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25 Aug 16

Assange: Wikileaks Will ‘Absolutely’ Release ‘Significant’ Hillary Documents Before Election
Julian Assange, the co-founder and editor of Wikileaks, says that his organization will “absolutely” be releasing thousands of “significant” documents regarding Hillary Clinton before the Nov. 8 election.  

More Turkish tanks enter Syria in push against Islamic State, Kurdish militia
At least nine more Turkish tanks entered northern Syria on Thursday as part of an operation aimed at driving Islamic State out of the border area around Jarablus and stopping Kurdish militia fighters from seizing territory, Reuters witnesses said. A senior Turkish official said there were now more than 20 Turkish tanks inside Syria and that additional tanks and construction machinery would be sent in as required.  

Tornadoes slam central Indiana, demolishing homes
Several tornadoes plowed through central Indiana on Wednesday, demolishing numerous homes...in the town of Kokomo and cutting off power to thousands of Indianapolis-area residents, but no serious injuries were reported. ...Tornado warnings were issued in 27 counties, but no one was known to have been killed or badly hurt...  

Syria, Kurds condemn Turkish incursion
Syria condemned Wednesday's Turkish incursion into an Islamic State group-held border area as a "flagrant violation"...Kurdish authorities said the action amounted to a "declaration of war". The foreign ministry in Damascus said it "condemns the crossing...by Turkish tanks and armoured vehicles towards the Jarabulus area with air cover from the US-led coalition and considers it a flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty".  

Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles
Half of Americans who have left their church no longer believe in God, leading a surge of nearly one quarter of the nation who have no affiliation with any religion... Pew Research Center said Wednesday that 49 percent of what they term "nones" left their church and religion because they "don't believe." Another 20 percent said they don't like organized religion. Other reasons included "common sense" and a lack of belief in miracles.  

Netanyahu calls Putin to discuss diplomatic process
Just two days after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said Moscow wanted to host talks between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Netanyahu spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin... The Kremlin...saying...that the two leaders “exchanged opinions on issues surrounding the settlement in the Middle East and current aspects of the general situation in the region.”  

Italy earthquake death toll rises to 247
The death toll from a devastating earthquake in central Italy rose sharply to almost 250 people early on Thursday after rescue teams worked through the night to try to find survivors... The provisional toll jumped to 247 from the 159 dead listed on Wednesday night, national and regional officials said as a wave of aftershocks rattled a cluster of mountain communities 140 km (85 miles) east of Rome.  

Iranian ex commander: New militia formed to destroy Israel in 23 years
The eradication of Israel in "23 years" is the main objective of a recently-created Iranian military unit formed to fight in Arab countries in the region, one of Iran's former most senior military commanders has said. Retired Iranian Revolutionary Guards general Mohammad Ali Al Falaki made the comments last week while speaking of Tehran's so-called 'Shi'ite Liberation Army' that conducts extraterritorial military operations...  

Obamacare Website No Longer Addresses 'You Can Keep Your Doctor'
"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" was President Barack Obama's signature catchphrase he used to sell the Affordable Care Act to the American people. Now Obamacare's flagship website, healthcare.gov, no longer even addresses the issue.  

Navy Destroyer 'Harassed' by Iranian Speedboats, US Official Says
The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Nitze was “harassed” by four Iranian Revolutionary Guard small craft on Tuesday, some of them coming as close as 300 yards to the ship as it was in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz, a Department of Defense official said today.  

Scientists Proven Wrong? Great Barrier Reef Found Relatively Unaffected By Global Warming
Great Barrier Reef tourist operators found less than 5 percent of the natural wonder has died off from “bleaching,” despite claims from scientists that most of the reef had been killed off by the effects of global warming. “Scientists had written off that entire northern section as a complete white-out,’’  

Franklin Graham Tells Maine: Vote the Bible
The Rev. Franklin Graham — son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham — jetted to Maine this week to urge residents of The Pine Tree State to go to the polls in November and "vote for Biblical values."  

Former Secretary of Defense explains why we now have greatest threat of nuclear war ever
Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War, how safe is America, or the world, from nuclear catastrophe? Not very. That's the gloomy message from former Secretary of Defense William Perry, who has spent the past quarter-century focused on reducing the risk of nuclear disaster.  

US Army Training Slide Identifying Hillary Clinton As National Threat Surfaces
The U.S. Army recently became aware that a unit in Missouri had been using a training slide that identifies Hillary Clinton as a threat to the nation’s security. (video)  

24 Aug 16

Zika Images Show 'Worst Brain Infections That Doctors Will Ever See'
"The images show the worst brain infections that doctors will ever see," says Dr. Deborah Levine, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, who contributed to the study. "Zika is such a severe infection [in fetuses]. Most doctors will have never seen brains like this before."  

