Book Review: Tiny Dynamo

By Jim Fletcher

As the anti-Israel rhetoric from the left heats up, it is imperative that pro Israel supporters reach the Great Middle — those who know little about the country of Israel, or the Arab-Israeli conflict.

There are tons of good resources from such sources as StandWithUs (, Palestinian Media Watch (, and Christians United for Israel (

Add another to the list:

Untold News (

The New York-based group publishes and distributes positive stories about Israel, mostly in the realm of technologies that help not only the Jewish state, but the wider world. This includes the little-known fact that Israeli hospitals and doctors are accessible for Palestinians, many of whom have received life-saving treatment in Israel.

Marcella Rosen, founder of Untold News, has published a terrific book — a slim, easy to read volume — that shines a spotlight on Israeli advances in technology, medicine, and agriculture. Many of the innovations are startling in scope, and Rosen’s book, Tiny Dynamo, is jammed with fascinating stories that Israel advocates can effectively use to counter Arab propaganda.

For example, take the case of the Palestinian man who was treated for a liver ailment. Ghazi Tawil was near death when doctors told him he had perhaps only a week to live.

Tawil received a phone call at his home in Abu Tour, from the famous Hadassah Hospital. A hospital rep informed him that a liver had been located for transplant and he must come quickly. Today, Tawil says that Israeli doctors and medical personnel “rescued” him and kept him alive, for which he is most grateful.

Such stories make Tiny Dynamo one of the most compelling books I’ve read in some time. As Rosen says:

“While everyone has been focused on the country’s decades of military conflicts, Israel has quietly become the most energetic, ambitious, go-go incubator of entrepreneurialism and invention the planet has ever seen.

“It’s true: Israel is a barrier-breaking dynamo of a kind never before witnessed in history. Acre-for-acre, citizen-for-citizen, no place is churning out more ideas, more products, more procedures and devices and technologies than this tiny strip of land along the Mediterranean.”

From transportation breakthroughs, to desalination plants for fresh drinking water, to advances in hospital equipment, Tiny Dynamo presents a breathtaking tale of achievement that Israelis literally use around the world. The next natural disaster? Israeli teams will be there to help.

That’s why Rosen wrote Tiny Dynamo.

“I could give you statistics: Israel is home to more start-ups, inventions and patents than the entirety of the EU; Israel attracts easily twice as much venture capital per capita as the next nearest recipient (the USA).

“I could give you more. I could overwhelm you with statistics. But statistics you can look up. What’s more important than the numbers is that Israel’s energy and inventiveness and output matter.

“From the hospital to the farm, from outer space to your kitchen, Israel’s life-saving, life-giving, life-enhancing creations make a positive difference every day in your life, in the lives of people you care about and in the lives of people you’ll never meet.

“It’s my firm belief that the world needs to hear this story — about a tiny nation where an unprecedented degree of life-altering work is being done every day. Further, the world shouldn’t wait to hear it.”

No, the world shouldn’t have to wait any longer. And if you are an advocate for Israel, whether in your church, workplace, or wider community, Tiny Dynamo is the perfect tool. I highly recommend it.

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Jim Fletcher