Book Review: A Better World Is Coming Soon - Don’t Miss It


Review by Dr.F.Kenton Beshore

New Expanded Edition

Kit Olsen’s book, the new expanded edition of A Better World Is Coming Soon - Don’t Miss It, is an important eschatological anthology─a very relevant comprehensive reference book that helps Bible students prepare for the future. It also gives those without faith in Jesus the Messiah a chance to understand that there is life after physical death and why it is extremely important to make the right choices.


We are racing toward the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and the start of the seven-year Tribulation─a time in which God pours out His wrath upon mankind. This book sounds a warning alarm showing that no one needs to go through that period of unprecedented catastrophe and everyone can escape it by trusting in Jesus the Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach) as Lord and Savior.

Christians have always been engaged in spiritual warfare as the apostle Paul explained (Ephesians 6.10-18). But the closer we get to the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation the enemy will escalate the intensity of this timeworn conflict. We have already seen a massive assault on the unborn, the family, freedoms and liberties and Christianity. The forces of darkness want to eliminate these fundamental institutions in America, the West and the entire world.

They have also brought the occult to the forefront of Western culture with the New Age Movement, video games and glorification of it in Hollywood movies. The author touches on her own long struggle with her faith and how the Lord rescued her from the deceptive New Age movement and also documents how some others have escaped from the demonic strongholds that are at the core of this deceptive lifestyle.

This book not only shows the reader the schemes of the devil it reveals how to keep from being deceived and entrapped by them and how to defeat them. Every Christian needs to know what the armor of God is and how to use it and Kit Olsen does an outstanding job, giving you the knowledge one needs to be victorious over all the forces of evil and grow strong in the faith. She also clarifies much confusing misinformation on biblical Christianity and the ongoing conflict between the Palestinians and Jews and the coming prophesied Middle East wars.

Psalm 83, the imprecatory prayer is scholarly defined and discussed in detail. The author shows how we are quickly moving toward the time when the prophecies of Ezekiel will be fulfilled in the battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 and the imprecatory prayer of Psalm 83 will be answered. Although as she points some of the prophetic utterances in the imprecatory prayer are already being partially fulfilled as Israel’s enemies are repeatedly calling for her demise. This book appeals to Jews as well as Gentiles in a way that is unique and heartfelt.

The history of mankind as we know it is coming to a close and this book shows that there is precious little time left for people to go about their daily lives as usual. Christians need to get on fire for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and those who have not trusted Him as Savior need to give belief in Jesus serious consideration. God is patient and longsuffering, but the end of human history is near and everyone must decide whether or not Jesus is the Son of God─the promised Messiah, and the only way to God the Father as He said (John 14.6).

You will learn a great deal from reading this much needed, informative book. It hits on important prophetic points in relation to world affairs, key future prophecies for how and where Christians and non-Christians will exist after Jesus returns; while giving the readers concrete tools on how to carefully interpret Scripture, strengthen their relationship with the Lord and take their faith to a deeper level.


Dr.F.Kenton Beshore (D.D.,Litt.D.,D.Sac.Th.,Ph.D.,Th.D.)

President of the World Bible Society

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