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23 Apr 15

Obama: Critics Need Perspective, The World is Less Violent Now
Obama has faced growing criticism over his administration's foreign policy, which has presided over the rise of ISIS, the emboldening of Iran through a nuclear deal branded dangerous by its critics, and isolating many of the US's key allies including Israel and the Sunni Arab states. (video)  

James Dobson: Christians soon to be 'hated minority'
James Dobson hosted a panel of Christian leaders on his “Family Talk” radio show Wednesday and warned that Christians are about to face a new status in America as a “hated minority” if the U.S. Supreme Court decides, as many expect, to mandate same-sex “marriage.”  

Erdogan: ISIS is a 'Virus' Working to Destroy Muslims
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday referred to the Islamic State (ISIS) group as a “virus” working to destroy the Muslim community, in one of his strongest attacks yet against the jihadist group. ISIS “is an important virus that is working to divide and destroy the Ummah,” Erdogan told reporters, using the term for the global community of Muslims.  

CDC eyeing bird flu vaccine for humans, though risk is low
Federal officials said Wednesday they're taking steps to create a human vaccine for the bird flu virus that's slammed the Midwest poultry industry, though they still consider the danger to be low and the food supply not at risk.  

Chaos in Middle East could last for ‘at least a decade,’ expert tells ‘Post’
Shmuel Bar, a senior research fellow at the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, said we are witnessing the failure of the nation-state in the Middle East, and people are reverting back to families and tribes.  

China warns on rising North Korea nuclear capability
Chinese nuclear experts have warned that North Korea may already have 20 nuclear warheads and the capability to produce enough weapons-grade uranium to double its arsenal by next year, The Wall Street Journal reported.  

US earthquakes pose risk to record 140 million Americans:
More than 143 million people in 48 neighbouring states across the United States are at risk from earthquakes, experts said on Wednesday. As many as 28 million people are likely to experience strong tremors in their lifetime and the value of building losses from earthquakes is estimated at $4.5 billion per year in the long term, the (USGS), California Geological Survey and(FEMA) said in a joint report.  

New eruption at Turrialba produced ash column reaching more than 6,500 feet
Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano erupted again Tuesday afternoon, producing a column of ash, gas, and water vapor that reached some 6,500 feet over the volcano’s crater, according to the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica  

Calbuco Volcano Erupts in Chile, and Nearby Town Evacuated
The Calbuco volcano erupted Wednesday for the first time in more than 42 years, billowing a huge ash cloud over a sparsely populated, mountainous area in southern Chile.  

US General Tells Senate North Korea Can Hit US With Nuclear ICBM
"I believe they've had the time and the capability to miniaturize" a nuclear weapon to arm North Korea's new KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missiles, Army Gen. Curtis M. "Mike" Scaparrotti told the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC).  

Earthquake 'super-cycle' patterns on the Garlock fault
The findings are part of an increasing body of evidence that suggests there may be large-scale coordination of earthquakes in time and space, which can cause large earthquakes to cluster in time along a single fault system, for instance. The Garlock fault runs along the northern border of the Mojave Desert in southern California.  

Obama's executive action rollouts increasing in pace
As President Obama stood in an Everglades swamp to speak on climate change...the White House rolled out a package of eight executive actions...to "protect the people and places that climate change puts at risk." ...White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the actions were...to deal with the impacts of climate change "even in the face of pretty significant opposition from Republicans in Congress."  

‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses
New Yorkers are used to aggressive advertising. Banners for breast implants. Billboards for condoms. But a federal judge’s ruling has opened the door for far more controversial posters on buses and subways across the city. “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah,” reads one such ad next to the image of a young man in a checkered headscarf. “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?”  

Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos
In a world first, Chinese scientists have reported editing the genomes of human embryos. The results are published1 in the online journal Protein & Cell and confirm widespread rumours that such experiments had been conducted—rumours that sparked a high-profile debate last month2, 3 about the ethical implications of such work.  

Evacuation as Calbuco volcano erupts in Chile
The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile has erupted twice in the space of a few hours - having lain dormant for decades. Footage from the area shows a huge column of lava and ash being sent several kilometres into the air. The authorities have declared a red alert and evacuated more than 4,000 people within a 20km (12 mile) radius.  

