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05 Mar 15

GOP Backs Netanyahu as Top Democrat Slams Pelosi Over Remarks
Republicans praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress on Tuesday — and a top Democrat slammed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's comments that the speech was "an insult to the intelligence of the United States." "Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech was not condescending," said Rep. Brad Sherman, the California Democrat and member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He was a member of Netanyahu's escort committee during his Washington visit.  

Obama Presides over the Stupefying of America
In searching for one word to describe the state of affairs in America at the present time, I kept coming back to the word “stupefying.” For my purposes here, this is an incredibly useful word for illustrating what Barack Obama, and the left-wing in general, have done to our country.  

Image captures light as both wave and particle for very first time
..the light traveled along the wire in two opposite directions and, when these waves bounced back to the middle, they intersected with each other to form a new wave that appeared to be standing in place. This standing wave, radiating around the nanowire, then became the source of light used in the experiment.  

04 Mar 15

Rise of pragmatic Arab politician shakes up Israeli politics
JERUSALEM — A charismatic Arab politician, who confidently jousts with Jewish rivals on TV and wants to build a broad Arab-Jewish "alliance of the disadvantaged," has emerged as one of the biggest surprises of Israel's election campaign.  

AP INTERVIEW: Reid wants Congress to delay Iran legislation
WASHINGTON — Key Senate Democrats led by Minority Leader Harry Reid announced their opposition Wednesday to fast action on a bill giving Congress final say on any nuclear deal with Iran.  

Greek Gov’t Looking More and More Like the Tower of Babel
Recently Alexis Tsipras was forced to resort to cheap propaganda to appease Greeks who are worried about the economy and the SYRIZA left platform who speak uncontrollably against the temporary debt agreement. Creating imaginary enemies is a good propaganda technique and has worked wonders for SYRIZA in the past.  

Netanyahu responds to Obama: We did indeed present practical alternative to Iran deal
Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Israel on Wednesday after his two-day trip to Washington saying that "many around the world heard what Israel has to say about the bad deal with Iran." Apparently pushing back against those saying that there was no tactical alternative in his speech, Netanyahu said that he did indeed present a practical alternative that would extend Iran's break out time by adding new restrictions.  

Jordanian King Warns Global Battle With ISIS Has Launched World War III
Jordan’s King Abdullah II is warning that the international battle against Daesh – the terror organization known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS or ISIL – has launched World War III, although the rest of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the radical Islamic terror group may not yet realize it.  

'Netanyahu is Our Esther'; Congressman Hails PM's Speech
Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) said he felt the comparison was a fitting one - and that Netanyahu was in his view fulfilling the role of the Jewish Queen Esther in exposing the threat posed by Iran not just to the Jewish people, but to the entire world.  

Alabama high court orders halt to same-sex marriage licenses
The Alabama Supreme Court ordered probate judges on Tuesday to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in apparent defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court, underscoring the depth of opposition to gay matrimony in the socially conservative state.  

Ruling: Police must allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount
In a historical ruling, Judge Malka Aviv decided that police must allow Jews to pray at the Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site in the Old City of Jerusalem.  

Scientists grow kidneys of aborted babies in animals
Science publications are hailing research breakthroughs in a new life-saving procedure that harvests the organs of aborted children and transplants them in animals, where they can grow and then be made available to patients.  

Last month we reported an unusual comet dive-bombing the sun. Discovered by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, "SOHO-2875" did not belong to any known family of sungrazing comets, and it intrigued astronomers by brightening after its closest approach on Feb. 19th. What happened to the comet? You'll have to ask its ghost.  

U.N. special envoy:Netanyahu recognizes signs of times
A U.N. special envoy says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday made clear he is thinking in “scriptural terms” and believes himself to be called to protect his people at this critical time.  

Sunspot AR2290, which unleashed a strong M8-class flare yesterday, has rotated onto the backside of the sun. With its departure, solar activity is returning to low levels.  

U.S. faces 90,000 doctor shortage by 2025, medical school association warns
The United States faces a shortage of as many as 90,000 physicians by 2025... The nation's shortage of primary care physicians has received considerable attention in recent years, but the Association of American Medical Colleges report predicts that the greatest shortfall, on a percentage basis, will be in the demand for surgeons — especially those who treat diseases more common to older people, such as cancer.  

