Oil and Armageddon How oil plays into prophecy

The Wolf Wolf Factor False predictions and true warnings

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Crowing the triumph of truth

This Old Planet The debate over the earth’s age

Intellectual Viruses Ideas that corrupt the truth

Do All Religions Pray to the Same God? Not really

Too Optimistic people can become prisoners of optimism

Spiritual Dominoes With God there is no small deed 

Zip, Zero, Zilch  All things of this world

Evolutionism vs. Creationism Faith is a better option

The Dead Frog Report How society got into hot water

It's The End Of The World As We Know It  No worries

Ray Brubaker An early leader of the rapture movement

Tom Steward The creator of: What Saith The Scripture

Beware of Men Trust only in the Lord

Betty Lynn Author and research editor of several projects

My Theories About Conspiracy Theories Deut. 19:15

The Last Generation Are we the last generation?

King James Onlyism The Bible translation controversy

Rapture Tracts Printable witnessing tools

Lynette Schaefer An avid rapture writer

John Funk A gifted writer on many end-time subjects

The Kent Crockett Compilation Christian author

The Bunny Ears Test  Dealing with arrogance  

Dave Hunt One of America's leading Bible apologists

Everybody Loves A Hypocrite People we love to hate

Nothing New Under The Sun How to stay out of trouble

I'm A Better Christian than  You The sanctified crowd

Donuts in Heaven Setting your end-time priorities

The Disintegration Process The temporal nature of life

European Union In Prophecy Europe in prophecy

Green Bananas End-time priorities

Absolutely Positively Whole-Heartedly Wrong truth

Totter Topple Tumble Tilt A submission page for errors

If I heard the Lord Correctly... Modern day prophets

God Is Not a Wizard

Where are the Champions of the Faith?

All the Money in the World

Prophecy From The Past Prophecy from 1800's