Your Not-So-Invisible Mountains

By Mindy Silva



Speak to the mountain…


Most of the mountains we face today are in the realm of the invisible (WiFi, anyone)? Malware, spyware, surveillance tactics, hidden cameras, body searches, retina scans, vaccinations, RFID chips in everything from your credit cards to your driver’s license, to the chip itself being implanted, info data mining, your PCs, your phones, your emails, your social networks, spybots, facial/voice recognition, your body language deciphered by the phone you carry in your pocket/handbag…I’m pretty sure I have only touched a corner of the whole picture. But with this going on around us, no one can disagree that it is not happening. 


These have now become your mountains (no longer to be called hills!) And though invisible, they are growing into bigger and bigger mountains. The Web really has become your net. All the bits and pieces necessary for these mountains to grow bigger were done incrementally. With your help. We all fell for the “Friends” lie, placing their photos and yours, online. They now make a collage for facial recognition purposes and there is no turning back. You can be identified by the shape of your eye, the shape of your eyebrows, the size of your ears, etc. It has been all a snare.


But mountains they are, ones we only read about in science fiction books or movies. Mountains you should be on your guard about and pray even harder for them to be removed FROM YOUR PATH, and be cast into the sea; though it’s not just a matter of the sea anymore…


Every word you say in the privacy of your bedroom can now be heard. And you don’t have to shout. Every whisper, every sound is picked up. Everything you do inside of your house or outside is now monitored – even your thoughts are being mined. Even the phone you carry in your pocket monitors your body movements and records them as part of your profile. Every friend’s face you’ve placed on a social network is now trackable. They have been jeopardized, by becoming part of one invisible realm meant to become part of the New World Order. There is no turning back to the world─as we knew it. Every citizen of this country should be paying attention to the hidden things not discussed in the media. But unfortunately this is not the case, and the majority out number the minority of those of us who do. We are now being homogenized into a society that has been turned upside down. The good is bad and the bad is good. Nothing makes sense. This is your invisible world. These are our not-so-invisible mountains, but they face us the same.


There is no earthly protection in all this. None at all. Many have dreams to moving here or there, and growing this and that and hiding here or there but you can’t fight air. And the very air we breathe is the same airwaves used against us. All in the name of what? National security? The economy? Your health? What? Global domination is being birthed. And that baby is here.


So, what now? Where do you go from here? Remember that there is no middle ground. If you are a born-again believer you’ve known this from day one because that’s when you started going through your fiery trials and you had to take a stand. But what does Scripture say about mountains? Whosever [you] shall say to this mountain be thou removed and be cast into the sea, he [you] shall have what he [you] saith. If you believe, then you shall have. If you ask, you shall have. So, though it might take a lot more believing for some than others, you can believe for these invisible mountains in your path to be blown to smithereens and be cast to hell. And you shall have what you asked.


This is going to be the worst part of a Christian’s life for it’s hard to fight what one cannot see. But at the same time if you are equipped with the weapons of your warfare, which are not carnal you know that your fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). And if you finish reading verses 13 through 18, it will tell you how to defeat the things that are coming against you.


One of the verses that I held on to while going through what I call my “black years” was: “For my God is with me as a mighty Awesome One, therefore my persecutors shall stumble and will not prevail, they shall be greatly ashamed for they will not prosper, their everlasting confusion will never be forgotten” (Jeremiah 20:11).


You are not to fear. God has not left you helpless, clueless, or stupid. Remember you belong to the Light. You comprise the armies of the living God. You are to recognize the different strategies now in your path and obliterate them just like the mountains of your old world. Your battle still goes on but on a level much different level, yet it’s all there in the Scriptures. You fought in the Spirit and you continue to do so in the same Spirit. Your spiritual discernment has to be honed and fine-tuned to capture the many devious ways your body is being used by atmospheric means. You need to protect your mind from being inundated with thoughts not your own as they are meant to weaken your will and enslave you.


Even the glowing pulsating icons or screens when you first turn on your PC or other electronic device is meant to do just that, pulsate into your brain thoughts to weaken your will. When your will is weakened then you become putty for nefarious entities to exploit you and use you. This may sound like a lot of scientific hogwash but it is there online for the taking. You can do your own research, dig deep, and see for yourself the many new and unbelievable inventions that are making all this possible. Every time there is another “upgrade” of something, know it is because they have upgraded their methods not for your good, but for their hidden intentional agenda.


As a Christian, forget about the 11 p.m. news. Use your PC/Laptop/iPad (whatever is in your hand) to find out what the real news is all about. Conduct your own research and find out the means and ways that are being used to enslave you and yours. Politics and the economy are just part of the picture. Forget about whose dating who, and what your “friends” are up to. Be wise; get wisdom. God said He would give it to you if you ask.


The stuff put out in front of your nose is to lure you in. It is not what is really going on – that is just fluff, a snare to lull you and keep you entertained and focused on what’s being put in front of you. As a Christian, you need to get familiar with what type of enemy you have before you. Get to know the tactics so you will be equipped to face what comes against you. That’s where your focus should be on right now, otherwise you are being misdirected so that you won’t know, or be in any shape to counteract what’s coming at you.


Remember that the strength of the weak is the victory of the strong.


And spiritually, pray harder than ever for the eyes of the blind to be opened. But since we can’t be the blind leading the blind, make sure your eyes are opened first and that you are protected by the precious blood and the name of Jesus. If you have been indwelt with the Holy Spirit, remember that He was given us to fill us with power…and He’s given us power over ALL, the enemy. If you haven’t received the Holy Spirit, ask the Lord to send Him to you right now.


May God be the Light on your path…there is no: middle ground.


©Mindy Silva 2013