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02 Jul 16

Here's who is going to get crushed by the coming 'tsunami' in the debt market
It's going to get ugly in the bond market soon, and there are a few companies that have more reason to worry than others. Matthew Mish, a credit strategist at UBS, has been worried about the bond market for some time now.  

In memoirs, ex Pope Benedict says Vatican 'gay lobby' tried to wield power: report
Former Pope Benedict says in his memoirs that no-one pressured him to resign but alleges that a "gay lobby" in the Vatican had tried to influence decisions, a leading Italian newspaper reported on Friday.  

Concealed Carrier Shuts Down Active Shooter at SC Nightclub
A concealed carrier is being credited with preventing further violence at a South Carolina nightclub. Spartanburg County deputies say 32-year-old Jody Ray Thompson got into an argument outside Playoffz nightclub in Lyman early Sunday morning. He then opened fire into the nearby crowd, wounding three people.  

Justice Department clarifies Lynch remarks about Clinton email probe: ‘The AG is the ultimate decider’
Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Friday that she will take a step back from the decision whether to charge anyone in the Hillary Clinton private email server probe. But a Justice Department spokeswoman quickly clarified her remarks, telling Yahoo News that top political appointees will remain involved in the investigation and that the attorney general will be “the ultimate decider.”  

As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. And, sometimes, demonic possession.
The Vatican does not track global or countrywide exorcism, but in my experience and according to the priests I meet, demand is rising. The United States is home to about 50 “stable” exorcists — those who have been designated by bishops to combat demonic activity on a semi-regular basis — up from just 12 a decade ago, according to the Rev. Vincent Lampert, an Indianapolis-based priest-exorcist who is active in the International Association of Exorcists.  

ISIS claims responsiblity after attackers seize hostages in attack on Bangladesh restaurant
Up to nine attackers shouting "Allahu Akbar" stormed a popular restaurant in Dacca, Bangladesh Friday, taking hostages and setting off bombs in a siege claimed by ISIS  

FBI Source to Fox News: Agents Are 'Livid' About Clinton-Lynch Meeting
FBI agents are "livid" about Attorney General Loretta Lynch's meeting with Bill Clinton, Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported today on Outnumbered.  

Istanbul Attack Shows the Dangerous New Face of the Islamic State
On Tuesday, three men arrived in a taxi and walked into Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport wielding assault rifles and suicide bombs. They indiscriminately shot their way past a security checkpoint and then set off their bombs, killing 44. The tactic was a familiar one, practiced in Paris and Brussels, but the nationalities of the perpetrators were not: Russian, Uzbek, and Kyrgyz.  

01 Jul 16

Muslim, Christian, Jewish Leaders Plan Interfaith Worship Center in Jerusalem
Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders are planning to open an interfaith place of worship in Jerusalem for one week in September, The Media Line reported. From Sept. 5-11, a Jerusalem structure currently known as the Alpert Youth Music Center will become “AMEN,” a place of worship for the three Abrahamic faiths sharing “a passion for Jerusalem in which they will co-exist temporarily under the wings of the Almighty.”  

Earthquake Breakthrough? Leading Solar News Company Challenges The World’s Experts
After observing a correlation between significant magnetic events on the sun and earthquakes, the apparent correlation was modeled by The Ohio State University Statistical Consulting Service, and published by New Concepts in Global Tectonics in September 2015. Since the end of the study, the model appears to be working even better than before the publication. We would like to challenge YOU to learn how the sun triggers earthquakes...  

DHS whistleblower: Why Obama is 'so adamant to protect Islam'
“This time they didn’t just modify the information in the records; they completely eliminated them out of the system, erased them forever,” Haney explained. “And then they investigated me for putting that information into the system when that was exactly the job that I was supposed to be doing.”  

TRUMPED! Hillary Outspending The Donald 12 To 1 Yet Falls Behind In Rasmussen Poll
The tables have turned in this week’s White House Watch. After trailing Hillary Clinton by five points for the prior two weeks, Donald Trump has now taken a four-point lead.  

END OF EU? Uprising continues as top Hungary minister says 'we want OUT of European Union'
THE Hungarian Prime Minister's right hand man has said he does not want to remain in the European Union (EU) as it fails to protect European values.  

Huma Abedin Says Clinton’s Private Email Was a Source of Frustration
In addition to the technical glitches that Abedin mentions, hackers have claimed that they were able to gain access to Clinton’s server and her email account.Clinton also reportedly believed that her account was being hacked, but never reported it, even though it contained classified information.  

White House Silent on Terrorist Murder of 13-Year-Old American Girl
The young teen was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist while sleeping in her bed at home in Kiryat Arba at 8:44 am Thursday morning. The killer, a resident of the nearby Arab village of Bani Naim, had climbed the security fence surrounding the community and which was located next to Ariel’s home. He entered her room through the open window, and stabbed the young girl dozens of times in her upper body.  