US considers banning type of popular rifle ammunition
The Obama administration is considering banning a type of ammunition used in one of the most popular types of rifles because it says the bullets can pierce a police officer's protective vest when fired from a handgun. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is proposing the ban of some types of 5.56 mm rounds - or .223-caliber...because the bullets can also be used in some new types of handguns.  

Bubonic plague-carrying fleas found on New York City rats
Spend any length of time in New York City and a rat will show its whiskery face or worm-like tail. It could be on the subway tracks or nibbling through the garbage on the side of the street. It could also be carrying the bubonic plague. Scientists studying rats in New York found the flea that carries the plague...hosting on some of the city’s rat population...  

Obama says Netanyahu's Iran speech contains 'nothing new'
US President Barack Obama has reacted scathingly to a speech by the Israeli prime minister that castigated his policy towards Iran. In a speech to the US Congress, Benjamin Netanyahu warned that a deal under discussion on Iran's nuclear programme could "pave Iran's path to the bomb" rather than block it. But Mr Obama said Mr Netanyahu had offered no viable alternative.  

China military budget 'to rise 10%'
China's military budget will rise by about 10% in 2015, an official says. Fu Ying, spokeswoman for China's annual parliament session the National People's Congress (NPC), gave the "rough" figure and said it was in line with overall spending growth. A formal announcement will be made on Thursday when the NPC opens.  

Libya oil fields of Bahi and Mabruk 'seized by militants'
Islamist militants are reported to have seized two oil fields in central Libya, as rival groups fight for control of the country. Forces guarding the Bahi and Mabruk sites retreated after running out of ammunition. It is not clear which group seized the oil fields.  

Alabama Supreme Court orders halt to same-sex marriage licences
Alabama's Supreme Court has ordered the state's judges to stop issuing marriage licences to same-sex couples. A federal ruling says banning same-sex marriages is unconstitutional. But the court in Alabama has decided that does not preclude state law being followed, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.  

6.4-magnitude quake hits western Indonesia, no tsunami alert
A powerful 6.4-magnitude undersea earthquake struck western Indonesia today, the US Geological Survey said, but there was no tsunami alert and no immediate reports of casualties or damage.  

Emerging cybersecurity threats require increased vigilance, cooperation between Canadian and U.S.
Vancouver—Given the growing number of international cyberattacks, the Canadian and U.S. governments must intensify their efforts to protect respective national interests, according to a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.  

Antarctic Sea Ice Did The Exact Opposite Of What Models Predicted
Climate models can be good tools for predicting future sea ice levels — unless, of course, they are completely wrong. In the case of Antarctica, the climate models were dead wrong, according to a new study by Chinese scientists published in the journal Cryosphere. The study found that most climate models predicted Antarctic sea ice coverage would shrink as the world warmed and greenhouse gas levels increased. The opposite happened.  

Finally a Real Leader Speaks! Thank you Netanyahu!
Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a speech to the Congress and the American people this morning! Wow! So this is what a real leader looks like and sounds like? I have forgotten how nice it is to actually feel pride during a speech to the country. It felt really good to finally have a real leader stand up and not only speak the truth, but show his love and appreciation for the United States.  

'The threat exists': Vatican on alert for Islamic State attack, says security chief
Rome: The Vatican is on alert in case of an attack by Islamist militants against the city-state or Pope Francis, but officials are not aware of any specific plot, the head of Vatican security said in a rare interview. "The threat exists. This is what has emerged from conversations with Italian and foreign colleagues," Domenico Giani told Polizia Moderna, the magazine published by Italian police, when asked if threats from Islamic State militants were credible.  

Report of Shots Fired Near NSA Headquarters, Building Damaged
U.S. Park Police are investigating a report of shots fired near the National Security Agency's headquarters Tuesday evening. A spokesperson for the police said the NSA is investigating damage to one of its buildings that appeared to be from gunshots.  

Netanyahu and Jewish Survival
In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, representing 1.7% of the total European population which, in turn, was about 60% of the Jewish world population, estimated to have been 15.2 million. By 1945, in the wake of the Holocaust, two out of every three Jews would be dead.  

UK bans ad for implying Old Jerusalem part of Israel
Britain's advertising watchdog banned an Israeli government tourism advert for suggesting that the Old City of Jerusalem was part of Israel on Wednesday. The newspaper brochure showed a panorama of the walled Old City with the text "Israel has it all", and was ruled misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which said it implied the UNESCO World Heritage Site was part of Israel.  

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