No Goodbye?

By Mindy Silva


In a twinkling of an eye, believers disappear. I pray you will take a deep breath if you’re still here, and grab the nearest Bible you can get.

This is not a test. I repeat. This is not a test.

What it means to you is that you have not been paying attention. “What? I watch the news every evening,” you say. "What news? You call that news? Are you awake yet to what’s being fed to you dribble by dribble? Scripture and the events unfolding on a daily basis are converging upon each other at a rapid pace. Any minute now may be the minute the Tribulation’s clock starts ticking. That means a lot to me, as it should to you. Whether or not you’re a believer.

I pray, like Jesus told His disciples to do, that: I may be found worthy to escape all these things that are coming upon the earth. Well, excuse me! But these things are already at the door! Instead of depending your six o’clock news, read postings and books by biblical writers who have their finger on the pulse of what the unraveling events mean for believers (and the rest of the world). You can’t hide anymore. What are you waiting for? The Mark of the Beast is upon us. It is mandated for everyone to be chipped – how blind can one be? If you are still in denial that Christ is at the door, then stop pursuing things that entertain you and start using your knees. This is a time for prayer and not distraction. This is the time to be watchful.

The very things alluded to in Scriptures are here: The chip, biological warfare, the robots, the decline and disintegration of our moral, economic, religious, and political structures. It is going on around you. Right now! Those signs in the sky─comets falling upon the earth are no coincidence! 

I may sound very much like a harbinger of doom, but you know what? I don’t care because that’s exactly what I am trying to tell you. There’s no turning back to our steady dependable days. Our world, your world, has changed and is changing.  And though we may pray that God may change His mind and take pity on us, maybe He’s fed up already with all the evil going on down here. Maybe He was waiting to reach the Noah point, but we as believers understand more than what we are willing to share, and yet it boils down to wanting what every other believer on this earth wants─for the unsaved to get saved. I wish with all my heart this would happen. (It’s all a matter of a simple prayer: “Lord Jesus, please come into my heart.”) But if our sphere of influence can only reach across the chasm to other believers who still don’t know if they are here or there, then let that be, it. Our message is the message of the Bible. Wake-up! Wake-up and know He is at the door. 

Okay, December 21, 2012 came and went. Things were put into place on that date. We might not have seen them, but since that date onward the events happening on this earth have escalated. Ours is the only generation that is seeing prophecy in action – all at the same time. But they all point not just to the Tribulation and the End Times, they all point to the Rapture of the church.

I am aware that there are many believers who have different views about the Rapture. Some don’t even believe in, a Rapture. But I have news for you - there is going to be a Rapture whether you believe in it or not. It just won’t be for you because you don’t believe in it. And you, reading this may not agree with what I have just said. But I’ll say it again, “If you don’t believe in the Rapture, then you won’t get raptured.” It’s that simple. For this is the blessed hope of the believer. He did not appoint us to wrath. We are the ones He told to be watchful. For we don’t know the timing of His coming, only God knows. Jesus doesn’t even know when that will be.

But what He did know was that when we see all these signs happening, then know that our “redemption draweth near” – it is at the door! When He comes back at the battle of Armageddon, He will stay here on earth for His 1000-year reign. This is not the redemption He is talking about when He tells us to be watchful. I understand this is a touchy subject even among Christians, and rightly so. That is part of the secret things of God. If you don’t believe, then this is the time to ask God to help your unbelief! You have much to lose if you ignore this.

I’ve read and researched many books and writings on the Rapture throughout the years, but there is a book that stands out among all of them, written by John F. Walvoord titled, Major Bible Prophecies: 37 Crucial Prophecies That Affect You Today.  It has helped me understand it from a logical, deductive perspective. Don’t let the year it was written put you off (1991). It is right on the money! The Rapture of the church (chapter 24) is presented in a no-nonsense style that will address all concerns regarding whether or not there will be one, and the differences between the other views on when, and at what part of the Tribulation it is, to take effect.

