Report on Future Congress 2013

  by Mike Ecklund

A fellow once told me that, “You can’t beat a man at his own trade” while he was talking about the construction business and me trying to do my own home remodeling. I found that that thinking also applies to comparing my own feeble attempts at self-study with those experts who devote their lives to a particular subject. “Future Congress” was blessed with a plethora of knowledgeable authors, which made it difficult to choose. It came down to which subjects were more pertinent to your own personal needs. 

While the numbers of people actually attending the individual briefings seemed sparse, David Hitt, and the other coordinators used the media to not only record each event, but to stream them to possibly thousands on the Internet.  The absence of crowds did have one benefit; the speakers could be easily pestered for individual answers.

While all the subjects were informative, there were several that were particularly enlightening to me. Alan Franklin relayed his often times frustrating dealings with the security and surveillance measures in Britain; the average Brit is photographed some 300 times a day.  Every phone call, email and Internet page visited is logged. 

Other topics included the misinformation and slanted stories by the left-wing media and revisionism of history in text books are ways in which the masses are being brainwashed into the New World Order. The dumbing-down of the average citizen is leading to the inability to reason. One only need look at the early writings from our Founding Fathers to see how elegant and beautiful their grasp of the English language was.

Doug Woodward (who reminded me of a more mature and dynamic Robert Downey Jr.) brought some very serious reasoning to the hypothesis that the United States may well be the economic and religious Babylon of the Bible. His points concerning the decline of America and the lists of our many sins are well known. His proof of Nazi collaboration by US companies such as IBM, Ford, GM and others was a revelation to me and that American scientist and teachers first formed ideas about eugenics that were then adopted into the Third Reich philosophy was sobering as well as bringing about a personal shame for my countries history.

Bill Salus’ subject was called, “The Unfolding Arab Apocalypse” and a truly excellent presentation which revealed the soon to be played out scenarios of Psalms 83, Zechariah 12:2-6 and Ezekiel 28:24-26.

I want to give a personal thank you to Gary Bates of the “” group who suffered through my amateurish reasoning’s and gave patient responses.  I will be a frequent visitor to their website. Those of us that attended the conference were perhaps looking for confirmation of their thoughts.  However, I found that some ideas I have believed were, at best, misconceived or outdated. 

At worst, I have been guilty of propagating incorrect information that may be stumbling blocks; and for that I ask God’s forgiveness.  For this reason alone, I would encourage each person to frequently access their convictions in light of the Bible and the council of wise teachers. I would have to give recommendation to the books of the authors above and the others I was privileged to sit under based on the presentations alone.  I bought many and will be busy digesting them for months to come.