

02 Jul 15

Ebola Returns to Liberia
Less than two months after Liberia was declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization, the virus is back in the country. Over the weekend, a 17-year-old boy died in a small town outside the Liberian capital of Monrovia, The New York Times reports. His family had the burial team swab his body to test for the virus. The tests came back positive, as did a blood test taken by an Ebola response team on Tuesday. According to The Times, a clinic initially diagnosed the boy with malaria, which has similar symptoms to the early stages of Ebola.  

Crater expands, ejection of more smoke and ashes reported Panic continues to grip Wahong village
On July 5, a team of Manipur University’s Earth Sciences Department led by Dr S Manichandra will visit the site. They will bring necessary equipment to study the matter.  

Turkey 'planning to invade Syria'
Turkey has sent shock waves through the Middle East by preparing plans to send troops into Syria for the first time, turning the civil war into an international conflict on Europe’s borders.  

All-Out War South of Israeli-Sinai Border
The northern Sinai Peninsula south of the border with Israel is engulfed in an all-out war. Egyptian F-16 warplanes attacked Islamic State (ISIS) and other jihadists’ positions for several hours Wednesday afternoon and killed more than 90 jihadists following massive ISIS attacks. Most of the 70 Egyptian casualties were soldiers and policemen, and the death toll is not final.  

Congress Demands Obama Step Back From Iran Nuclear Deal
Leading members of Congress are pressing US President Barack Obama to abandon his attempts to force through a nuclear deal with Iran, after the deadline for talks was extended on Tuesday to July 7 in a last gasp week-long reprieve.  

Analysis: Egypt is losing its war against ISIS in Sinai
Wednesday's terror attack was the largest ever carried out by the Sinai Province, Islamic State's Egyptian affiliate, since it began its fight against the government in Cairo some four years ago.  

Eruption Update: Quake Swarms Hit Iceland, Japan Rumbles
Steam rises from a slope near the hot springs resort of Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture on June 30, 2015. Meanwhile, after a few months of volcanic quiet in the island nation, a new earthquake swarm has started off Iceland’s southwestern coast.  

5.8-magnitude earthquake strikes off Solomon Islands
A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the Solomon Islands early Thursday, US geologists said, but there were no initial reports of damage and no tsunami warnings were issued. The quake hit at a depth of 8.9 kilometres (5.6 miles), 92 kilometres from Kirakira and 334 kilometres from the capital Honiara.  

Unprecedented wave of shark attacks causes terror in North Carolina
A seventh person in North Carolina has been bitten by sharks in what is becoming an unprecedented wave of attacks on tourist beaches. The 68-year-old man was flown to hospital after being bitten on his hands and leg as he swam off the shore of Ocracoke Island.  

US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State
The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, The Telegraph has learnt. Some of America’s closest allies say President Barack Obama and other Western leaders, including David Cameron, are failing to show strategic leadership over the world’s gravest security crisis for decades.  

World’s Jewish Population Approaching Pre-Holocaust Numbers
The world’s Jewish population has almost rebounded to pre-Holocaust numbers, according to a new report. The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) estimates there are currently 14.2 million Jewish people in the world today. That estimate approaches 16.2 million, the number of Jewish people in the world before World War II, when Nazis and their collaborators killed 6.1 million Jews.  

Ebola crisis: Liberia's new outbreak spreads
Two more cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Liberia following the death of a teenager from the virus on Sunday, officials say. The country had been declared Ebola-free more than seven weeks ago. Both of the new cases were in Nedowein, the same village where the boy died, the ministry of information says.  

Egypt: Sinai operations will last 'until IS removed'
Egypt has vowed to rid its Sinai Peninsula of militants after major clashes with Islamic State fighters there killed more than 100 people. Operations will not stop until the area is cleared of all "terrorist concentrations", the army said. Air strikes continued into the early hours of Thursday.  

The Latest: Muslim Brotherhood calls for Egypt 'rebellion'
The Muslim Brotherhood says its leaders killed in a Cairo apartment were murdered in "in cold blood," calling for a rebellion against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who it calls a "butcher."  

Oppose Gay Marriage, But Avoid Two Big Mistakes
And just like the U.S. legalization of abortion in 1973, this newest decision has occurred in a Sabbath rest year, a year of spiritual significance that was designed by God for restoration and renewal – for setting things right – not a year to invent new forms of social rebellion against the Almighty. For me, the timing of Friday’s decision seems eerily like a divine setup for some kind of God-ordained response this Fall.  

US warns of Russia, China military threat amid growing chaos
America's new military strategy singles out states like China and Russia as aggressive and threatening to US security interests, while warning of growing technological challenges and worsening global stability.  

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