TWhy The Test When We Try To Do Our Best?

By Camilla Smith

Thank you, Grant Phillips, for your article pertaining to witnessing to your loved ones.  I know many people find themselves becoming more and more desperate to talk to those around them.   We are facing uncertain times, but believers in Jesus Christ know the outcome will be nothing less than certain.   I find it especially difficult, given the recent “debate” about once saved, always saved.  But I am not qualified to weigh in on that topic.   

How can we tell if a person we care about is saved for sure?  Maybe we cannot.  Why do we have a burden to share the urgency?   For me, the answer to that question is very simple.  Until I became interested in (obsessed with) Bible prophecy a year ago, I did not comprehend the two-fold occurrence of the coming of Christ, i.e., the Rapture of the Church and The Second Coming.  Nope—did not realize they were separate.  I thought, as I imagine many people do, that we would have to arrive at a certain point in world events that would signify the return of Jesus Christ.  As I understood it, we would have to become a unified government with a New World Order, a One World Economy and a One World Religion, led by the Antichrist, BEFORE Christ Himself would come for us.   NOT SO!  I now believe with all my heart that He will come back TO THIS EARTH, but before He comes here, we will GO THERE.   Where?   Heaven!!   The Rapture, the Tribulation, The Second Coming.    Therefore, if we are waiting for the above-mentioned world events to take place before we get ourselves on eternal terms with God, we are making an ENORMOUS mistake!!   There may be no more time—Jesus could call his Church home while you are reading this.  If you are waiting for a One World ANYTHING for a signal, you may be jeopardizing your own eternity.  Those events do not have to have happened before the Rapture of the Church!   Even so, the globalization processes are definitely being aligned as each day progresses, making it even more vital that we get ourselves and those we love informed!  

The best way to do this is to draw close to God and ask Him for opportunity--a daunting task for someone like me who is not well versed in scripture memorization.   But so far, so good.  God has provided means, motive and opportunity on many occasions lately.   He is working in me, He is working in my family and He is working in my friends.  God works with such precision that if you begin a fervent witnessing program, you will be astonished at the outcome.   You will not believe the people He will put in your path—both believers and non-believers.  

Here is a little story (of course).  I am amazed at what I call the “nudges” from God that have happened to me in the last year.   Maybe they are more like thumps on the head, but they seem gentle, yet confirmatory. 

The other day, while my husband and I were out walking in my semi-rural neighborhood (true story!) a man came riding up behind us on a horse, leading a second horse.   Anyone who knows me, knows I am an equestrian at heart, and some day (probably in Heaven though), I will have my horse.   So I waited for him to pass by so I could enjoy the mini parade and he stopped and visited.  I jokingly asked him to ride around the block more often so I could see his horses out my window.  The very next day, he came by my home on his horse, leading a colt, and stopped to chat.  Within five minutes, we were discussing our common interest in Bible prophecy, and the imminence of Christ’s coming.   Unbelievable.   He too, was concerned about his family members, stating “but they don’t have the time that you and I had”.   He is correct.  As you can imagine, after he left, I found myself shaking my head with a huge grin on my face and goosebumps on my arms.   The Lord Almighty had done it again.  He had put yet another believer (not to mention an end times believer) right smack in my front yard.   Of course this passage of scripture came to mind immediately:  For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him.  Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.  I Thessalonians 5:9-12.   .                                      

So this is the reason for the urgency!   The Church Age is nearing its end and we are about to be called to the heavens for a glorious meet and greet with our Savior.   A meet and greet like no other—can you imagine?     

And speaking of Heaven,  I would like to take an opportunity to second the sentiment from my new friend Sandy Howard’s article about HeavenVision by Terry James.   Much more than just a “life after death experience” account, this book gives in-depth information on what we can expect from our transition to Heaven.  If you weren’t smiling before you read it, you will be afterwards.   Talk about a fantastic gift to share with your loved ones.  No one will want to miss out on Heaven after reading this book.  

Also, if you are looking for great information for your arsenal to help people who are not convinced the Bible is the true “mind of God in print”, Dr. David Reagan’s book, Jesus:  The Lamb and the Lion, takes a step-by-step look at Bible prophecy PREDICTING AND FULFILLING the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is exceptionally well written for those of us who are not yet Bible scholars—in other words, very easy to understand and the information put forth is not only invaluable to each and every Christian, but for any non-believer for whom you might have a burden to witness to.   It is crucial to arm ourselves with as much knowledge of God’s prophetic word as we can in these rapidly evaporating last days.   What a wonderful way to do double duty for God—tithe and witness—buy copies of these books for your friends and relatives to read and then pass on.        

Every day, the first thing I say when I pray is “Lord, I know you are coming soon”.   I know he is.  Do you?   Are you ready?   If you are searching for absolute peace, now is the time and Jesus Christ is the way.   Invite Him in and watch His love transform your life and the lives of those around you.   Why are you waiting?  The time is now. 


Camilla Smith