Getting back to “Goodbye,” it is getting close and there will be no time for farewells. No time to pack, or prepare, or send an email, or call or text anyone to say that you are leaving. But, they’ll know. The whole world will know, after the fact of course, for while He comes for us in secret once we’re gone, it won’t be secret anymore. And if you’re reading this, please note that you can’t blame Mindy (or any other believer) for not warning you. You are being warned not only by what’s in the Bible, not only by what you read and see, but by the signs Scripture told us to be on the lookout for and from people like me. Take the crown you so long for, whether it is a title, a position, a career, or a highly coveted place in life, and replace with it with Christ. Bring it to the Master’s feet and He will crown you with the highest crown there is: salvation.

You have to do everything in your power to make sure you do not get left behind. Read Revelation and get familiar with all the horrors that will be facing you if you’re still here, especially since you WILL NOT BE TAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

Those trusting in preparing to stay here will stay here, those trusting in the Lord to come for them will not stay here. If you put your trust on being able to survive by stockpiling or learning survival skills, then that’s what you might just get. For those of us who have put our faith and trust in being saved from the hour of wrath, we are ready.

You, as a believer must already be feeling one or the other, “What do I need to stock up on? Do I need to learn this, or that?” Anxiety permeates your very soul when you think about surviving. But if you are the type of believer who is not feeling that type of anxiety and instead, you are filled with a knowing, a waiting─something is keeping you anchored─you are not preparing to stay, you are already prepared to go! You are being watchful. You are keeping your nose in the minute-by-minute events that are taking place on this earth and you feel a joy, a certain grounded quiet peace that at any minute now our Lord will snatch us up to meet Him in the air.

That is the reality of believing. If one doesn’t believe in something, then he won’t recognize it when he sees it because to him it does not exist. That’s why you have to believe.

Unbelief in the Rapture is what is going to keep many believers here. They are stockpiling in preparation to go through the Tribulation because Christ is coming back at the end. Why would you want to take that chance? Your belief is your reality. Search the Scriptures now, while you still have the chance, and read what Jesus said to his disciples and His followers. Putting two and two together then becomes a matter of omission. Search for the meaning of what is left unsaid!

Think of this scenario: If Jesus would have wanted to warn us about preparing ourselves to stay, He would have said things like, “Okay, listen up very carefully, you have to prepare to stay here for it’s going to be a long time before I can make it back down here. So, in the meantime, when you start seeing signs in the skies, when things start getting worse and worse, don’t worry about it, start stockpiling whatever you need to survive. Worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow and buy heavy woolen clothing and boots, and while you’re at it, gather enough wood to burn, for it’s going to get awfully cold. I don’t know what you are going to do when the sun burns seven times hotter than it does now, since you probably won’t be able to jump in a lake to cool off because the waters will turn to blood, and you can’t have air conditioning out in the woods.”

But believe you me, He would have continued, “You’re going to have to be anxious for everything, and you’ll have to worry about tomorrow, for my salvation won’t be anyway near. Occupy ‘til I come [He did say] by learning survival skills [He did not say]. You’re going to have to worry about your life, and take care of everything yourself for I don’t know if I will be back in time to save you.”

Do you see the contrast? He would have told us, not in those same words, but He wouldn’t have told us that He was going to go and prepare a place for us so that where He is we might be also. And yet, I may be wrong in taking this point of view, but it is a matter of seeing the black and white of it. A picture where if you look at one color, you see on thing, but if you focus at the other color you see something entirely different─yet both colors comprise the picture.

So? So, realize that the colored part that points to the Rapture taking place before the Tribulation is hidden from view to you until you look for it – literally. Then you shall see that it’s been there all along.

Don’t wait ‘til the last minute to make up your mind, for no one knows when the last minute will be. You really don’t have much time. Neither do I.

My God be the Light of your life. God bless.

©Mindy Silva 2013