Confirmed earthquake hits southern Colorado
The United States geological survey initially reported a 4.5 magnitude earthquake around 26 miles west-southwest of Trinidad, close to the border of Colorado and New Mexico.  

China’s Covert Weapons Procurement Revealed in Florida Case
China’s government covertly tried to obtain advanced U.S. fighter jet engines and a Reaper drone in a high-technology spying operation uncovered by federal authorities in Florida. A Chinese-born woman, Wenxia Man, was sentenced to 50 months in prison on Friday following her conviction for conspiracy to export restricted American defense articles...  

French national screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ stabs British woman to death in Australia
The assault took place on Wednesday at a backpackers’ hostel near Townsville in northern Queensland. A 21-year-old British woman died at the scene, while a 30-year-old British man was taken to hospital in critical condition, state police reported.  

Brewing tropical storm may threaten Bahamas, Florida as a hurricane
A budding tropical disturbance has the potential to strengthen significantly and reach Florida with strong winds, coastal flooding and torrential rainfall during Sunday and Monday.  

BREAKING: Leaked e-mails show George Soros paid $650K to influence bishops during Pope’s US visit
billionaire globalist George Soros - one of Hilary Clinton's top donors - paid $650,000 to influence Pope Francis’ September 2015 visit to the USA with a view to "shift[ing] national paradigms and priorities in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign." “Buy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages...".  

Putin, Netanyahu, Talk Peace Process on Phone
“The leaders exchanged opinions on Middle East settlement issues and topical aspects of the general situation in the region. They agreed to continue active Russian-Israeli contacts at different levels,” the report said.  

Secret Cameras Record Baltimore’s Every Move From Above
...a small Cessna airplane equipped with a sophisticated array of cameras was circling Baltimore...The plane’s wide-angle cameras captured an area of roughly 30 square miles and... transmitted real-time images to analysts on the ground... Since the beginning of the year, the Baltimore Police Department had been using the plane to investigate all sorts of crimes...and the public had no idea it was there.  

Syria Jarablus: Turkish tanks roll into northern Syria
A dozen Turkish tanks and other vehicles have rolled across the Syrian border after heavy shelling of an area held by so-called Islamic State (IS). Military sources told Turkish media 70 targets in the Jarablus area had been destroyed by artillery and rocket strikes, and 12 by air strikes. Turkish-backed Syrian rebels are accompanying the Turkish advance.  

Myanmar hit by 6.8 magnitude earthquake
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake has hit central Myanmar, and was felt as far away as Thailand, Bangladesh and India, reports say. The quake struck 25km (15.5 miles) west of Chauk, at a depth of 84km, the US Geological Survey said.  

Obama Admin Won’t Tell Congress How It Paid Iran $1.3 Billion in Taxpayer Funds
The Obama administration is withholding from Congress details about how $1.3 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds was delivered to Iran... The Departments of State, Treasury, and Justice have all rebuffed a congressional probe into the...$1.3 billion payment to Iran which is part of an additional $400 million cash payout that occurred just prior to the release of several U.S. hostages...  

The NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm
“ShadowBrokers” announced an auction for what it claimed were “cyber weapons” made by the NSA. Based on never-before-published documents provided by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, The Intercept can confirm that the arsenal contains authentic NSA software, part of a powerful constellation of tools used to covertly infect computers worldwide.  

Commentary: Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA
if Russia had stolen the hacking tools, it would be senseless to publicize the theft, let alone put them up for sale. A more logical explanation could also be insider theft. If that’s the case, it’s one more reason to question the usefulness of an agency that secretly collects private information on millions of Americans but can’t keep its most valuable data from being stolen, or as it appears in this case, being used against us.  

Zika virus: Florida announces five new cases
Florida's governor has announced five new cases of Zika, including one in the Tampa Bay area, 265 miles (425 km) north of Miami. Four other cases of the virus, which is often spread by mosquitoes, were found in Wynwood in Miami, where officials have sprayed pesticides. The Tampa case involves a woman in Pinellas County without a travel history, suggesting local transmission.  

North Korea submarine fires ballistic missile
North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from a submarine off its east coast, say the US and South Korea. The KN-11 missile was launched from waters near Sinpo and flew about 500km (300 miles) before falling into the Sea of Japan, a US official said. Japan's PM said it fell inside Japan's Air Defence Identification Zone, calling it a "reckless act".  

Russian 'documentary' claims Jews behind Titanic, Chernobyl and 9/11
A documentary recently aired on a Russian television station with a potential reach of 100 million viewers laid blame for some of history's greatest calamities at the feet of the Jews. According to The Jewish Chronicle, the short film, which aired on Russia's REN TV, claimed that Jews were behind the sinking of the Titanic, the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the September 11 terror attacks.  

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