House of Representatives reignites gun-control debate with planned vote
The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, under mounting pressure to advance gun-control legislation, will vote next week on a measure to keep guns out of the hands of people on government terrorism watch lists. Republican and gun lobby sources said the legislation, due to be introduced as part of a terrorism package, was likely to be a National Rifle Association-backed bill...  

Syrian warplane crashes near Damascus, rebels seize pilot
A Syrian warplane crashed northeast of Damascus on Friday and its pilot was captured by rebels in the area, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Syrian state media said the crash was caused by a technical fault and a search was under way for the pilot, who had ejected. Insurgents said the plane had been shot down, but did not say what weaponry was used.  

Oil falls as oversupply concerns return to center stage
Oil prices eased on Friday as focus returned to oversupply as production from Nigeria and Canada revived and OPEC production reaching a record high in June. Despite Friday's losses, oil prices were on track for the first weekly gain in three weeks after a bullish run this week on strong buying following Britain's vote in favor of leaving the European Union.  

'TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE': State Department seeks 27-month delay for Clinton Foundation email release
The State Department has sought to delay the court-ordered release of emails between four of Hillary Clinton's top aides and officials at the Clinton Foundation and a closely associated public relations firm. The motion, filed in federal court by the Justice Department late Wednesday, seeks to put off the release of the emails by 27 months. It was first reported on by The Daily Caller.  

Iran accuses West of exploiting Sunni-Shi'ite rift, raps Israel
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani accused Western powers of trying to exploit differences between the world's Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims to divert attention from the Israel-Palestinian conflict, state television reported on Friday. Rouhani's comments came as tens of thousands of Iranians joined anti-Israel rallies...They chanted "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" and burned the Israeli flag.  

Migrants Bring Multi-Drug Resistant TB to Wisconsin
Two refugees and a foreign student on a visa brought multi-drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis (TB) to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2009 and 2011, according to a 2014 article in an epidemiology publication... The introduction of MDR TB to the United States represents a serious public health threat, since its successful treatment is uncertain and very expensive.  

In memoirs, ex Pope Benedict says Vatican 'gay lobby' tried to wield power: report
Former Pope Benedict says in his memoirs that no-one pressured him to resign but alleges that a "gay lobby" in the Vatican had tried to influence decisions, a leading Italian newspaper reported on Friday.  

'Quartet' draft report: Israeli settlements eroding viability of 2 state solution
Israel should stop building settlements, denying Palestinian development and designating land for exclusive Israeli use that Palestinians seek for a future state, the Middle East peace "Quartet" recommended... The draft report by the Quartet countries sponsoring the stalled Middle East peace process...said the Israeli policy "is steadily eroding the viability of the two state solution."  

Turkish police detain 11 more suspects over airport attack: media
Turkish police detained 11 foreigners suspected of being members of an Islamic State cell in Istanbul linked to the suicide bombers who staged the attack this week at Istanbul's main airport, broadcaster Haberturk said on its website on Friday.  

Neo-Nazi group names Miss Hitler 2016
British white supremacist group says contest designed to ‘challenge preconceptions’ against it, empower female supporters  

Insanity: Perception of gay life as a threat still too widespread in America
The Islamophobic and anti-Muslim sentiments expressed only hours after the unparalleled homophobic violence in Orlando early Sunday demonstrate how — despite their differences — the three have deep roots in America.  

Judicial Watch Demands DOJ Inspector General Probe Into "Scandalous" Lynch-Clinton Meeting
The political scandal of the day was the news that on Monday evening (coincidentally just before the Benghazi report was released), Bill Clinton and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch just happened to meet on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport - totally unplanned of course. Clinton saw the attorney general and wanted to say hello, so Clinton boarded Lynch's plane to talk for a bit. Sure, just a quick chat about the weather, his putting stroke, anything except oh, say, an update on what was about to be released on Benghazi, and especially not an update on the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary.  

The Militarization Of The US Goes Beyond Police Departments"
A new report by a taxpayer watchdog group reveals that the growing militarization in the United States goes beyond police departments by showing how nonmilitary federal agencies are arming themselves like military units.  

Puerto Rico imposes moratorium on nearly $2B worth of debt
Puerto Rico's governor signed an executive order on Thursday to implement a debt moratorium on more than $1 billion worth of general obligation bonds as the government braced for the largest default in the island's history.  

Iraqi, U.S. aircraft bomb convoy of Islamic State fighters fleeing Fallujah with their families
A mixture of U.S. coalition and Iraqi aircraft have targeted two large masses of Islamic State vehicles as they escaped from the outskirts of Fallujah, destroying more than 150 vehicles and killing militants, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.  

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