Ukraine truce: US accuses Russia of violating deal
The US has accused Russia of deploying more air defence systems in eastern Ukraine in breach of a ceasefire deal. The state department also said Russia was involved in training separatist forces in the area and building up its forces along the border. The Kremlin has not yet responded to the claims.  

France 'foils five terror attacks' - PM Valls
French police have foiled five terror attacks in recent months, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said. He said the latest was a planned attack on churches in Villejuif outside Paris. An Algerian man was arrested on Sunday over the alleged plan, after he apparently shot himself by accident and called an ambulance.  

Arms experts warn of 'Faustian bargain' with Iran
"At a fundamental level what the deal ... signifies is acceptance by the international community of Iran as a nuclear weapons threshold state," he told the House foreign affairs committee, only days after lawmakers reached a deal with the Obama administration to have a say on the final accord.  

Census: Record 51 million immigrants in 8 years, will account for 82% of U.S. growth
Legal and illegal immigrants will hit a record high of 51 million in just eight years and eventually account for an astounding 82 percent of all population growth in America, according to new U.S. Census figures.  

Police foil new terror plot in Paris
An Islamic extremist with an arsenal of heavy weapons planned an imminent attack on one or more French churches, France’s top security official said, announcing the arrest of the man who is also accused in the death of a young woman.  

Palestinian reconciliation hits rock bottom
A year after rival Palestinian nationalist movements Hamas and Fatah agreed to end their bitter divisions, the unity deal they signed appears to be on the brink of collapse.  

China warns on rising North Korea nuclear capability: WSJ
Chinese nuclear experts have warned that North Korea may already have 20 nuclear warheads and the capability to produce enough weapons-grade uranium to double its arsenal by next year, The Wall Street Journal reported.  

Navy Chaplain Censored: ‘Don’t pray in the name of Jesus’
A Navy chaplain who faces the end of a stellar 19-year career because of his faith-based views on marriage and human sexuality was told by a base commander to refrain from offering a prayer in the name of Jesus, according to attorneys representing the chaplain.  

22 Apr 15

Italian company hopes to market synthetic eyeballs
Mhox hopes that the EYE project will spark some controversy to stir discussion about the future of technology augmenting and enhancing the human body.  

Bombshell As Obama And Erdogan Slated To Open New Mega-Mosque Together In Maryland
In fact Erdogan visited the mosque when he was here in May of 2013, promising to come back for the opening. Well that time has apparently arrived and now Erdogan and Obama will be together at the mosque for the big opening ceremony: The presidents of Turkey and the U.S. will open the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center in Maryland, Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday.  

NASA Soil Moisture Mission Produces First Global Maps
SMAP radar image acquired from data from March 31 to April 3, 2015. Weaker radar signals (blues) reflect low soil moisture or lack of vegetation, such as in deserts. Strong radar signals (reds) are seen in forests. SMAP's radar also takes data over the ocean and sea ice.  

Is Obama Indirectly Assisting Islamists to Destroy America?
Seems that by hook or crook, Obama is determined to get a nuclear deal in order to bolster his dismal legacy but it’s a February headline that bothers me the most: “Obama rejects as ‘ugly lie’ notion that West is at war with Islam.” Perhaps Obama isn’t at war with Islam, but Islam is certainly at war with America, Israel and the West.  

Israeli Leaders Snub Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter is expected in the Holy Land sometime in the next two weeks, but he’ll only succeed in fulfilling half of his mission to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin, following consultations with the Foreign Ministry and Israel’s National Security Council, have declined invitations to meet with Carter.  

Scottish parliament discusses recognition of Palestinian state
A Scottish parliament debate on Monday on the recognition of a Palestinian state as a means to revive peace negotiations drew sharp condemnations from Jerusalem. Noting that the debate took place on the eve of Israel’s Memorial Day, one Israeli official called the discussion “pointless” and “shameful.”  

Washington prepares for diplomatic war of attrition with Russia
The US reportedly expects that the ongoing confrontation with Russia would continue until at least 2024 and involve many directions. Washington wants to rally support of its European allies to continue mounting pressure on Moscow.  

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